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Who We Are

We are a team of product reviewers, based in New York City. We come from a variety of industry backgrounds- engineering, healthcare, medical, and even digital-marketing!

Ryan, Founder

Ryan Nelson is a digital marketing professional and Industrial-Organizational psychologist with a sideline interest in the honest evaluation of consumer products. He founded Top5Reviewed.com to provide a space to aggregate user feedback on a variety of consumer products that have historically received insufficient scrutiny online.

Joel Rubin, Science Consultant

Joel combines a background in chemistry (BS) and physics (MPhil, PhD) with a passion for bringing science to the public. When he is not lecturing on quantum mechanics or debunking naturopathic medicines, he can be found playing guitar and bass and jogging by the Little Neck Bay.

Contac t Information

Phone: 855-441-3030

About Our Reviews

Reviews & product ratings are our own: We do not take reviews or ratings from other websites and use them as our own. We assemble product reports based on review information we obtain by surveying actual people & examining existing customer reports. 

Any negative feedback concerning a product is sourced from online buyers and therefore is a subjective critique.

This information is consolidated into digestible product reviews that facilitate a quality buying decision.

If you are the creator or the producer of one of the products we have reviewed, and think that one of these critiques is unfair, let us know and we will happily take your feedback into consideration. 

We primarily evaluate commercial, medical, home comfort, engineering, industrial and other scientific products that get little attention on the Internet. We also pay special attention to eldercare & healthy aging products.

We emphasize transparent and honest reviews of products so that you can make an informed decision regrading your purchase.

Affiliate Disclosure

We do receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you decide to purchase through one of our links. These small commissions help to keep our site running and to pay the costs associated with the time it takes for our reviewers to write their in-depth reviews.

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