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The 5 Best Tac Glasses | Military-Grade Tactical Vision?

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If you often spend a lot of time out in the sun and have to squint to see the objects or people at a distance, Tac Glasses are marketed as a perfect solution.

These specialized, military-inspired sunglasses claim to not only prevent glare and help you to get a clear, impressive look of the surroundings even in strong light, but also improve your optical clarity.

Just imagine visiting a lake on a sunny day, whose surface is glistening and blocking your way into it. Wearing these glasses would let you see through the reflection to the point where you could notice what lies just below the water’s surface.

But that’s not all that Tac Glasses can do.

If glare from other vehicles coming from the opposite direction makes night driving a difficult task for you, you may even invest in a pair of night vision Tac Glasses to ensure you see clearly what lies ahead and aren’t distracted by other vehicles’ glare.


That said, they haven’t received the best reviews- with some people criticizing their quality and visual optimization claims. Check out some of the video reviews below the comparison table to see if they make sense for you!

Comparing The Options

SaleBestseller No. 1
Tac Glasses Sports Polarized Sunglasses For Men Women Cycling Driving Fishing Running 100% UV400 Protection- Tac Sunglasses with Anti Glare Polarized Lens As Seen On TV
  • TAC POLARIZED LENS - With premium TAC polarized lens , the sports sunglasses can 100% block harmful UV rays while protecting your eyes from uncomfortable glare. Ideal for cycling, running, driving.
Bestseller No. 2
Tac Glasses Tac Polarized Sunglasses Sports Outdoor Sunglasses for Men/Women, Unisex, Military Eyewear Original As Seen On TV, New in Box (1 Pack)
  • ✅TAC POLARIZED LENS - With premium TAC polarized lens , the sports sunglasses can 100% block harmful UV rays while protecting your eyes from uncomfortable glare. Ideal for cycling, running, driving.
Bestseller No. 3
Tacglasses Polarized Sports Sunglasses Outdoor Day/Night For Safety Driving Golfing Cycling Fishing Military Eyewear for Men Women Anti-Glare and UV Ray Protection by Bell+Howell As Seen On TV 2 Pairs
  • ✅TAC True HD+POLARIZED LENS: Blocks harmful UV rays and glare, improving visibility against reflective surfaces like asphalt-covered road, snow, sand, etc.
Bestseller No. 4
TAC GLASSES by Bell+Howell Sports Polarized Sunglasses for Men/Women 2 Pack
  • Sports Polarized Sunglasses, maximum protection against harmful UV-rays,Greatly reduces glare on a bright day, sunny day for optimal vision acuity
Bestseller No. 5
TAC FLIP Glasses by Bell+Howell Flipping Polarized Sports Sunglasses with Anti-Glare UV Ray Protection For Safety Driving Cycling Sports Eyewear for Men Women As Seen On TV (Regular Day Vision)
  • FLIP-UP TYPE It’s a unique polarized uni-lens glasses that can be worn over an existing eyewear or wear alone and can be flipped down to block blinding glare or flipped up when not in use.

Bell + Howell Video Review

The Secret Life of Vivian YouTube vlogger reviews As Seen On TV tactical glasses. These are the military-inspired polarized sunglasses sold by Bell + Howell.

She explains that they’re designed to prevent glare & improve colors to enhance visual clarity. Regular sun shades simply make things darker! But Bell + Howell Tac Glasses say that they are built to block blinding glare and improve colors.

Influenced by the solar shades used by the American military, Tac Glasses feature light-filtering engineering for increased optical clarity.

Buying Guide

  • Only available online: Since Tac Glasses are available only via online purchase, buyers won’t get the chance to try them before making a purchase. But if you don’t mind buying your pair online, say from here, you shouldn’t face any difficulty.
  • One issue, though, could be the lack of variety. Since the focus of these sunglasses is more on function rather than mere looks, there isn’t any emphasis on giving buyers a lot of variety in terms of the shape of glasses or the color of the lens.
  • No custom fits: Due to the streamline design of these glasses where one size fits all, you won’t even have the opportunity to get your pair fitted to your specifications. However, if you are someone who doesn’t bother about size, lens’ color or other similar subsidiary parameters of these glasses and would be happy with just how well they function, Tac Glasses won’t disappoint you.
  • No clip-ons yet: In case you wear eyeglasses, you may want to pass on these Tac Glasses since there isn’t yet a ‘clip-on’ variety available, which could be attached atop your prescription eyeglasses.

What Are They?

The inspiration for these sunglasses comes from high-grade, multi-purpose, highly sensitive equipment used in tactical and military operations.

The underlying technology of these glasses helps filter light in a particular way by enhancing the contrast between colors.

Thanks to their unique design, Tac Glasses are built for specialized use by helping the user fight uncomforting glare in the eyes in addition to improving his/her perception of color, and the clarity of vision.

Apart from being polarized, these glasses also offer protection from harmful UVA/UVB, which would have otherwise affected your eyes adversely.

