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The 5 Best Drawing Salves [Ranked]

In this post, we rank 5 of the best-selling drawing salves– great for treating skin problems like sebaceous cysts, boils, ingrown toenails and splinters (Source).

Do you want to have healthy glowing skin that exudes the picture of good inner health?

If yes, you need to find a way out to keep your skin pores clean and clear so that they can be the exit door for the toxins accumulated by your body on a daily basis.

And when it comes to deeper detoxification, a drawing salve is something that can help you perform it easily.

It’s an old fashioned way people used to keep in the house and apply to draw out toxins from the skin.

When it comes to treating minor skin problems, a drawing salve can help you out effectively.


Comparing Them

SaleBestseller No. 1
SaleBestseller No. 2
Globe Ichthammol Ointment 20% (Drawing Salve) 1 OZ - Soothing Skin Relief, Treatment of Eczema, Acne, Boils, Splinters, Bee Stings - Maximum Strength
  • 🟤 SOOTHING SKIN RELIEF: Globe Ichthammol 20% Ointment is perfect for treating the following: plant irritations, such as nettles or poison ivy, insect bites, stings from mosquitoes, spider, and bees, removing slivers, minor skin infections such as ingrown toenail.
SaleBestseller No. 3
OWELL NATURALS Drawing Salve Ointment 1oz, ingrown Hair Treatment, Boil & Cyst, Splinter Remover, Bug and Spider Bites, bee Sting, Mosquito bite Itch Relief, Poison Ivy
  • ORIGINAL DRAW SALVE, 3X BETTER THAN ICHTHAMMOL: Owell Naturals Drawing Salve has been the staple of the medicine Chest for decades; used to aid in wound healing that go back as far the 1400s, we still use the same Authentic Amish Formula that has withstood the test of time
Bestseller No. 4
Amish Origins Drawing Salve Ointment, 2 oz, for Boil Treatment, Maximum Strength Fast Acting Draw Salve for Splinters, Bee Stings, Anti Itch Cream, Poison Ivy Oak Relief, Made in USA
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH DRAWING SALVE: it's the most effective Ointment for Drawing out Ingrown hair, Boils, Cysts, Splinters, abscess, Ingrown Toenails, It also keeps out germs by adding a thick protective barrier.
Bestseller No. 5
Globe Ichthammol Ointment 20% (Drawing Salve) 1 OZ - Soothing Skin Relief, Treatment of Eczema, Acne, Boils, Splinters, Bee Stings - Maximum Strength (2-Pack)
  • 🟤 ADVANCED DRAWING SALVE: Globe Brand Pharmaceutical Grade Ichthammol Ointment 20% Contains a U.S. NDC Number and is Pharmacist and Doctor Recommended.

Buying Guide

  • While a drawing salve does a good job in removing splinters, curing minor skin problems, sunburn, etc, they’re also sometimes touted as an effective treatment for drawing out cancer cells. If you’re thinking of buying the product, it’s important to know that there’s no scientific evidence that supports such claims.
  • In short, if you’re dealing with possibly malignant or malignant growth, you should never put your faith in the product, let a dermatologist detect and treat it appropriately.
  • It’s also important to note that while drawing salves, which are intended to use for general purposes, are black in color, they aren’t the same product as the black salve containing bloodroot (Source) that are traditionally considered as a remedy for skin cancers.
  • Though drawing salve is a fairly safe product to use, it may trigger some infrequent side effects like a stinging sensation, a skin rash, a form of some allergic reactions, skin inflammation, itching, etc.
  • Ideally, you should talk to your doctor first to learn about the possible side effects depending on your condition before buying the product. However, when used with caution, the product might be the first line of defense when it comes to infection.

More Details

Drawing salve is a traditional herbal paste and was developed by Native Americans (Source) to draw infections out from the body.

It gained huge popularity in the late 1800s when salves were manufactured using family recipes.

Over time, the establishment of large chemical laboratories caused the product to experience a decline in its widespread usage as more advanced and effective medicines took over.

But it’s still manufactured widely and purchased by a lot of people who want to have a more natural solution for treating their infections.

