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How To Make DIY Rubber Mulch

rubber mulch

Almost all tires can be recycled, including those from passenger cars, trucks, and commercial trailers. So you can imagine that the amount of these tires that cannot be fixed because they are badly worn or irreparably damaged is a huge amount. So there’s a ton of these tires available to upcycle into rubber mulch.

Pro Tip: One way to make your own DIY rubber mulch is to use a homemade tire shredder. Tire shredders are great options for when someone needs to get rid of their old tires. Just make sure your tire shredder is in good condition before using it so you don’t injure yourself.

By using a tire shredder, you can get rid of your tire and have it recycled into a garden product, or perhaps something for a children’s play area. 


Tire recycling

First of all, the rubber recycling process involves the collection of these discarded tires. Tires left in landfills or burned are bad for the environment, so the best way is to recycle this abundance of rubber. A lot of new markets have recently opened up to put this rubber to good use, one of which is the tire mulch industry. Recycling rubber tires not only helps the environment but also helps the economy, as people must use them in the rubber recycling process.

Make rubber mulch usable

To make tire mulch, the rubber in the tires must be turned into a granular material, removing all the steel and other fibers. The whole process is called heat treatment. Tires must be shredded and then go through a heat treatment process, which means that the rubber does not lose its desirable properties in terms of elasticity and insulation, essential components of tire mulch used in playgrounds, gardening, and equine surfaces.

The substance is obtained after removing impurities from the rubber threads. It is superior in many respects to other mulches. Natural mulches such as leaves, tree bark, sawdust, etc. They tend to break down and form an impenetrable layer of decaying material under the top layer of soil, preventing water and food from reaching plant roots.

But this used rubber product does not break down easily and prevents the growth of weeds and pests where they spread. Also, it does not allow moisture and nutrients to be lost under the top layer of the soil.

Rubber mulch processing

tire recycling

Rubber must be treated with heat, chemicals, and softening agents to maintain these elastic and insulating properties so that tire mulch can be used for its intended purpose. It takes time and experience to do this correctly.

Rubber mulch has seen quality improvements in recent years. Now there is also an abundance of colored mulch, best suited for gardens and landscaping. Mulches of different colors add to the charm of parks and gardens and make them more attractive.

Why do we use rubber mulch?

This is a great way to recycle a common waste product, which is left in its current state and is very harmful to the environment. So make sure if you have discarded tires, you can take them to a recycling facility. After all, there are a limited number of tires that you can turn into a swing or “cool” places to grow flowers.

It is safe

Rubber mulch will not harm your plants in any way or shape. It looks good and comes in a variety of colors, so it can be more adventurous than non-rubber mulch users, sticking to its faded brown edges.

Rubber mulch will withstand the harshest weather and keep your garden looking good year-round, so don’t use organic chemicals, use recycled rubber mulch. Mulch is also an excellent product for your gardens. It doesn’t attract insects, so it keeps your yard clean and safe for your kids to play with. Mulched surfaces are easy to clean and require less maintenance. Mulch is completely safe and does not allow weeds to grow in it.

Another good thing- since rubber mulch smothers weeds, so you won’t ever need an expensive weed-killing tool like a weed burner

Other applications

Pitch mulch is another form of rubber mulch. The material has greatly reduced the number of stadium-related injuries because it acts as a cushion. It is also gaining acceptance on the racetrack due to the stability it provides for horses in motion.

Its excellent absorption and support qualities, durability, and resistance to natural elements such as wind, rain, and heat have made it a favorite of many horse farm owners and riders. The army has also started to make extensive use of rubber mulch in training areas due to the cushioning effect it provides.

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