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The 5 Best Work Socks [Ranked]

Work Socks

Reinforced work socks are designed to be strong, durable, breathable complements to steel-toe work boots (Source). Built from heavier weaves with enhanced insulating fibers, they are traditionally thickly cushioned, breathably ventilated, and designed to reinforce high-impact areas of the foot. Particularly where the toes contact the steel toe box of a workboot and in the heel- for […]

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The 5 Best Bleacher Stadium Seats [Ranked]

Bleacher Stadium Seats

Bleacher stadium seats provide a secure, cushioned seating surface to help you withstand uncomfortable stadium seating (Source). Some common amenities include armrests, supportive backrests, storage pockets, bleacher attachments, collapsible designs, integrated handles/shoulder straps for transport and adjustable positioning (Source). Some of the stadium seats will hook or attach (the Rio Adventure, Cascade Mountain Tech, and the Stansport) […]

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The 5 Best Eye Massagers [Ranked]

Eye Massagers

Eye massagers can be a great way to relieve temple pressure, eye strain, headaches, and even to treat facial pain.These are unique, high-tech pain-relief aids that typically offer a range of massage modes, heat settings, and music options. They are portable and battery-powered, so you’ll be able to transport them easily. also come with a convenient remote […]

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The 5 Best Reclining Power Lift Chairs [Ranked]

Power lift recliners are reclining sofa-style chairs that are equipped with a lifting function to help the sitter get up from the chair (Source). They’re a great option for disabled and elderly individuals who need helping getting into and out of seats.  They’re equipped with simple remote controls to adjust the recline and lift of the chair […]

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The 5 Best Mobile Computer Workstations [Ranked]

Mobile Computer Workstations

Mobile computer work stations, often known as standup computer desk stations, are a portable and ergonomic solution to the traditional, stationary computer work desk. They come in different styles- some have height-adjustable monitor mounts like the Balt Beta, while others like the Techni Mobili computer workstation prioritize pull-out shelving for storing printers, keyboards and other computer […]

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The 5 Best Zero Gravity Chairs [Ranked]

Zero gravity chairs are designed to position the body in such a way that you will feel stress-free, weightless, and activated. These chairs will elevate your feet at the same level of your heart. This position will offer zero gravity and, they claim, reduce body pain and sore muscles (Source).  It will improve blood circulation throughout your body […]

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The 5 Best Hot Towel Cabinets [Ranked]

Hot Towel Cabinets

A towel warming machine cabinet produces hot & UV sterilized towels on demand (Source).  Ideal for spas and residential use, nothing is quite as satisfying as a hot towel draped over your shoulders after a massage, or to help soothe achy muscles. We took a look at bunch of towel warmers and, for the most part, they’re […]

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The 5 Best Long Handled Shoe Horns [ranked]


Do you have trouble getting your shoes on? Having a quality long-handled shoehorn makes the task easy and effortless- easily slide into shoes without too much aggravating back pain. A shoehorn comes with a simple but creative design to help guide your heels into footgear without injuring or damaging your shoes or feet. Long handled shoehorns easily […]

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The 5 Best Under Sheet Bed Fans [Ranked]

In this post, we examined five of the best-selling bed fans. These under sheet fans generally cool the sleeper- but some, like the BedJet, are complete climate-control systems designed to warm you up, cool you down, and improve the quality of your sleep. There are a bunch of clip-on fans, which don’t go under the […]

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