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The Safest Non-Slip Flooring For Bathrooms


Over 80% of senior citizen falls occur in the bathroom (Source). Adding some non-slip flooring to your bathroom is of the utmost importance as it helps ensure the safety of elderly and disabled individuals.

The bathroom is supposedly the area of ​​your home most prone to accidents. This is because wet floors make them slippery. Although efforts should always be made to keep the bathroom floor clean and dry, in many cases it sits wet, creating a fall hazard.

Bathroom floors are frequently constructed from glass, granite, terrazzo, marble and ceramic tiles that become slippery when wet.


The safest, non-slip flooring options

  1. Non-slip vinyl flooring
  2. Natural stone
  3. Bamboo or cork flooring
  4. Linoleum
  5. Rubber flooring (Source)

The slipperiest, hardest fall options

  1. Glass
  2. Natural stone
  3. Ceramic (Source)

Slip Proofing Your Bathroom 

You can try some things to slip-proof of your bathroom, especially if you already have a slippery surface and you don’t want to remodel.

Add Non-Slipping Rugs

Non-slip bathroom floors can be easily obtained by covering the tiles with non-slip rugs or safety bath mats

Use Rubber Mats

Rubber mats are used for non-slip bathroom floors easily. These mats are placed in strategic areas such as inside and outside the sink, near the toilet area, and the sink. The advantage of using floor mats is that they are durable and cost-effective.

The mats can be of different shades and you can choose a specific color that matches the interiors of your bathroom. The non-slip mat increases the friction between the feet and the ground surface, thus preventing slips and falls. These mats are very effective in preventing accidents from falling on wet surfaces.

Another advantage of these mats is that they can be used inside bathtubs. Slipping in a bathtub is a common accident and using rugs can prevent it. Since rubber mats do not wear out from the water, they can be safely used in the shower for several years.

Chemical Treatment

Non-slip bathroom floors are effectively achieved through the use of non-slip floor treatments.

These materials are chemicals that when applied to floors increase the combined effects of friction between surfaces to prevent slippage. These materials are applied to all types of surfaces and have a colorless appearance.

After application, the non-slip floor remodeling takes less time to dry and lasts for several months. A second coat will help the paint last longer.

For all practical purposes, a double layer of non-slip flooring material is recommended for bathrooms where water can be corrosive for extended periods. Since this non-slip flooring material is waterproof, it can be used effectively even for cladding bathtubs. The bathtubs should be covered with non-slip materials.

Non-slip materials, in addition to not being reactive with water, are flame retardant and odorless. Although it has the texture of a layer of enamel, it does not have any strong odor, which can be harmful to people with asthma.

DIY Or Contractor?

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Anti-slip materials are readily available and can also be ordered online. Although it is possible to apply it on your own, it is advisable to seek professional help at first. Many agencies are responsible for creating non-slip bathroom floors.

Today’s market offers such a variety of options, so buyers are sure to be spoiled by options and at the same time very confused. It is best to discuss with your architect your basic requirements and anything specific you are looking for.

The main concern should, of course, be safety. Since the bathroom is a hangout for the whole family, young or old, great care must be taken to ensure that a floor treatment is used to reduce the risk of accidents.

Floors also need to be durable, moisture and stain-resistant, as there are fewer layoffs in the world than stained and slippery bathrooms.

Add Other Security Enhancements To Your Bathroom

A standing bathroom security pole is a great way to prevent falls in the bathroom. You can learn how to use a bathtub transfer bench. Shower safety stools and shower sitting benches help prevent showering falls- another way to incrementally increase the safety of your restroom.

Popular Flooring Options & Slipperiness

The most popular types of flooring options available on the market are vinyl flooring, ceramic tile, and natural stone tile.

Any ceramic tile comes first because it exudes the charm of stone flooring at half the cost, has versatile sizes and shapes that allow you to experiment as much as you like, and has a slip-resistant texture.

Vinyl flooring comes second with a variety of styles, color choice, slip-resistant nature, and a very modest price tag.

The third option is stone tiles such as marble, granite, slate, travertine and travertine ideal to give a rich and luxurious look to your bathroom since your budget is high enough.

Another popular but overlooked flooring option is linoleum, which is made from biodegradable materials like linseed oil and cork, making it an ideal eco-friendly flooring material.

Remodeling & Stone Floors

In the case of remodelling bathrooms with stone floors, if you want to maintain your previous flooring by improving its integrity, you can opt for a non-slip flooring treatment. Consider contacting a tiling contractor to get a second opinion or have them do the work for you.

The installation of stone by sandblasting and the use of natural stones are some of the methods for this. The cost of these treatments is reasonable and readily available on the market, and at the end of the day, it is worth every penny spent to ensure safe bathroom floors.

Summing Up

Recently, it has been observed that the bathroom flooring market is expanding at a rapid pace and the demand for these products is at an all-time high. This is because people have realized that, in addition to stylish fixtures and fittings, it is the bathroom floors that make the bathroom complete: aesthetically pleasing, as well as high security and utility.

In conclusion, accidents and injuries caused by slippery floors are a common factor today, however, this can be avoided by choosing non-slip floors.

You can maintain a safe and healthy environment. This type of non-slip bathroom floor can be used in bathrooms, swimming pools and stairs where there are possibilities of a slip injury.

Now the wait for the floor to dry is over. These floors ensure that the chances of accidents or bone fractures are minimal and even more so for children and the elderly who are more susceptible to injury.

Thus, you save your medical costs and accident compensation awarded to workers in case of any injury. In addition, it gives a bold look to any space. So what are you wainting for? Take a step today and install these floors.

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