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Everybody needs tools around the home for those nagging and sometimes emergency home repairs. In this product category, we review some of the best tools on the market whether you are a DIY enthusiast who’s just having some fun undertaking a project in your garage. And we also review more professional equipment. For example, tools for auto mechanics that need to complete complex vehicular maintenance tasks. Whatever you are looking to do, these product reviews should help you make smart decisions when it comes to selecting the cool you need to complete your task.

The 5 Best End Nipper Pliers [Ranked]

End Nipper Pliers

End cutting pliers (or nippers) are designed to perform flush cuts of soft wire and are frequently used to extract smallish nails (Source). Some buyers use them just for pulling nails, while others use them to cut hard-to-reach nails, nipping off the edges of metal pieces, cutting cable ties, and home remodeling tasks (GarageJournal). One of our favorites […]

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The 5 Best Rolling Knee Pads [Ranked]

Rolling Knee Pads

Rolling knee pads are designed to spare you the painful knee and back aggravation if you work on your all fours for extended periods of times (Source). Besides freeing you from knee and back soreness, these knee pads with wheels also improve your mobility and speed up job completion (Source). There are basically two different styles of rolling knee dollies: Rolling […]

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The 5 Best Mini Metal Lathes [Ranked]

Mini Metal Lathes

The home mini-lathes we examine below are generally good for someone who wants a durable and well-designed machine that can fit in a small location. These lathes provide toolmakers, model makers, gun hobbyists, and the DIY machinist a way to affordably create threaded parts, small precision parts, fittings, and dies (Source). A miniature metal lathe is a machine […]

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The 5 Best Power Caulking Guns [Ranked]

Powered caulk guns (battery or pneumatic) simplify caulking- an indispensable solution if you have a large weatherizing or home-repair project to complete (Source). These corded air or electric-powered, cordless caulk guns are true time-savers, significantly reducing the amount of time you spend sealing cracks & caulking joints (Source). They’ll dispense caulk or sealant with just a pull […]

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The 5 Best Breaker Bars [Ranked]

Breaker bars are lengthy, non-ratcheting bars that are used together with socket wrench style sockets (Source). Breaker bars are great loosening extremely tight fasteners. Their length (compared to extendable ratchets) enables you to apply significantly more torque than standard socket wrenches (Source). Tekton produces the longest breaker bar at 38″ while Capri Tools produces the shortest breaker […]

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The 5 Best Portable Tool Chests [Ranked]

Portable Tool Chests

Portable toolboxes are handy mobile work stations for home-repair DIY hobbyists or professional service technicians (Source). Some of the portable toolboxes come with wheels designed to be hauled about the worksite like the Bostitch rolling toolbox, the Keter Masterloader, and the Stanley FatMax.Others, like the Excel Portable steel toolbox don’t have wheels but are intended to […]

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The 5 Best Padlocks [Ranked]

In this post, we examined five of the best-selling padlocks. Padlocks are small locks that have been in use for centuries to help secure belongings and keep out intruders (Source).How do they work?Most padlocks use a key to open, while others rely on a combination system. Combination locks use a wheel that drives a cam. This turning allows […]

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The 5 Best Spindle Sanders [Ranked]

In this post, we examined 5 of the best-selling spindle sanders. These sanding tools, sometimes called oscillating spindle sanders, are machines in which the sanding drum protrudes from a table top. The sander rotates as well as moves up and down. It is primarily used for sanding curves (Source).How do they work?The sanding drum of these machines sticks […]

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The 5 Best Hand Powered Drills [Ranked]

Hand drills are sometimes panned as old-fashioned tools, but they offer a high degree of control for serious woodworkers.   In this post we examine five of the best selling rotary drills on the market and see how they compare. The best of the bunch is probably the Fiskars Manual Rotary Craft Hand Drill. Buyers say that […]

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