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The 5 Best Stormtrooper Costumes [Ranked]

If you’re looking to dress up like a Star Wars Stormtrooper, we’ve got you covered.  Below, we’ve listed out some of the best store-bought suits as well as some DIY options. As you can see in the table below, there are a variety of designs at different price points. Whether you’re trying to dress up you child or […]

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The 5 Best Joker Costumes [Ranked]

If you’re looking to assemble an amazing Joker costume, we’ve got you covered.  Below you’ll find some of the best-selling getups if you want to impersonate this green-haired, purple-clad supervillain.  Whether you’re just attending an office party or doing something more serious at a cosplay convention, there are a bunch of different styles.  Some dress up like the […]

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The 5 Best Sticker Maker Machines [Ranked]

So, you want to make your own customized stickers? You’re probably in the market for a sticker maker. These sticker creator machines are used to create both plain and decorated stickers.  Stickers are fun home, crafts projects- particularly for young children who enjoy printing their own unique designs. They can be stuck to cars, skateboards, bumpers, notebooks, even used […]

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The 5 Best Adjustable Dress Forms [Ranked]

Adjustable Dress Forms

Dress forms are great for precision sewing or functioning as a display piece.  Adjustable dress forms enable you to personalize the form so that you can precisely match your or someone else’s body measurements, instead of relying on friends to try on garments for you (Source). All of the dress forms we review below are height […]

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The 5 Best Photo Backdrop Stands [Ranked]

In this post, we take a look at five of the best-selling photo backdrop stands. These stands are used by photographers to set up various backgrounds for portraits and other types of photography. These stands can be made of metal or plastic tubing and are designed to be put up and taken down quickly. How […]

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The 5 Best Super-Strong Glues [Ranked]

In this post, we took a look five of the best-selling glues. These dynamic adhesives can bond a diverse range of materials- scroll down to get an individual breakdown of their applications. What are they? Glue is an adhesive designed to bond material pieces together- whether you’re a craft hobbyist or a DIY mechanic. There are […]

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The 5 Coolest Harley Quinn Costumes [Ranked]

If you want to dress up like the cartoon psychopath Harley Quinn (Harleen Frances Quinzel), there are some compelling options. The Suicde Squad supervillain costume is one of the more popular cosplay and Halloween options. Probably the best costume if you want a total solution is the officially licensed Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costume from Rubie.  It’s a […]

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The 5 Coolest Minion Costumes [Ranked]

If you want to dress up like a Minion, we can’t say we exactly understand why, but suffice it to say there are a lot of costume options on the market.  Kidding aside, these yellow, pill-shaped creatures were a phenomenon when they first appeared in the Despicable Me movie franchise. Speaking gibberish, these small, blubbering henchmen […]

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The 5 Coolest Daenerys Targaryen Costumes [Ranked]

If you want to dress up like Game of Thrones sensation Daenerys Targaryen there are some interesting costume options.  You can purchase her Blue Qarth party dress, a striking brown Dothraki halter and apron combo, and even a formal black cosplay cloak. Or you can just buy her distinctive platinum wig and call it a day.  If you’re […]

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