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The 5 Best Virgin Killing Sweaters | Pics & DIY Options

In this post, we ranked 5 of the best-selling virgin killing sweaters. These revealing, Japanese sweaters are really risque- check out our list below!

What Are They?

Are you looking to wear the latest fashion craze that can drive virgins wild? If yes, perhaps the virgin-killing sweater should be your best bet.

Since its inception, this jumper has become a favorite of Japanese women attending fashion shoots and other shows.

Brought to the market earlier in 2017, the virgin-killing sweater has taken Japan and the rest of the world by storm with a new fashion trend that was considered to be so heavily alluring that it could kill virgins at the first sight (Source).

The so-called piece immediately sold out when it was made available for purchase in the country, and it wasn’t long before everybody – from common women to busty idols, started flaunting their curves in the revealing design of virgin-killing sweaters.


Comparing The Options

Bestseller No. 1
YOMORIO Anime Cosplay Virgin Killer Sweater Sexy Backless Turtleneck Pullover Sweater Dress for Women (Grey)
  • Material: the sweater made of acrylic which is stretchy and comfortable material
  • Size: one size, bust: 36 collar neck:7 length:31, for size XS, S, M
SaleBestseller No. 2
Lucky2Buy Women's Sexy Backless Turtleneck Anime Cosplay Virgin Killer Sweater One-Piece Bikini Knit Tank Top Vest
  • Bust Hollow Out Sweater: One-piece sweater hollow out the top to makes your wearing more sexy.
  • Size Information: fits for XS - L petite ladies or girls; Bust: 90 - 92cm and length at 58cm.
Bestseller No. 3
Unibaby Women's Backless Hollow Out Anime Cosplay Virgin Killer Sweater One-Piece Knit Turtleneck Pullover Vest
  • Bust Hollow Out Sweater: virgin killer cosplay One-piece sweater hollow out the top to makes your wearing more sexy.
  • Size Information: fits for XS - L petite ladies or girls; Bust: 90 - 92cm and length at 58cm.Free Size: this sexy virgin-killer sweater can fits for the lady weighs below 137 lbs, you needn't worry about this sweater be too exposure, more exposure, more cute and sexy you will be.
SaleBestseller No. 4
YOMORIO Womens Anime Virgin Killer Sweater Japanese Turtleneck Knitted Underwear Backless Pullover (Grey-2)
  • Material: the sweater made of acrylic which is stretchy and comfortable material
  • Size: one size, bust: 36 collar neck:7 length:31, for size XS, S, M
Bestseller No. 5
Olens Japan Style Turtleneck Sleeveless Open Back Sweater Anime Cosplay Sweater, Black, One Size
  • The virgin killer cosplay sweater looks very different from most sweaters and adds some modern details to this sweater, perfect for casual outfit and every day wear. It is a romantic present for you or your loved one!
  • Bust: 90cm -92CM / 30inch - 36.2inch; Length: 64cm / 25.2inch .One size fits XS-L petite women,ladies,teens,juniors and girls.you needn't worry about this sweater be too exposure, more exposure, more cute and sexy you will be.

Buying Guide

  1. Too Much? First of all, the virgin-killing sweater is enormously open on the sides as well as at the back and offers a good peak of side boobs and the top edge of the buttocks of the wearer. Actually, the name of the product implies that it would become extremely difficult to stay calm after seeing somebody in front of you wearing this piece, especially if she happens to be the viewer’s wife or girlfriend.
  2. Indoor Or Outdoor? As the product is not to make the wearer feel warm and rather put a lot of cleavage on show to excite and titillate onlookers, it’ll take a lot of courage to wear it outdoors, especially when the temperature takes a serious dip. So, it is recommended to wear virgin-killing sweater indoors, probably in a party to turn heads your way, or in front of your partner to excite him and enjoy his appreciative glances. But when you wear a piece in public, be prepared not to be surprised if you find everybody checking you out.
  3. Confident Enough? So, if you aren’t afraid of showing off more skin than usual, there are some online stores that sell virgin-killing sweater these days. Pick one in your preferred color and design, which is within your budget as well, to flaunt your cleavage in style. Remember that you may have to wait for some days to receive your product as it often gets out of stock due to a huge demand.

The Look


The Background

The virgin-killing sweater is an eccentric fashion trend that started when Jun Amaki (a 21-year old gravure idol from Japan) published some of her daring pictures wearing the highly revealing piece (Source).

The product, which is a halter neck sweater that comes with a large open back, was given the label of doutei wo korosu (sweater that kills virgins), which stands for the possibility of virgin men “dying” out of excitement when they see women wearing the virgin-killing sweater.

Despite its high collar and adequate front coverage that doesn’t make it possible to put cleavage on display, the virgin-killing sweater is enormously open on the sides as well as at the back. Thus, it promises to put plenty of side-boob on display and cheeky wearers may even give onlookers a peek at their buttocks’ top edge.

