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The 5 Best Compact Circular Saws [Ranked]

Compact circular saws are lightweight, electric-powered, mini saws that employ a flat, round blade to cut a variety of materials- generally metal, plastic, wood and even stone (with a diamond cutting edge) (Source).

Great for one-handed use, they employ ergonomic handles with with on/off triggers switch and metal/plastic guards to ensure the saw-operator doesn't accidentally come in contact with the spinning blade (Source).

Another handy feature- compact circular saws include height, depth & bevel adjustments for enhanced precision. Regarding wood-cuts, their circular saw blades are engineered to produce cross-cuts, rip-cuts, or a combination of the two (Source).

How To Use A Circular Saw

The Rockwell 4 Amp compact circular saw is the lightest weight option, while the 7.5 Amp Dremel was the most powerful, but also the heaviest. An inexpensive option is the Worx compact circular saw, while the Rockwell (which also includes a laser indicator) skews higher-priced.

All, except the VonHaus claim that they have integrated dust extraction adapters to minimize sawdust mess. 

Overall, buyers have told us that this WorxSaw is a solidly constructed and reasonably priced power-tool.

One buyer used it to cut 1" granite- telling us that it worked effectively, though did need to cool down after several passes. Another homeowner employs it on lumber, saying it's a strong, lightweight option for that purpose, as well.

Video Overview: The Worx

Another home repairman told us that it provided strong and clean cuts of 1/2" plywood. Yet another reviewer told us that it worked on 1/2" cement board using a diamond blade.

Let's take a look at 5 of the best-selling compact circular saws and see how they compare. 


Comparing Them

The Best Compact Circular Saw For 2024



Ease of Use

This compact circular saw offered by Worx is an effective option for someone who needs a lightweight circular saw. Users love its accuracy and easy adjustment of the cutting depth, but they do emphasize that the price says a lot about the quality.


This 4-1/2” hand saw weighs 50% less than a traditional 7-1/4″ circular saw. It features easy-set depth gauge and enables adjustment of the cutting angle up to 45 degrees. It has a 24T Carbide-tipped BladeAW, parallel guide, Allen key, and a vacuum Adapter. This electric hand saw seems like a good choice if you are looking for an inexpensive compact circular saw for small jobs around the home.


The general user consensus concerning the Worx Compact Circular Saw is that it does the job well.  Buyers are in general satisfied with its accuracy and easy-to-adjust depth of cut. One satisfied reviewer said that he appreciates the vacuum port as an added feature because it minimizes the mess when working indoors. Another happy purchaser mentions that the placement of the integrated safety trigger is great.


However, buyers advise getting a more expensive compact circular saw if you want to do a medium amount of cutting. They do complain about the quality. One dissatisfied buyer states that his Worx circular saw has stopped working after 13 months.

The WorxSaw Unboxed


  • Accurate cutting
  • Depth of cut easy to adjust
  • 0-45 degree bevel settings
  • Vacuum port
  • Good placement of the safety trigger


  • Not the best quality



Ease of Use

This ultra-compact circular saw offered by Rockwell is a solid option for someone who needs a mini-circular saw. Users like that it does a decent job cutting various materials, but do complain about the lack of bevel cut option and the size and design of the handle which causes problems with controlling the tool.


This powerful and multi-functional circular saw can cut different materials such as tile, wood, sheet metal, plastics, and flooring. It features a built-in laser indicator which is great because it helps you align the perfect cut. Another useful feature is a dust extraction adapter which improves visibility by keeping the cut line free of dust. This mini-circular saw might be a good choice if you are looking for a 3-blade compact circular saw since this one comes with a 44T HSS, 24T carbide, and diamond blade.


In general, users have a positive opinion of the performance of the Rockwell ultra compact circular saw, stating that it is very easy to use and quite handy. A satisfied buyer says that the fact that the blade is on the left side of the saw makes it completely natural to use for right-handers. He adds that the laser guide is pretty convenient.


However, a big drawback for many purchasers is that you can’t make bevel cuts. One buyer experienced problems when cutting 3/4’’ thick or thicker material. Another buyer complains about the very large grip that narrows only where the trigger is which prevents you to fully wrap your hand around it and easily control the saw.

Watch The Rockwell Versacut In Action


  • Quick and precise depth adjustments
  • Laser guide
  • Dust extraction adapter
  • 3 blades


  • Can’t make bevel cuts
  • Not suitable for 3/4’’ or thicker materials
  • Grip too large



Ease of Use

This compact handheld circular plunge saw offered by VonHaus is a solid option for those who need a mini-circular saw in their workshops. Users like its performance and power, but many do complain about its heaviness and too complex safety features.


With this compact hand-held circular plunge saw you can adjust the cutting depth up to a maximum of 1.06 inches. VonHaus mini-saw features a 4.5A, 500W motor and it comes with a straight cut guide, carry case, blade and a 6ft 6-inch power cord. Still, if you are looking for a lightweight hand-held circular saw, this might not be a good pick.


