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The 5 Best Denim Jean Bikinis [Ranked]

The bikini has been around for ages. People love skimpy swimwear- they’re great for flaunting your curves. A new fashion trend has emerged, however: the jean bikini.

What can you say though, it’s a creative fashion world, and jeans run it! That is why bikini jeans were an inevitable development.

Designed by a Japanese clothing company, the eye-catching piece of clothing is made such that a thong is sewn into low-slung jeans.

They are made to hold the jeans below the hips while keeping the lady touch for the user (Source).

The bikini jeans are generally for women who are bold and like their bodies.


Comparing The Options

Bestseller No. 2
Amazhiyu Womens Pure Linen Summer Bikini Bathing Suit Spaghetti Straps Tops Denim, Large
  • The bikini tops is made of pre-shrunk linen fabric, light-weight, and breathable
Bestseller No. 3
RuoFeng Women's Denim Bikini Set with Jeans Shorts and Bra for Beach Play and Bar Nightclub Performance (S)
  • The whole bikini is made of high-quality jeans and is comfortable to wear
Bestseller No. 4
Women's Denim Bikini Set Sexy High Cut Bathing Suit Halter Two Piece Swimsuits Spaghetti Cheeky Triangle Top Bra & Thong
  • Material: Bikini swimsuits made of polyester and spandex, smooth to skin, feels comfy when you wear it, give you perfect fit to your silhouette
SaleBestseller No. 5
Women's 2 Pieces V Neck Bikini Swimsuits Set Sexy Jeans Set Low Waist Halter Jeans Sets Blue
  • Bikini Design: 2 pieces jeans suits, adjustable ties at neck and elastic back according to your body, the suitable bikini makes your curves more attractive, low rise shorts can show off your perfect waistline, it will be the best choice for summer beach. Unique jeans suits design is pretty sexy and cute.

Buying Guide

Are you wondering where to wear bikini jeans?

Well, take your time and view the horizon. Do you see the blue seas? How about the white sandy beaches and signs of the winter all over? That is all the sign you need to rock your bikini jeans.denim bikinis

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Whether you are going for sunbathing, cold weather gateways or lounging you can always find bikini jeans that fit you to bring out the body shape comfortably.

Buying bikini jeans can be a daunting task given they are relatively less spread in the market compared to bikinis of other designs. However, you need to find one that is appealing and comfortable. You should, therefore, consider quality, style, and fit to help to get the right one for you (Source).

Video Review: Choosing The Right Style

The other factors that determine the bikini you buy are:

Body type

Your body type will dictate any cloth that you wear. Bikini jeans are generally new in the market and will draw attention, so you only want to wear them when you are sure you have a great body. Choose a bikini that comfortably fits you and allows you to move around at ease.

This bikini type can work for those with big butts as jeans have enough fabric hence not too revealing. It is also perfect for those with big hips. Big hips can easily hold the thong on the upper side of the bikini to give an illusion of an elongated clavicle (Source).


Most people tend to wear bikinis on happy and free times, and there is no better time to use clothing to reveal your personality than when out for merry. Donning bikini jeans gives off a personality of braves, flirty and creative. That is why it mostly the adventurous and daring ladies who tend to have them.

Bikini jeans care

Other than bikinis being an investment that you want to last, jeans are generally high-quality materials that are known to last. You need to follow the right washing procedure to ensure your bikini jeans do not fade fast or get worn out.

Blow the jeans after every period of wearing to remove dust, debris and any other chemicals it might have picked up. Take your time to wash the jeans gently then hang to dry while avoiding direct sunlight. Do not wear the bikini regularly to prevent the need for regular washing which can quickly wear it out.

The kind of environment you expose the jeans will determine how long it lasts so ensure you do not expose it to chlorine-treated water and hot tubs.

Matching bikini jeans with other outfits

denim jean bikini set

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That you are drawn to bikini should be testimony enough that you are willing to be versatile with your fashion. Mixing and matching your outfit on the top and bottom allows you to try out new ideas and draw attention to the body you want while bringing out your personality.

The color of the bikini will determine the top you match it with. Like, you can comfortably wear a dotted polka top when you have a royal blue bikini.

You can also opt for cover-up options to help cover you if after some time you feel like you want a little break from the outfit. Some of the best options to go for are the mesh dress. You can wear it when headed to the destination or when on a walk board. You can also include a formal touch to the outfit by adding a floral button-down or maxi dress over the bikini.

Matching the bikini jean with a tank top allows you to go a lot of other places without raising eyebrows. It gives off a relaxed and laid-back aura.

Bikini jeans FAQs*

Q. How do I get the best-fit bikini jeans?

A. You need your bikini to give you as much comfort as possible which you can only achieve with a perfectly fitting one. Start by checking out the bikini your size range, and try several ones to see what works. You will then determine the activities you get involved in when wearing the bikini. You can go for a bigger size if you don’t involve a lot of events. Otherwise, you can find one size lower.

Try moving around a lot when trying on a bikini to get the perfect feel.

Q. What are the bikini jeans colors?

A. In as much as you can find jeans in a wide range of colors, blue is the predominant one. It is good news as blue can work on any skin. It generally looks good and vibrant when putting on. Other colors like red and black can seem a bit off. The best to incorporate different colors, therefore, is when you match it with other outfits.

Q. Can I buy bikini jeans online?

A. You can easily find bikinis from different online stores. You need to be vigilant when shopping to ensure you are getting the right one. Once you already know the exact bikini you are looking for, make the order and try it out. You can return it in case of any issue or concerns. Ensure that you buy from a reputable online retailer.


Summing Up

Are you ready to embrace your wild side and show off the piece of art that your beautiful curves and edges are? Well, take the bold step and wear bikini jeans. Not feeling confident enough to step out? Match it with a dress without losing the seductive touch.

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