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5 Shower Stools For the Elderly and Disabled: Reviewed And Rated

Shower Stool

Shower stools are great for individuals that are debilitated because of an injury, or because they are recovering from surgery, or just for an elderly person that requires additional safety and support when bathing.

These shower stools are highly secure, lightweight, bathing aids with seats that often swivel. Many users often purchase shower handle grips as a complement to provide extra security when transitioning in and out of the bath or shower.

Shower stools are generally very easy to assemble and are also very lightweight. These are both important considerations if the person using the shower stool is elderly or otherwise incapacitated.

  • Features a padded seat that can rotates 360 degrees, locking every 90-degrees
  • This helps to to reduce reaching and twisting in the shower
  • Tool-free assembly- includes a seat top that is removable so you can easily clean it
  • Seat height adjusts from 16" to 23" in 1" increments
  • Also includes a removable tray so that you can store personal shower items
  • Measurements: seat height: 16"-23"; seat diameter: 14"; outside legs: 15"(D) x 15"(W)
  • Weight Capacity is 450 lbs

Let's take a look at some of our favorite shower stools.

Shower Stools Compared

Shower & Bath Stool Reviews

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1. The Drive Medical Adjustable Height Bath Stool

Make your, or an elderly loved one’s, bath-time safer and more comfortable by using this impact-resistant, composite shower seat.

It has a lightweight aluminum frame that is durable and resistant to cracks, corrosion and tarnish. The height of the chair can be adjusted from 15.5 to 20 inches with one-inch increments using pinch-free push pins. To prevent leg movement and rattling, it is also constructed with a support collar.

The seat measures 13″ (Width) by 13″ (Depth) and supports a person weighing up to 300 pounds for safety. It has just the right size to fit in standard baths and showers. Assembly will not be a problem with this stool.

2. The Healthline Trading Bath Stool

Do you feel uncomfortable whenever you, or an elderly loved one, enter the bathroom to shower? This easy-to-assemble stool will keep you safe and relaxed.

It can accommodate a person weighing up to 250 pounds. The height can be customized from 15.5 to 20 inches at one-inch increments. The seat dimensions measure 12.5 inches in diameter. To keep it firmly in place, the legs are attached with slip-resistant rubber tips. Resistant to cracking, stress and tarnish, this stool will surely last long with proper usage.

It’s definitely a solid option, though several users have complained that it becomes a bit wobbly when used at its maximum height.

3. The Ez2Care Adjustable Shower Stool

Get ahold of this stool if you want to experience added comfort while taking a shower. Unlike a typical stool, it is designed primarily for bathroom use.

The seat has drainage holes and an anti-slip surface to keep you secure while sitting down. The heavy-duty anodized legs are also outfitted with slip resistant rubber tips to avoid skidding.

Depending on your height, the legs can be adjusted from 13 to 16.5 inches. Many users prefer this over other brands because of its wide seat diameter of 14 inches that can hold up to 250 pounds.

4. The Drive Medical Rotating Bath Stool

Its users love that this shower stool is lightweight & hassle-free to assemble. It doesn’t look too bad either.

It even comes with a removable tray underneath the seat for storing personal items. What’s more, the seat rotates 360 degrees and locks every 90 degrees for easy mobility.

The seat has a dimension of 14 inches and its height can go from 16 to 23 inches at one-inch increments. Moreover, it is safe for users who weigh up to 450 pounds. For a person who needs an extra level of safety and comfort while bathing, especially for added weight, this is an ideal stool to use.

5. The Better Living Spa Seat

When comfort meets ergonomic design, you get this shower stool. It will not take much amount of space in your shower and can be easily tucked away in the corner when not in used.

While this concave-shaped seat lacks drainage holes, it compensates by having strong and tough aluminum legs and rust-proof construction. The seat is about 18 inches tall and measures 11” (Length) by 11” (Width). It is durable enough to support up to a 265-pound person.

This seat is not only good for bathing but also for shaving legs.

What are customers saying about shower stools?

