The 5 Best Money Counting Machines [Ranked]

Money counting machines provide an easy way for cash-heavy businesses to process and count large amount of dollar denominations (Source). It’s important to note that these counters cannot just be loaded with indiscriminate amounts of cash and then spit back the value to you (Source). What they do is get the number of bills in a stack […]

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How To Build A DIY Greenhouse [Tips]


Greenhouses are great- but they’re not cheap. Perhaps you’re considering how you can build your own greenhouse for a fraction of the price. We’ve assembled a DIY guide for building one and some tips for constructing your own with some free plans. Contents DIY Greenhouse Tips Some more of our favorite DIY greenhouse plans are […]

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How to Make A DIY Fruit Picker


Every farmer cherishes the fruit harvesting season. It is because there are so many peaches, pears, and apples we can pick during this season. However, picking these fruits can be a problem because we can’t reach the branches. Therefore, we need a fruit picker to harvest our fruits easily. Nonetheless, a fruit picker can be […]

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How To Make DIY Rubber Mulch

rubber mulch

Almost all tires can be recycled, including those from passenger cars, trucks, and commercial trailers. So you can imagine that the amount of these tires that cannot be fixed because they are badly worn or irreparably damaged is a huge amount. So there’s a ton of these tires available to upcycle into rubber mulch. Pro […]

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How To Make A DIY Hose Reel


Every gardener knows how important it is to have a hose reel. It is necessary for big and small gardens alike to have access to plenty of water. And we can all agree that a hose is the most economical and most straightforward way you can water your garden. It is equally important to store […]

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