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The 5 Best Windshield Wipers [Reviewed]

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are specialized devices that are designed to remove unwanted substances from the windshield of a vehicle (Source).

Windshield wipers remove things like rain, snow, and other debris that may obscure the driver’s view (Source).

They come in a variety of sizes for different vehicles, and are typically made from a metal frame along with a rubber blade (Source).

Oftentimes, you'll be purchasing generic replacement blades once the ones that came with your car wear out. You'll want to know the size of the blade you need before you make a purchase- the blades below range in length from 18" all the way up to 26". 


Windshield Wipers Compared

How They Compare

When shopping for a windshield wiper replacement, it’s vital to make sure that the windshield wipers size you need is available in the windshield wipers you prefer. Each different windshield wiper is available in similar but slightly different ranges of size. Always check the windshield wiper size you need before making a purchase.

The ANCO windshield wipers come in sizes ranging from 10 inches to 28 inches, while the Aero as well as the Bosch windshield wipers size range starts at 13 inches and also goes up to 28 inches.

Michelin’s windshield wipers go from 16 inches up to 28 inches, and the Rain X windshield wipers size range is 12 inches to 28 inches. Each brand of windshield wipers utilizes a different form of technology or design to help ensure good contact with the glass of the windshield and therefore give the best and cleanest wipe possible.

The Bosch windshield wipers feature exclusive tension spring arcing technology to achieve this. It also has an asymmetric spoiler that is flexible and distributes downward force equally across the windshield wiper blades.

The Rain X windshield wipers have several different press points across the windshield wiper blades to ensure good contact all across the windshield wiper blades. It also has a galvanized steel frame to prevent rust.

ANCO’s windshield wipers feature a high-performance polymer as well as a vented bridge to guarantee great fit and good functionality.

Michelin’s independent suspension design and Smart Flex technology give it the ability to flex well with the curve of the windshield and have strong contact all along the windshield wiper blades. Finally, Aero’s specially blended rubber allows for an especially smooth wipe that is completely chatter-free.

How to Install Windshield Wiper Replacements

  1. Start by determining the windshield wiper size you need and purchase appropriate windshield wipers.
  2. Uninstall your old windshield wipers, taking care to not do any damage to your windshield.
  3. Install your new windshield wipers according to the specific instructions from your windshield wiper manufacturer.
  4. Do a test run on your windshield wipers before you need to really use them.

Best Windshield Wipers For 2023



Ease of Use

The Bosch Wiper Blade is a solid option if you are looking for wiper blades that provide good visibility in all weather conditions. Users like the efficiency of this wiper blade, but some do complain about inconsistent performance.

This product features a dual rubber which resists heat and ozone deterioration and it is proven to last up to 40% longer than other premium wiper blade. It is easy to install with original equipment-quality hook adapter.This item seems like a good choice if you want windshield wipers that provide superior wiping performance even under extreme weather conditions.

The general user consensus concerning the Bosch 26’’ Wiper Blade is that it is long-lasting, effective and easy to install. Users agree that these are very quiet wipers which leave perfect visibility after each wipe.

However,some buyers complain about the streaks they leave on the windshield. As one purchaser says, the wiper doesn’t completely clear the windshield of water in the middle section of the wiper blade, but leaves about a 2-inch section of water. One dissatisfied user states that their performance is not consistent with manufacturer’s claim of quality.

Installing Bosch Icon Wipers


  • Long-lasting
  • Effective
  • Easy to install
  • Very quiet
  • Perfect visibility after each wipe


  • Some buyers complain about the streaks they leave on the windshield
  • One user states their performance is not consistent with manufacturer's claim of quality



Ease of Use

The Rain-X Weather beater Wiper Blade is a solid option for drivers looking for wipe quality, durability and a great value. Users like the price-value ratio of this wiper, but do complain about its quality and durability.

This product features a galvanized steel frame which prevents rust and corrosion while providing strength and durability. Other features include a natural rubber squeegee which resists cracking, splitting and tearing caused by heat, cold, windshield wiper fluid and salt.This item could be a solid choice if you want a windshield wiper which provides a smooth, clean, and streak-free wipe.

In general, users have a favorable opinion of the Rain-X 22’’ Windshield Wiper.They agree that is a perfect fit, great for the rear window, as well as easy and quick to install. Users conclude that this is a good value for the money.