In general, users have a good opinion of this compact circular saw and they praise its functionality and versatility. As one buyer says, it can be used for cutting just about any kind of plywood, OSB, and thin-stock. Moreover, he adds that the power to size ratio in this saw is pretty impressive. What he finds to be the best accessory is the track-based miter box which allows for right-angle cuts and angled cuts of all kinds.


Even though purchasers agree that this plunge saw is a great value for the money, they complain about its heaviness for one-handed use and too big grip area. One buyer dislikes three safety features to this saw stating that they make the VonHaus plunge saw very uncomfortable to use. He goes on by saying that the guide mechanism is a little awkward and that the saw takes up a bit of room when unfolded.

How To Use the VonHaus Circular Saw


  • Great value for the money
  • Impressive power to size ratio
  • Suitable for angle cuts of all kind


  • Too heavy for one handed use
  • Too big grip area
  • Safety features make it uncomfortable to use
  • The guide mechanism a little awkward



Ease of Use

If you are looking for a compact circular saw, you might want to consider this powerful mini-saw offered by Genesis. Users like how compact and easy to handle it is, but do have complaints about the plunge ability and the hand grip.


This product has a 5.8 amp motor and a triple reduction gearbox which provides all the power you need to take on the toughest jobs. It quickly cuts through all 2X material with included Tungsten-Carbide-Tipped Blade and can cut copper and aluminum with an optional HSS blade. It features a built-in dust port and vacuum adaptor which keeps cutting area clear of debris. If you are looking for a versatile powerful compact circular saw, this might be a solid option.


The general user consensus concerning the Genesis compact circular saw is that it does the job well. They love that it is powerful yet very compact, light and easy to handle.


However, one buyer isn’t satisfied with the plunge ability, stating that the tool should be able to lock at certain depths. Another reviewer says that the hand grip could be better designed for extra comfort, balance, and safety.


  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Easy to handle
  • Dust port


  • Complaints about the plunge ability
  • Complaint about the hand grip



Ease of Use

If you are looking for a top-rated compact circular saw for faster cutting and tougher applications, you might want to consider 7.5 amp multi-saw offered by Dremel. Its users really love this compact yet powerful circular saw, emphasizing that it is a quality tool for the money.


This product features a 7.5 amp motor and a durable drive train which is great for making long cuts. Another useful feature is Dremel‘s exclusive accessories which offer performing surface preparation applications including rust, paint and thin set removal. This corded circular saw could be a good choice if you are looking for a powerful hand-held saw with the faster speed of cutting and added versatile functions.


In general, buyers have a very high opinion of the Dremel 7.5 amp ultra-saw and they praise its quality. They agree that it is really worth the money. One buyer comments that this lightweight tool is powerful enough to do jobs designed for larger saws. Another purchaser adds that it is easy to handle and adjust the depth of the cut.


The only complaint comes from one buyer who says that the blades don’t last very long when used for cutting certain materials.

How To Use the Dremel Mini Circular Saw


  • Good quality
  • Worth the money
  • Powerful
  • Easy to handle and adjust the depth
  • 3-in-1 tool (surface preparation applications)


  • Blades not lasting very long when cutting through certain materials

What Are Buyers Saying?

The Worx Mini

The first compact circular so we examined is manufactured by Worx. This imported option is advertised as a means of easily sawing through 2 x 4's in a single motion, weighing half as much as your standard circular saw.

It features a depth gauge lever as well as bevel settings that are adjustable 0 to 45°, enabling operators to perform swift adjustments. When it ships, you'll receive a box that includes a parallel guide, a vacuum adapter, an Allen key, a carbide-tipped blade and the miniature electric saw itself.

The blade it ships with is a general cutting blade- a 24 tooth 4 1/2-inch option. It doesn't work with 220 V outlets- it is manufactured for a 120 V hook up cord, which is not able to plug into a 220 or 240 V outlet.

  • One buyer purchased it to work on three-quarter inch plywood fencing- he told us that it eight through the wood with ease performing clean cuts with minuscule amounts of tear out.
  • One reviewer endorsed the quality and the price of this unit, saying that it could be a useful portable and lightweight option for professionals as well as DIY types.
  • One contractor says that the vacuum port is an especially convenient feature that helps minimize messiness indoors, capturing a lot of the sawdust that is emitted from cutting.
  • A female user endorses this mini circular saw and as a good option for women, and for individuals with smaller hands, as well.
  • A home repair enthusiast and told us they employed it to cut 1 inch granite- it worked well for that task, though after several passes it was prone to overheating, so they had to rest it every so often.

The Rockwell Ultra-Compact

The second circular saw we examined was the ultracompact Rockwell Versacut. This 4 amp option includes a laser indicator as advertised as an especially dynamic and powerful option for a cutting a variety of materials including flooring, sheet metal, wood, tile and plastics.

