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The 5 Best Fake Nose Rings | Plus DIY Options

Have you ever seen someone with a nose ring and admired their attitude, but know that you just can’t go through that amount of pain yourself?

So how are you supposed to go about getting that amazing look for yourself? One simple yet very effective solution is to get a fake nose ring.

A fake nose ring can allow you to maintain an edgy look but without the need to actually have your body pierced in any way.

Not only is it a great fashion statement and a representation of your personality and style, but it is a non-permanent solution to completing the look you want.


Comparing The Options

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VitaCool Fake Nose Ring Hoop Fake Nose Stud Magnetic Septum Nose Ring Stud Stainless Steel CZ Fake Nose Piercing Stud Faux Nose Ear Lip Non Pierced Jewelry for Women Men
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VitaCool Fake Nose Ring Hoop Fake Nose Stud Magnetic Septum Nose Ring Stud Stainless Steel CZ Fake Nose Piercing Stud Faux Nose Ear Lip Non Pierced Jewelry for Women Men
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CrazyPiercing Fake Nose Ring CZ African Nose Cuffs Gold Faux Septum Nose Rings Clip on Nose Jewelry for Woman Non Pierced Jewelry (9 Clip Nose Ring)
  • ❀[Great Faux Nose Ring Set]: the package includes 9Pcs different styles of clip nose ring, moon-star, flower, heart, Leaf, hexagram, single bar, butterfly nose cuff, etc, you can wear it differently on your mood.
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D.Bella 20G Fake Piercing Jewelry Hoop for Faux Lip Septum Nose Ring Set,8mm
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D.Bella 20G Fake Piercing Jewelry Hoop for Faux Lip Septum Nose Ring Set,8mm
  • ✿[Hypoallergenic] These fake faux nose rings are made of 316L stainless steel.
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Mayhoop Fake Nose Ring Faux Nose Ring Fake Nose Ring Hoop Fake Nose Ring Stud Fake Nose Piercing for Women Men
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How They Look

What is a fake nose ring?

Simply put, a faux nose ring is one that does not require a piercing in order to wear it whenever you want.

Rather than go through the effort and pain of having your nose pierced, you can wear beautiful jewelry that simply clasps onto your nose in a secure manner, leaving you looking great.

While it’s actually possible to make your own fake nose ring, there are many attractive designs available for you to purchase.

The main benefit of these types of nose rings is that you can wear it and put it away as you require.

When you have a real piercing, you are required to keep the jewelry in place for weeks while it heals, and then you can only take it out occasionally for short amounts of time after that so it doesn’t heal over.

With a fake nose ring, you can wear it when you want and take it out for work or when you play sports without the fear of the piercing closing.

There are actually many things you may not realize about getting a real nose piercing, so choosing a fake piece first will help you to decide if you really want to go through with it.

fake nose ring picture

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Buying Guide

Choosing a faux nose ring is a process that is just as involved as choosing jewelry for a real piercing.

The only difference is that you will not be inserting it into a freshly pierced hole, so there’s no requirement on maintaining a particular shape or conformation of the jewelry.

In fact, when you wear a fake piece, you can swap and change it as much as you want for different styles and designs to see which suits you best.

  • Face shape: You will find that the type of nose ring you choose will largely depend on the shape of your face. Whilst studded nostril pieces are the most popular and suit just about any face shape, you can find nostril pieces that sport many different designs and are more suited to particular facial characteristics.
  • Skin Sensitivity: You should also consider the quality of the piece that you want to wear, in combination with your skin type. Some people suffer from skin sensitivities which can make wearing low-quality jewelry difficult as it can cause reactions. If you are one of these people, then be sure to carefully evaluate the materials used in the construction of your new nose piece.

DIY fake nose rings

As we mentioned above, it is perfectly manageable to design and construct your own nose ring yourself.

It is as simple as buying gems from your local craft store, along with some fake eyelash glue, which is an adhesive designed specifically to reduce skin reactions.

Once you apply the glue to the back of the gem, you can place it gently on your skin then hold it until it dries. You can make a hooped piece by bending some wire with a pair of pliers until it matches the shape you’re looking for.

Fake Hoops

Nose rings don’t just include studs, so you might find that a hooped piece can give you that edge you’re craving.

Let’s face it – the hooped nose ring looks far cooler than studded jewelry, as it brims with rock and roll attitude. Hooped jewelry is surprisingly easy to wear, too, as it grasps your nostril on either side, holding it in place.

Fake studs

The nose stud is the classic pierced nose look, and is one of the easiest to wear. You can either make the nose ring yourself as we explained above, or you can purchase a nose stud that is fixed in place using a small magnet on the inside of your nose.

Not only are these pieces very pretty to wear, but because of the magnet, they can come in any shape or size, and are fixed to your skin comfortably.

Etsy Options

Due to the fact that they are so fun and easy to make, Etsy, the world’s leading website for crafted goods, is full of faux side nose rings:

Etsy Fake NoseringsEtsy SellerEtsy Reviewer Rating
CHRISTMAS SALE - Fake Silver Nose Ring, Fake Nose Hoop, faux nose ring, fake nose hoop, thin, delicate, no piercing ringMondliDesigns5 out of 5 stars
Teeny Tiny Gold Nose Stud, 10K Solid Gold Nose Pin, Dainty Nose Piercing, 22g Micro Dot Post, Super Small Gold Stud, Fake CZ Diamond Stud,treasureimports5 out of 5 stars
Set Of THREE Fake Nose Rings, Faux Nose Ring, Fake Lip Ring, Fake Nose Ring, Nose Ring Hoop, Delicate Nose Ring, No PIERCING NEEDED!AnnabellesNoseRings5 out of 5 stars
Fake Silver Septum Ring. Tiny Fake Septum Jewelry. Sterling Silver Septum Ring For Non Pierced NoseUmanativedesign5 out of 5 stars
Tiny Fake Nose Ring Hoop PiercingMiraClesStudio4.5 out of 5 stars

The beauty of shopping for nose rings on Etsy is that they are extremely cheap, but made from quality materials, as Etsy sellers tend to put their hearts and souls into their work.

You can also find sellers who are willing to create custom pieces, too, so this may be a good route to take if you have some ideas of your own in mind.

For Guys

It’s not just women who love wearing nose rings.

fake nose ring pic

We are finding more and more often that guys are taking up this trend, and why shouldn’t they?

For men, hooped nostril or septum jewelry are the best pieces, as these designs are very versatile and are made to accentuate any look. Studs can serve to soften features, so unless you are specifically going for that look, you should stick to the fake hoops and septum jewelry.

Clip Ons

For a more ornate look, you can wear a fake clip-on nose ring. This particular style features a small fold of metal on the back of it, which grasps the base of your nostril, holding the jewelry in place. Clip on nose rings tend to be made in very extravagant styles in order to minimize the clip part. However, despite the size, you’ll find that the pieces are very beautiful and often feature different shapes and gems.

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