Explaining The Technology

The unique design of Tac Glasses combined with the use of fiber that provides enormous endurance and strength to the structure makes them robust enough to survive in even the toughest of conditions.

Though these glasses are lightweight, you shouldn’t equate their weight to be a compromising factor when it comes to their strength. They are extremely resilient to damage, unlike several other normal sunglasses available in the market. So, even when your outdoor activities involve extremely rough usage of these glasses, they would endure it all.

Since the lenses of these glasses have an anti-corrosion coating to safeguard them from damage caused by alkaline conditions like when they get exposed to oceanic sprays, you can wear them without a worry while indulging in water sports or during your outdoor activities even when the weather is at its harshest.

Popularity By Region

According to Google Trends, this is the relative regional popularity:

Regiontac glasses: (11/26/17 - 11/26/18)
West Virginia93
South Carolina76
North Carolina55
New Jersey50
New York45
District of Columbia13
North DakotaN/A
Rhode IslandN/A
South DakotaN/A
New HampshireN/A
New MexicoN/A

Tac Glass Reviews

SaleBestseller No. 1
BattleVision Wrap Arounds HD Polarized Sunglasses, As Seen On TV, Fits Over Your Prescription Eyeglasses and Reading, See Clearer, Anti-Glare, Protects Your Eyes by Blocking Blue & UV Rays, Unisex
  • Fits Over Prescription Eyeglasses: prescription sunglasses are expensive. Protect your eyes while wearing your prescriptions without breaking the bank with BattleVision Wrap Arounds, the NEW polarized sunglasses that fit OVER your prescription eyeglasses!

Despite the manufacturer’s tall claims, most user reviews indicate unhappy buyers or those facing quite a lot of issues with these glasses. Though Tac Glasses could be said to be a respectable pair of polarized military-inspired sunglasses, they aren’t made of the highest quality materials as the ads claim them to be.

Most users have said the materials used are cheap and flimsy, and the pair doesn’t fit well on the nose, making it uncomfortable to wear for a long time. Some users even find the small corners at the lenses’ bottom edge slightly poking their nose, which in turn gives them an uncomfortable reminder of their presence as long as they wear these glasses.

The most prominent rant among users is the price tag, which they say doesn’t do justice to the cheap, fragile product they finally get delivered to them. Many say the product they get to lay their hands on is a cheap version of the Tac Glasses as seen on TV. From rough spots along the frame and rough edges of the lens to an uncomfortable fit and a fragile structure, critical reviews are aplenty for these glasses.

One reviewer even claimed that the packaging had a cancer warning, which prompted a speedy return on the buyer’s part. Yet, not everything that’s said is bad. A lot of users have claimed the Tac Glasses to be really useful for blocking glare and enhancing colors to help improve their optical clarity.

But the bottom line is that the claim there’s nothing like these Tac Glasses on the market is refuted by a majority, who say that can find a handful of ‘military’ sunglasses with similar functionalities both in stores and online for the same price, or sometimes, even at a cheaper rate.

Where To Buy

Bestseller No. 1
Sunglasses for Men, Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men Women with TR90 Flexible Frame TAC Durable Lens Cycling Shade Running Hiking Glasses TR19(Matte Tortoise&Black&Green lens)
  • ➤【REVO POLARIZED HD LENS AND UV400 PROTECTION】: TOREGE Polarized lenses reduce 99% of visible glare from water, snow, sand and pavement for increased visual clarity, restore true color and decreased eye strain. Shatterproof lenses provide 100% UV protection.

From popular e-commerce marketplaces to exclusive web stores, there are many places where you can buy your pair of glasses.

While some stores may give you a bonus offer of getting an additional night vision pair by paying a discounted prices, some others may make the deal lucrative by promising you free shipping.

When You Should Try Them

Ordinary sunglasses use darkened lenses to shield your eyes from sunlight by simply blocking the light from entering into your eyes.

Though it works well to protect your eyes, it makes the image you see appear dark and dull as adequate light isn’t available to the eyes. When you are driving a vehicle on a sunny day or have gone on a trekking expedition, being unable to see clearly the things or people in your path could prove to be extremely dangerous. In these situations, Tac Glasses can help.

The groundbreaking and unique technology used in these glasses permits them to easily filter out the light that goes past them. While doing so, these glasses filter the light in such a way that it provides your retina with remarkably distinct and clear colors, which in turn allows you to see images that appear to have been shot with a first-class camera lens.

Apart from driving, you can use Tac Glasses for golfing, hiking, skiing, water sports and a lot of other outdoor activities where you need to cut out glare and enjoy improved colors for an eagle-sharp vision.

Tac Glasses Commercial

The TV commercial where Nick Bolton sings praises of Tac Glasses doesn’t do a good job of informing customers that they can take their pick from three different versions of these glasses: the Original, the one for improved glare reduction, and another pair for night vision.

So, the customers get an impression as if it’s a single product because that’s exactly how these glasses are marketed. Perhaps a bit more clarity would have saved many buyers the disappointment after getting their Tac Glasses delivered to them, which gets reflected in several negative user reviews.

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