As well, it was constructed with a putting metal guard to make plunge cuts easier to accomplish with a dust extraction mechanism to ensure the cutline isn't clouded over with dust when you are performing important cuts. Indeed, the manufacturers indicate that it has a variety of different uses, an inspection of the users manual says that it even works for aluminum, slate and ceramic tiles.

One of the primary benefits, it is advertised, is that this miniature circular saw is a lightweight and well-balanced alternative to bulkier circular saws to perform precise cuts in tight areas that larger options just can't accomplish.

A rear motor construction means that it's balanced better, an ergonomic consideration that can decrease the hand fatigue operators often feel, with a lock off switch that helps to ensure it against accidental starts. Inside, when you receive it after purchase, you'll discover a diamond blade for ceramic tile and cement board cutting, a plastic base plate cover, a vacuum adapter, a parallel guide and a carrying bag.

  • One user and wondered whether this compact circular so I would work with hardwoods like Brazilian Cherry, Maple or Acacia, was told by a variety of reviewers that it has worked well for hardwoods. Doing the task exceptionally well on oak flooring, bamboo flooring, though you should always be a bit more judicious and careful on tougher materials.
  • One professional carpenter we interviewed told us that it is a well-made, specialty, power hand tool, comfortable in his larger than average sized hands, easy to control with a useful laser guide.
  • One mild criticism a reviewer offered is that the spring-loaded footplate requires you to push down a bit too hard in order to expose your saw blade to perform a cut- a thoughtful safety feature, but a little bit inconvenient.
  • As well, this carpenter told us that it really is incapable of performing bevel cuts.

The Dremel Electric Miniature

The third quarter compact circular saw toolkit we examined is manufactured by Dremel. This 7.5 amp option is advertised as a three in one tool, providing surface preparation abilities for materials like paint and rust. The manufacturers promote its metal foot guard that is better able to resist heat produced by heavier duty sawing jobs like cutting metal.

  • One reviewer said that it is a 110 V option capable of cutting and working with drywall, and while powerful enough to cut through 2 x 4's it doesn't have the sufficient depth to do so.
  • A powerful, corded hand-held saw, users write that they've used it to cut plastic, wood, and metal, with some reviewers even purchasing a refurbished option that cost significantly less than brand-new models.
  • Another freelance electrician said that the small circular saw is easily handled, conveniently adjust for depth, though the dust extraction was not as strong as he would have liked.
  • One buyer doing a home rehab told us he used it to perform flush cut sawing on laminate flooring- saying it was useful for doing those type jobs, though the blades' durability was somewhat disappointing.

The VonHaus Mini

mined is manufactured by VonHaus. This 4.5 amp, 500 W option includes an integrated straight cut guide and ships with a carry case. It's adjustable cutting depth goes to 1.06 inches and is powered by a 6'6" long power cord.

The manufacturer describes its handheld circular saw as an ergonomic option designed to reduce operator fatigue during strenuous performance, lightweight enough so that you can use it with one hand. It's indicated to be used cutting materials like tile, plasterboard, metal, wood, stone and ceramic- an ideal component of a homeowner's domestic toolbox.

  • One reviewer endorses its ability to cut through plexiglass- though you should be careful to select the right blade to perform the cut effectively.
  • Another reviewer says that if you are thinking about cutting through stone, you want to use a diamond cut blade which is useful for working with porcelain, ceramic, cement and concrete, though it won't work for tougher stone materials like granite.
  • Another contractor interested in finishing up a crown molding project in his family room was advised that the cross cut guide will enable you to cut the crown molding from different angles, though there is some limitation with regards to the size of the moulding and wood.
  • One reviewer was troubled by the difficulty of getting it working- saying that you have to unlock it with your index finger, squeeze it with your other fingers, and then you'll have to slide your thumb forward to unlock the blade cover release.
  • Other buyers were somewhat disappointed at the small blade size and at the depth of its cut indicator- in his experience whenever the blade cover reaches its end it keeps going, even though there is no added pressure.
  • A woodworker told us that it is a quiet and powerful option but is ergonomic and well built, perhaps use for for home woodworkers, but it was not effective for plunge cuts and working with half inch pine, perhaps best used as a small paneling saw.

The Genesis Mini

The last mini circular saw we examined was the Genesis model- it features a tungsten carbide blade with a 5.8 amp motor that provides 3,500 rpm. It features an integrated dust port and vacuum adapter and the manufacturer conveniently indicates which model blades will serve as replacement options.

  • One buyer who has used it extensively was satisfied with his performance- saying that it is truly a lightweight and strong option.
  • Another carpenter praises the ergonomic grip, saying that it is rubberized and fits his average-sized hands easily, conveniently enabling one-handed use for performing smooth and efficient cuts.
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