Though there’re lots of variations that can be found on the original recipe of the product, its common ingredients include bloodroot, chickweed (Source), mullein, marshmallow, comfrey, etc.

Sometimes it may also include antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients and vitamin E.

The most active ingredient of this product is ichthammol (Source), which does a good job in softening the tissue and that’s probably the biggest reason behind the curative properties of drawing salve.

While the product may not have any magical properties that can help you draw out things and there’s no sucking motion involved, it can surely help the skin because of the presence of other ingredients.

For example, vitamin E is a major ingredient that’s used by our body to maintain and repair skin.

How To Use Drawing Salves

It’s very easy to use a drawing salve.

First, apply a small amount of the paste to the area you’re having a problem with and rub in gently.

In many cases, it produces effective results when you leave it on overnight and sometimes it takes only one go to eliminate splinters.

If you’re having a more severe condition, it might take a couple of nights.

Finally, carefully grab the glass, or wood, or whatever, which is causing the problem, with some tweezers and pull it steadily and firmly directly outward.

When it comes to treating boils, simply place the product around the boil and gently rub in.

However, it’s important to use the product carefully, regardless of the purpose, and learn about the ingredients that have been used to create it.

Homemade Options

If you don’t want to use over-the-counter drawing salves and want to prepare one yourself, you can easily have a homemade drawing salve with the help of some simple ingredients easily available at any herbal product store.

While you can find lots of drawing salve recipes over the internet, here’s an overview of a simpler one.

Things you’d need for this project include castor oil, infused olive oil, beeswax, activated charcoal, essential oils (Source), and clay.

First, combine beeswax and oils using a heatproof container and set it down in a saucepan with a few inches of water to create a make-shift double boiler.

Use a medium-low burner to heat and wait until the beeswax has melted.

Then stir in charcoal, clay, and essential oils after removing them from heat.

If you need a thicker consistency, a little extra clay might be added.

Immediately pour the finished salve into a glass container and store it in a cool, dark place.

Remember to keep this product away from any furniture or clothes that you don’t want to be stained.

You can watch this video to learn about the process in detail.

Homeopathic Styles

SaleBestseller No. 1

Homeopathic drawing salves are made with natural ingredients and don’t contain any dyes, parabens, or artificial flavors, making doses safe and non-toxic.

You can use this preparation without being worried about known side effects or contraindications.

However, it’s important to note that the use of these kinds of products is based on the traditional homeopathic practice and they haven’t been reviewed by the FDA.

And hence, it’s strongly advisable to read and strictly follow the label directions when using homeopathic drawing salves.

Black Bloodroot Options

Due to the widespread advertising of the effectiveness of black bloodroot drawing salve in healing different skin conditions and treating skin cancers, many patients are opting for self-treatment using the product.

While black bloodroot drawing salve is an alternative treatment widely used to cure a diverse range of skin ailments, it isn’t selective for cancer cells.

It has been shown by various case reports that the use of the product may result in metastasis or recurrence of skin cancer and extensive tissue damage.

Additionally, the product may trigger normal tissue necrosis due to its inability to discriminate between healthy and cancerous tissue.

Is A Drawing Salve Safe?

While the product is traditionally considered safe to use, sometimes it may trigger side effects like severe scarring, destruction of surrounding tissue, and partial removal of the tumor.

It’s also possible to experience extreme discomfort due to the burning of the skin.

Most importantly, if you’re using drawing salve for treating a condition like cancer, you may complicate or delay treatments, which have been proved to be more effective.

And the long-term consequences might be devastating.

Does It Work On Ingrown Hairs?

You’ve probably come across ingrown hairs (Source) if you tend to remove hair from your body regularly.

Most often, ingrown hairs occur on the pubic area, neck, face, and any other area where you might remove hair from.

While it’s tempting but picking at or squeezing an ingrown hair may make the bump worse and lead to an infection.

And thus, your best option is to encourage the hair to come out naturally.

According to many users, drawing salve can help you get rid of awful and embarrassing ingrown hairs easily while helping your skin to heal quickly.

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