However, some buyers complain about its durability. One buyer says it holds up poorly in bad weather. Another one complains about the squeaking noise it makes, adding that it doesn’t clear the windshield of rain all the way.

Installing The Rain-X Weatherbeater Wipers


  • Perfect fit
  • Perfect for the rear window
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Good value for the price


  • Some buyers complain about the durability
  • One buyer says it holds up poorly in bad weather
  • Complaints regarding the squeaking noise it makes
  • Frequent complaint – doesn't clear the windshield of rain all the way



Ease of Use

If you are looking for a windshield wiper of the major brand names quality and durability, but at a fraction of the cost, you might want to consider this one offered by Aero. Users love the efficacy of this item, but do complain about its durability.

This product is made of a durable material which offers longer performance life over other conventional wiper blades.Its aerodynamic design significantly reduces drag, noise and wind lift. These all-season soft wiper blades might be a solid choice if you want the ultimate smooth, clean, chatter-free wipe that will prevent snow and ice buildup.

In general, users have a favorable opinion of the Aero All-Season Frameless Windshield Wiper Blades and they agree that they provide premium quality windshield cleaning at bargain basement pricing. They add that the wipers are also very quiet.

However,some purchasers complain about the wipers not wiping well (they leave streaks on the windshield). Several users state that they lasted only a couple of months.

Installing The Aero Replacement Wiper Blades


  • Good value for the price
  • Very quiet


  • Some purchasers complain about them leaving streaks on the windshield
  • Several users state they don’t last long



Ease of Use

The Michelin Hybrid Windshield Blade is a solid option if you are looking for a windshield wiper that allows long-lasting wiper performance in harsh weather. Users love the performance and durability of this product, but do complain about the noise and the lack of a matching adapter.

This product features an independent suspension which adjusts to the windshield shape for strong contact from end to end of the wiper blade. Its sleek aerodynamic cover keeps the blade from clogging with debris, ice and snow. This item could be a solid choice if you are looking for windshield wipers which have been engineered to fight the harshest weather conditions.

In general, buyers are pleased with the Michelin Windshield Wiper. They appreciate its outstanding performance, durability and effectiveness. Users add that it is fairly easy to install and very sleek.

However, some buyers complain about the loud squeaking noise it makes. A frequent complaint regards the lack of the required adapter.

Installing The Michelin Stealth Wiper Blades


  • Outstanding performance and durability
  • Effective
  • Fairly easy to install
  • Very sleek


  • Some buyers complain about the loud squeaking noise
  • Frequent complaint – no required adapter



Ease of Use

If you are looking for top-rated windshield wipers, you might want to consider the Bosch 21B Wiper Blade.Users love the quality of these wiper blades, but some wouldn’t recommend them for snow and ice.

This product features exclusive tension spring arcing technology which creates a fit that’s custom-contoured to the curvature of the passenger side. Its flexible asymmetric spoiler distributes uniform downward force along the entire blade which is great because it holds it firmly to the windshield at higher speeds.If you are looking for bracket less wiper blades,this might be a good option.

In general, users are happy with the Bosch 21’’ Windshield Wiper. They like that it is quiet and easy to install. Users conclude that it is durable and a great fit.

However, some buyers complain about it leaving streaks on the windshield. Several purchasers state that ice sticks to it.               

Installing The Bosch Icon Wiper Blades


  • Quiet
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Fits great


  • Some buyers complain about it leaving streaks on the windshield
  • Purchasers don’t recommend it for snow and ice

How Do Wipers Work?

The way that a windshield wiper works is with a metal arm that on one end has a rubber wiper blade and on the other end pivots back and forth.

The rubber windshield wiper blades form a seal against the glass of the windshield, and then the pivoting motion drags the windshield wiper blades back and forth across the windshield wiping away water and any other debris that obscures the driver’s view through the windshield.

Windshield wiper buyers urge others to be sure about the windshield wiper size they need when shopping for a windshield wipers replacement. Other windshield wiper reviews give the advice to be extra careful during installation.

Most buyers agreed that installation was simple and easy but that you need to be very sure to make sure the windshield wipers are installed securely to make sure that they don’t come off during use. A couple of windshield wiper buyers said putting a towel over your windshield during installation will help avoid possible damage to your windshield.


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