*Last Updated: April 2024

How To Make An Automatic Toilet Seat


Have you ever used the restroom, flushed the toilet, and then walked out without closing the toilet seat?

It can be either because you forgot to close the seat or you just find it disgusting to touch the seat with bare hands.

This can anger many people that are going to use the same toilet.

For reasons of physical and psychological personal hygiene and ease of maintenance, minimal contact with the toilet is desirable.

It helps keep the bathroom safe– you’re not touching a germ-rich surface or risking a fall manipulating the lid.

So today we are going to explain how to make your toilet seat automatic.

As an aside, if you’re not a home improvement expert, consider purchasing an automatic closing toilet seat. This will save time and aggravation, though you’ll have to pony up some cash! 


How To DIY An Auto Closing Toilet Seat

It is a pretty straightforward cycle. You will need to acquire a few items for this process, which can be found at your home. You are going to need some string, it can be a standard house string that you use for sewing your clothes, some tape, and glue.

1st Step

The first step is that you will need to remove the lid from the toilet tank, be exceptionally cautious when doing this. We would truly recommend that you wear gloves because there is plenty of bacteria in the toilet tank.

2nd Step

Once you have safely removed the lid, take some of the glue or some of the tape and attach the string to the floater that you will find inside the tank. Make sure you run the string outside and then you can go ahead and put the lid right back on as you found it. Make sure the lid is tightly closed and that there is adequate space for the string to move around.

3rd Step

Now stretch the string out to the tip of the toilet seat, make sure that you have it long enough, and apply the first piece of the tape that you have to the top of the seat, the very front part of the seat.

Remember that you are working on the bottom side of the seat and what you want to do is work your way around with the string so that the string is going to end up coming out of the back.

4th Step

Make sure the tape place on the top of the seat is firm, run the string out the back and you can wrap it. Make sure you tie up any loose string that you might have somewhere. It is easy as that.

Great job! now that you have finished the whole process it is time to test it out. When you flush the toilet the floater will instantly drop to the bottom of the tank and as the water fills back up in the tank, the toilet seat will begin to fall back down slowly, and never again will you have to worry about closing that toilet seat.

Bathroom germs are everywhere. No matter how often you wash your hands, you’ll still get toilet germs on them. If you are trying to avoid spreading germs, cleaning your hands and using one of these auto toilet lid shutters is ideal!

An automatic toilet seat is a convenient and easy way to help navigate the process of using the toilet. If you are disabled or have difficulties with using the toilet, this is a gadget you need. You can even install a toilet riser or some toilet safety rails for added security! Learn how to install a toilet riser– they can be tricky to get up and running, especially with one of these auto-closing toilets. 

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