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How to Make A DIY Fruit Picker


Every farmer cherishes the fruit harvesting season. It is because there are so many peaches, pears, and apples we can pick during this season.

However, picking these fruits can be a problem because we can’t reach the branches. Therefore, we need a fruit picker to harvest our fruits easily.

Nonetheless, a fruit picker can be a costly investment for most fruit farmers. Fortunately, though, you can make your fruit picker to help you harvest your fruits. Below are tips on creating a DIY fruit picker.


How To Make A Homemade Fruit Picker

Get a plastic bottle

Pick a plastic bottle that fits the size of the fruits you want to harvest. If you are harvesting apples, for instance, try getting a 2-liter bottle. On the other hand, a 500-ml water bottle can be great if you are picking small-sized fruits such as plums. Remember to cut the bottle in the middle to give enough space for your hand so that you can pick your fruits conveniently.

Make the cut

Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the bottle. If you aren’t good at using scissors, you can try using a sharp knife. Make a slit at the one side of the bottle you are using to make your fruit picker. You can also heat the blade to make it easier for you to cut the bottle.

A Dremel tool could be another excellent cutting option. This tool is handy in making your fruit picker if you have speed control to prevent the extra thin plastic bottle from melting while cutting.

Make sure you have a circular hole in the side of the bottle and make a V-shaped cut to the middle of the bottle. Ensure the cut leaves a gap between your fingers and the bottle. It will help give you a grip when you finally grab onto the fruits.

Make the handle

You have cut the bottle in readiness to make your fruit picker. It is now time to make the handle for your fruit picker so that you can conveniently reach the fruits you want to pick. The length of the handle should be determined by the height of the trees you wish to pick your fruits.

Insert the handle into the mouth of your bottle. Use a closet rod or a long dowel rod to make the handle of your fruit picker. Alternatively, you could use a long, straight tree branch to make a good handle for your fruit picker.

Make the end of the tree branch to make it easy for it to fit into the bottle. You can do that on a sander. Use a wood rasp to make it easy and fast to make the handle. You can use a power tool to accomplish the job even faster.

Complete making your fruit picker

After cutting the bottle and inserting a handle, you now need to complete your fruit picker by drilling a hole through the bottle’s neck and into the handle. Next, insert a pan head to hold the bottle firmly so that the fruit picker won’t end up hanging on the tree as you harvest your fruit. You won’t harvest your fruits effectively if the fruit picker keeps on hanging on the trees.

Start harvesting your fruits

picking fruit

After making your fruit picker, you can finally start harvesting your fruits. Lift the fruit picker into the trees, begin harvesting the fruits from the lowest hanging fruits, and then proceed to fruits on the higher branches of the trees.

Pro Tip: Keep your garden pest and predator-free to protect your fruits- install a predator deterrent light! If you want more fruit to harvest, plant some more trees with a post hole digger.

Working As A Fruit Picker?

Now that you have your own tool, maybe you want to work as a fruit picker? Unemployment rates are high and fruit picker jobs are a good way to make money.

Fruit picking is a skill that many people aren’t aware of, but it is a skill in high demand. If you want to earn some extra money, why not consider becoming a fruit picker. It is easy and a great way to make some extra cash. Working as a fruit picker can be a fun and easy way to earn an income.

Fruit picking is growing in popularity so there’s likely to be a lot of opportunity for those with the right skills. Skills like patience, focus and seasonal availability. If you want to become a fruit picker then there are companies who are willing to find you a job. You can Google around or contact some local farms to see what work they have available. 


Nothing pleases a fruit owner than seeing their fruits ripe and ready for harvest. With your DIY fruit picker, you can quickly harvest your fruits without having to climb the trees. Consider making this DIY fruit picker to make it easier for you to harvest your fruits. It will help make your work easier and enjoyable.

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