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The 5 Best Floor To Ceiling Security Poles [Ranked]

Floor to ceiling security poles enable elderly and disabled individuals to rise up or sit down with strong and stable assistance (Source).

They are excellent fall prevention tools. And can be installed strategically in the home to add security and stability to your or a loved one's environment.

Especially if they are suffering from mobility impairments or other medical disabilities.

They are height adjustable, have high weight capacities and often include grab bars for added security. Installation is pretty easy.  

To install and assemble a floor to ceiling transfer and security pole you need to attach the top and bottom pieces using pins and then use the included tools to configure the tension mount between the floor & ceiling.

Check out the assembly explainer video beneath the comparison table for a walk-through.

Let's take a look at 5 of the best-selling security poles on the market today.

Comparing The Options

How To Assemble The Stander

Security Pole Tips From Their Users

  • One woman writes of purchasing the Stander Security Pole for her husband who has a brain tumor. It enables him to get in and out of bed by grabbing it with two hands.
  • As well, he's able to use a handheld urinal while gripping the pole at night. Another reviewer writes of having her mother moved in with her and her family and needing to improve the environment's safety and security for her elderly needs.
  • The Stander pole was a useful solution because the rotating grab bar allows her to use it to get onto and up from the toilet as well as assist her in entering and exiting the bathroom tub.
  • Another reviewer commended the Stander security pole's sturdiness and attractiveness, but writes that unless your ceilings are perfectly level the pole could end up at an angle which means that it will not be completely flush and flat against the ceiling.
  • Floor to ceiling security and grab bars are also great for increasing independence of elderly or mobility impaired individuals- enabling the installation anywhere a highly secure grab bar, which means that the senior citizen in your life will no longer have to clutch the wall or inconvenient pieces of furniture to maintain their balance and stability.
  • Another reviewer writes that she purchased this security pole for her husband who had broken his femur.
  • She was happy that it did not mark up the floor or ceiling and also comments that her heavyset husband has no trouble bearing all of his weight on the Able Life Universal Ceiling transfer pole.
  • Because these security poles work by leveraging tension, no screws and bolts are needed to install. Some of the grab bars that are included on the tension mounted transfer poles rotate while others are kept in fixed positions.
  • If you are looking to purchase a floor to ceiling security pole, read reviews online, make sure you are aware of the return policy and consider how many locations you would like to install it again.
  • Some users install the security poles with curves grab bars in multiple areas of their home to fully assist themselves or their loved ones.
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