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The 5 Best Digital Microscopes [Ranked]

Digital Microscopes

Digital microscopes are a different style of the conventional optical microscope that commonly utilizes a charge-coupled device camera and optics to generate a digital image frequently to an external monitor, and often times through the use of computer software. There are variety of digital microscopes available. Some inexpensive units only cost a couple bucks, while others, well…you […]

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The 5 Best Chinese Spouting Bowls [Ranked]

spouting bowl

Chinese Spouting Bowls originated in the Han Dynasty (202 BC-AD 9). The 4 “Han” dragons typically appear on the bottom of this basin as water streams up from the sides of the bowl. Most historians think it was a toy the Ming Dynasty elites enjoyed for fun. According to historical research, the bowl was believed to produce […]

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The 5 Best Digital Anemometers [Ranked]

Digital Anemometers

Digital Anemometers display air velocity, relative humidity, temperature as well as dew points on a small LCD screen (Source). They are portable and durable handheld devices ideal for measuring wind-speed as well as wind chill and are frequently used by hunters, hiking enthusiasts, model plane pilots and other individuals enjoying the outdoors. The LCD displays are pleaded […]

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The 5 Best Aplanatic Achromatic Pocket Magnifiers

Aplanatic Achromatic Pocket Magnifiers

Aplanatic-achromatic Loupes are indispensably valuable vision aids that perform a variety of high-precision tasks in clinical research settings, medical practices, in industry environments, as well as other skilled trades when precise vision is required. They are incredibly small, frequently no larger than a packet of breath mints, but provide extremely powerful, distortion-free, anti-reflective magnification without chromatic […]

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The 5 Best Grain Moisture Testers [Ranked]

Many agricultural experts agree that the most important element impacting the caliber of grain, silage & hay is moisture (Wikipedia). Managing moisture is an ongoing practice that demands suitable measuring equipment. You can safeguard your agricultural investments by evaluating moisture content prior to, after, and during the growing season precisely and swiftly using either a portable […]

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