Customer Tips & Feedback

  • Some users prefer swiveling stool seats, while others prefer that the stool seats be stationary. Take care to make this determination for yourself prior to purchasing a shower stool.
  • Customers also enjoyed the fact that shower stools are adjustable for different heights. Though sometimes if adjusted to the maximum height there was some loss of stability.
  • Because the shower stools are so light, they are very easy to transport.
  • Many users also report that they or their loved ones have a renewed enjoyment of showering and bathing now that they can be more comfortable and secure in the bathroom.
  • If your tub is really narrow or your shower is really compact, make sure that you take some initial measurements of your bathing area to ensure that the shower stool will fit. However, these shower stools are designed to accommodate your average shower or bathtub.
  • Shower stools are ideal for a range of conditions, from multiple sclerosis to post-surgery bathing.
  • Check the warranty prior to purchase: some shower stools have lifetime warranties, so if you want to ensure that you will never be without a shower stool if the one you purchased breaks down, check out the warranty prior to purchase.
  • Many customers also noted that it was easier to purchase their shower stool online rather than go to a local medical supply company that didn’t always have the most modern products, or were out of stock.
  • The benefit of online purchase of shower stools is that there are many people on the Amazon product page discussing the pros and cons of the product as well as answering questions about how they use it. This is a great way to get some additional insight into how the shower stool actually performs for people like yourself.

How to create a safe bathroom space for seniors

Most of us are aware that the majority of household accidents will occur inside the bathroom. It makes sense because there are a lot of hard surfaces, pointy edges and water slicks.

When people are older, they may suffer from impaired balance, decreased mobility, and overall loss of coordination, which makes the bathroom an especially dangerous place for a senior citizen.

If you know an elderly person, perhaps it is a family member, a mother or a father, there comes a point in time where you’ll want to ensure that their bathroom is modified slightly to make it more safe.

Here are five easy strategies for creating a safer bathroom:

  • Make sure to mark the faucets with hot and cold labels to make sure that seniors do not mistake one for the other.
  • Consider installing a shower stall and removing a tub. This will eliminate the need for the elderly to step over a tub lip entry.
  • Consider adjusting the height of the mirror, are using a flexible mirror that extends out of the wall. This extra level of convenience can help to prevent potential slips and falls.
  • Consider removing slippery throw rugs. They can easily become tangled and cause people to slip and fall. Make sure that the room is properly listed.
  • Also install a nightlight so that seniors who are traveling to the bathroom at night will have some illumination to guide them.

These five simple bathroom safety fixes will certainly help to decrease the chances that someone you know will suffer an accident.

Shower safety tips for seniors continued

As we have reviewed some of the best shower stools on this page, it would be remiss not to mention that purchasing a shower stool is an excellent idea if you are a caregiver for a parent.

Besides a shower stool or seat, consider installing grab bars on the shower walls. These will help senior citizens as they get in and out of the tub or shower stall.

If you cannot afford to convert your talk to a shower stall, consider purchasing a transfer tub bench. We have reviewed these in a separate article. Click here to check out our reviews of the five best transfer tub benches.

Another handy item is the hand-held shower spray. This will let your elderly loved one control the water flow while they are seated on a shower stool or bench. What is especially convenient about them is that they’re able to connect with an existing shower arm and can be used in tandem with the showerheads the rest of your family uses. 

Purchasing a toilet raiser is another great way to make the bathroom more convenient for the elderly. Toilet raisers is easy to install and prevent the elderly from having to sit too low, as well as having to insert themselves too much when raising from the toilet.

Shower safety final thoughts

Bathing safety is important for people of all ages. But as we have seen, with aging comes certain impairments that make bathroom safety a special priority for the aged. There are innumerable paving safety products on the market today. Seemingly every eldercare retailer has an assortment of different items that make paving and showering more safe and convenient for senior citizens.

By making a strategic assessment of your bathroom and the eldercare needs of your loved one, you can ensure that you select only the products you need to make your bathroom a safe space. Fall prevention is so incredibly important.

Statistics demonstrate that thousands of elderly individuals die every year from preventable falls. Don’t let your loved one become a statistic. Make sure that you safety-improve your bathroom so that you and your loved one can live happy lives together as they age.

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