Gardening Supplies List


If you’re looking for a fun and environmentally friendly hobby, why not consider starting a garden? Granted, not everybody has the outdoor space to maintain plants and flowers, especially if you are in an urban city, but even then you can buy some indoor plants and get a taste of the gardening experience.

However, if you’re looking to start a garden and you have some land to work with, we’re going to take a look at how to get started and some of the things that you’ll need to get your garden blooming.

Gardening Supplies You’ll Need To Get Started


This sounds a little bit obvious, but you’re going to need some high-quality soil to get started- check out how to test soil here. Soil is actually the ecosystem that gives your plants nutrients. A lot of times people will test the soil to make sure that it is of decent quality before they invest a lot of resources adding plants to the ground.

If you are dealing with grain and hay, a grain moisture tester evaluates moisture, which is the most important element impacting the caliber of grain, silage & hay.

Water Source

You don’t want to overlook a water source. You’ll need some way to provide irrigation to your vegetables and flowers. You might be able to get by using a watering can if you are garden is very small, but if you are planning a large or garden, you’ll need a hose equipped with a strong spray nozzle. Hook up your hose to an automatic garden hose reel to create an attractive and efficient storage and hose maintenance solution. Even further a programmable water timer will enable you to efficiently control the watering frequency and duration from a hose.

Shovels And Trowels

If you’re growing any type of garden, you’re going to need some shovels and trowels to get things started. Whether you’re planting something and need to dig a hole or moving plants and flowers around your garden, this is definitely an area we are not going to want to skimp.

DIY home expert Bob Vila recommends a variety of different shovels to get you started including a garden shovel, a garden spade, a garden knife, a garden scoop and a trenching shovel. These different options all have different uses, whether you are cutting through roots, transplanting piles of dirt or mulch, or digging trenches for irrigation systems or drains.

In addition, we recommend investing in a drain spade, which are very narrow shovels that are built with gently curved sides with a rounded tip. They are perfect for precision gardening like adding flowers to a pre-built flower bed, clearing out trenches and small shrub transplants.

An even more specialized tool is required if you are intending to erect a mailbox or things like fence posts. You’ll have to dig a hole to keep it in place. This is where a post-hole digger comes in. These digging tools let you start an initial hole in the ground to install a fence, mailbox, and more.

In the winter, even though your garden may not be in full bloom, you’ll want to be able to clear out snow quickly and effectively without hurting your back. We recommend investing in an electric power snow shovel to get the work done efficiently.

Lawn & Property Maintenance

lawn maintenance

Before we even get started, you’ll want to have an actual lawn. Invest in some high-quality grass seed to start or replenish your property. Then you can move on to purchasing some tools to maintain it. 

If you’ve got a sizable yard, you’re going to want to invest in a lawnmower. You might be a little bit lazy, and if you have a large yard, why not invest in the Roomba of lawnmowers, an automatic lawn mower.

If you’ve got a really big property, you may want to get a zero-turn riding lawnmower. This would be a pretty sizable investment but makes expansive lawn maintenance a cinch. You’ll be riding high and sitting pretty atop one of these bad boys.

Conversely, a string trimmer will help you access those hard-to-reach spots a big mower can’t get to, like the areas around tree trunks. And it can also function as an edger if you turn it on its side.

A lawn sweeper is good for lighter work than a zero-turn mower, enabling you to clear and collect debris such as leaves, twigs, and grass clippings left behind after mowing.

You can also look at some other options like dethatchers, which is used to break up and remove a built-up layer of thatch from your lawn. 

A weed burner is another option. Weed torches provide a chemically free way to decimate weeds in your garden. As pass the torch over a weed, the heat boils and explodes the water-based plant cells.

If you don’t want to bother with maintaining a lawn, check out rubber mulch. Rubber mulch is recycled rubber used as a filler for gardens, playgrounds, and a variety of other unique, outdoor uses.

Come Fall your garden may be inundated with leaves. Consider a leaf mulching shredder. These landscaping tools dice up leaves and create rich mulch that you can re-use. Plus you don’t have to burn out your back bagging up the leaves.

If you’ve got to take down some meddlesome branches or small trees, consider getting a pocket chainsaw. They are a compact and portable method for taking down branches, logs, and even standing trees. Once you’ve cut down a tree, use a log splitter to chop them up for disposal or even your fireplace!

While you’re out gardening, if it’s really hot you won’t get much done. Consider an outdoor misting fan to keep cool and even your plants mildly hydrated as you slave away.



A greenhouse may be a little bit beyond your means, but it’s a great way to cultivate plans that needs specific environmental requirements. An affordable but rugged and long-lasting option is a polycarbonate greenhouse. It’s a durable and lightweight, UV-treated option available in various thicknesses. If it’s too expensive, and you’re still interested in extending the growing season, you might be interested in buying a cold frame greenhouse.

Large polycarbonate greenhouses have advanced technological features like venting and heating abilities, but a cold frame greenhouse is a less pricey & smaller alternative. You can always add an automatic greenhouse vent opener to vent greenhouse windows, cold frame lids, and skylights- automatically opening them to help modulate the interior climate and temperature.


Once your garden is flowering with luscious blooms and vegetables and fruits, you’ll want to choose some cultivation tools that are user-friendly and durable. Fiskars recommends a variety of these planting tools like hand rakes, pruning saws, soft-touch tools like cultivators, hand edgers, hand transplanters and even a fruit picker to help pick fruit off from tree limbs.

Garden Gloves

Gardening can be a thorny business, so invest in a pair of comfortable gardening gloves to keep your hand protected. It’s a good idea to buy multiple pairs so that you always have some in stock.

Other Stuff


If you decide to cultivate chickens, and you have an outdoor chicken coop, consider investing in an automatic chicken coop door. These poultry door openers will automatically open your coop doors on a set schedule- making maintenance so much easier. On top of that, an automatic egg incubator is a great way for hatchers alike to incubate their chicken eggs.

Stock Watering

While we are talking about gardening, we also have some helpful recommendations for farmers as well to save time. Check out an automatic stock waterer to help hydrate all manner of livestock from horses to dogs.

Along the same lines, if you are cultivating fish for food or just as a hobby, an automatic pond fish feeder lets you feed fish in ponds, letting you to choose customized, digital feeding schedules. 

Pest & Predator Deterrence

A predator deterrent light will help you scare off nocturnal animals, helping you to protect chicken coops and other livestock areas. And this full guide on how to keep pests out of your garden will get you up to speed on efficient garden pest control.

Another predator you might want to protect against is snakes. Get some snake repellent for indoor our outdoor use to keep these reptiles at bay.

Install a ​squirrel feeder as a pest deterrent, distracting them from attacking bird-feeders for food. 

To enhance your property security, check out some motion-activated outdoor lights. This way, if someone is stalking up your property to break into your home, the lights will spotlight them and give them second thoughts before proceeding.


A rain barrel can be a decorative and useful addition to your garden to store rainwater, perhaps to irrigate your garden. If you want to add some comfortable and stylish tread to your space, get some concrete walk makers to install a beautiful path throughout your lawn.

If you host garden parties, chances are there’s going to be a lot of garbage waste. Buy a stylish outdoor waste receptacle to keep things neat outdoors while providing your party guests a convenient outdoor garbage option.