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The 5 Best Commercial Automatic Hand Driers for Restaurants

Commercial Automatic Hand Driers For Restaurants

 According to the Houston Chronicle, business owners save $36 per month replacing paper towels with automatic dryers.  That’s a crazy stat. Are you sick of wasting money purchasing tons of paper towels? Tired of cleaning up disgusting, soiled hand towels in your restaurant bathroom?Even worse, are your (idiot) customers flushing hand towels down the toilet […]

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The 5 Best Gas Leak Detectors [Ranked]

Gas Leak Detectors

Gas leak detectors are devices that enable engineers and other professional service personnel the ability to identify combustible gas leaks that occur in residential and commercial areas (Wikipedia). They include semiconductor sensors that can rapidly and specifically determine the exact area of even tiny leaks. These detectors are equipped to detect a variety of different combustible and […]

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