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How To Build Steps For A Bathtub

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Installing steps to your tub can enhance bathroom safety, providing a safe way to access the tub. This is ideal for disabled individuals who need a little bit of lift when getting in and out of the tub. You can DIY it, or just purchase a portable bath step. These moveable stairs make it easy to add and remove as needed.


How To Build A DIY Bathtub Step

Stair installation can be an amazing feature to add to your bath, especially when redoing your bathtub. There is little work required when you already have a tub already and encasement has been done. Adding steps can play a great role in ensuring that your bathroom has an appealing look and enhanced security. The following are some of the things that steps in your bathtub can do for your design:

  1. Luxury
  2. Safety
  3. Depth of bathtub
  4. Privacy
  5. Luxury

Interestingly, there is a good feeling when it comes to taking a few stairs to your lavatory like you are in a million-dollar room. The cost of installing stairs can’t be compared to the elegance added by their appearance. Talking about a custom look, stairs create such a look that is often associated with luxury.


By installing stairs, it means that your bathtub will have a unique spot in the room. To achieve this, you will need a bathroom space that can accommodate any kind of layout but results in bathing with confidence knowing that in case someone gets to the bathroom accidentally, you can’t be exposed. This can consequently leave you with a more relaxing bathe.



At times it can be uncomfortable or dangerous to lift legs over the lavatory whenever you want to have a bath. However, having stairs helps you get more comfortable and confident when getting in for a bath.

For bathroom safety reasons, ensure that your tub stairs are slip-resistant and they are near support safety handles. Getting in and out of the lavatory can be easier and secure by the use of steps. This is the more reason you should install stairs in your existing lavatory or new bathtub.

You can even add a standing security pole so people can grip it as they transition in and out of the bathing area.

Depth of Bathtub

Once you have settled on using a few stairs to raise the entry point of your bathtub, it’s advisable to buy a deeper bathtub.

Amazingly, the modern lavatory has jets and lights to elevate your experience in case you aren’t limited by water depth. However, stairs might be a little meaningless when you have small children using the bathtub.

Depending on the steps installed, it can be daunting to reach them. The best way to deal with this is to find a perfect layout for adding stairs to your bathtub.

Types of stairs and layouts for a bathtub


This is ideal for an existing lavatory and in the event, you don’t want to remodel the entire area, a single step is an approach.

Installing it is easy as you only need to add a step to your already encased lavatory for an appealing look. It’s also possible to display accessories on it, or even use it for storing towels or other products. All you need to get it done is to ensure you have enough space available to make it convenient.

Hidden bathtub

In case you want to do a full remodel, this layout will allow you to completely hide your bath. By hiding your bathtub, there will be more available space making it a truly unique and custom room. This look easily impresses guests and can help you relax without disturbance from other family members, especially with a large family.

High-end finishes

This layout makes your bathroom full of bells and whistles but if you can’t afford the budget of using your favorite materials on every surface, consider spending on stairs for your bathtub, especially tiles. This is because there is a little surface to be covered and mosaic design can be appealing.

Removable steps

This type of step can be moved around the lavatory to work according to the layout of your room. Movable stairs can be ideal especially when your budget is constrained and you don’t your current layout doesn’t allow you to add one or two steps. In case you are for the idea of updating your bathroom, this is a great option compared to remodeling.

In short, a bathtub with stairs makes your bathroom more appealing to guests and adds safety when you are getting in the bathtub. Always look for the most appropriate step to add depending on the kind of layout you have. In case you have doubts on whether to add stairs not, you should consider installing given the benefits they bring along.

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