In the true sense, the virgin-killing sweater shouldn’t be called a “sweater” as it puts a lot of cleavage on display. A skimpy jumper is a more fitting way to describe it.

Virgin-killing sweater gained international fame when Jun Amaki posted some pictures on her Instagram account wearing it.

Her titillating pictures showing off the product went viral soon and triggered the creation of anime cartoons wearing the same all over the web. Today, the virgin-killing sweater trend is being followed by lots of Japanese females who want to look like Jun Amaki, attract gazes, and be the center of attention.

Virgin-Killing Sweater Buying Options

Though the extremely skimpy jumper first found popularity in the anime-loving nation of Japan, it has since been loved and admired all around the world.

Though this product was popularized by a woman with an anime body (Amaki), others too can wear it to up their style and sexiness quotient.

You can buy it from several online marketplaces and stores, where various versions of this sweater are sold.

Etsy Options

ProductEtsy Review Score# Of Etsy Reviews
Virgin killer customizable
Virgin Killer Sweater - Just Joyce4 out of 5 stars(27)
2" Virgin Killer Sweater Charms [YOI]5 out of 5 stars(29)
Diane (Nanatusu no Taizai) - Virgin Killer Sweater Photoset
Dva in the vks 11x17 poster print .... signed by Vivid Vivka5 out of 5 stars(1,138)
Lewd Virgin Killer Sweater Pin-Up Girl 3.5-Inch Sticker5 out of 5 stars(71)
Dva in the vks 11x17 poster print .... signed by Vivid Vivka5 out of 5 stars(1,134)
Art Print | A6 | Set of 2 | Akidearest & Earth chan | Anime postcards | 10,5 x 14,8 cm | 4,13 x 5,83 in | Din A65 out of 5 stars(43)
Virgin Killer Sweater Diane, Digital Set5 out of 5 stars(2)
Callie and Marie Splatoon Virgin Killer sweater Cosplay Print 8X10
Grey Open Back Sweatshirt - Ribbon Lace Up Back Pullover - Grey Corset Sweater with Kitty Patch - Size Small5 out of 5 stars(24)
Fujiko Mine Virgin Killer Sweater Original Ink/Marker Drawing (OOAK)5 out of 5 stars(21)
Postcard virgin killer Sweater5 out of 5 stars(10)
Poster virgin Killer Sweater5 out of 5 stars(10)
Virgin killer sweater for smartdoll, SD bjd girl5 out of 5 stars(180)
Mousepad Virgin Killer Sweater5 out of 5 stars(10)
Classic Reeboks and Virgin killer sweater Girl 9" x 12" Colored Pencil Drawing(OOAK)5 out of 5 stars(21)

While some offer the product in just one-size, other may offer size variations (including the plus size) to make it accessible to anyone wanting to possess a piece, irrespective of her body shape.

In case you have size variations to take your pick from, make sure to measure yourself to order the product with the right length, bust and collar size.

Some common and popular colors that this sweater is available across these online shops and marketplaces are gray, white, black and purple.

You may even get it in baby blue and red at a few select online stores.

Virgin-Killing Sweater Do-it-yourself

If you find it an uphill task to purchase a virgin-killing sweater, you can take the DIY route as well. Instead of waiting endlessly to order your sweater and then feeling disappointed, you can get one created faster by doing it on your own without much of an effort using online patterns.

The steps are quite straightforward and doable even if you have zero sewing skills. Just remember to keep some leeway as you are likely to go through some trial-and-error phases before you get the accurate cutting points. Watch this video tutorial to learn more about the DIY process.

Virgin-Killing Sweater Cosplay

Revealing clothes that are stylish similar to the virgin-killing sweater often hit the news headlines every now and then. But what made virgin-killing sweater extremely popular was the implication of its design being so scandalous that it was touted to fry the brain of lonely, sex-starved males. But if you thought the sweater was just for girls and women, think again.

Cosplayer Yomimate gave a new definition to the sweater and showed how even comely male cosplayers and models can have fun and look stylish by putting on the sexy little number and posing in front of the camera. Yomimate is a very muscular guy and is popular for cosplaying buff characters such as Tarzan, Kars from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and more sweaty warriors.

With his photos wearing the virgin-skilling sweater, Yomimate not only made the cosplay community sit and take note of how the sexy sweater could be a useful attire but even helped people across the world see an already popular fashion trend in a completely new way.

It’s interesting to note that in June 2016, Noraneko – a Japanese cosplayer, tweeted a picture wearing an open back sweater, which was nicknamed “Sukebe Knit” (meaning Erotic Knit). The sweater was quite similar to the virgin-skilling sweater, but the name failed to get much attention then. However, amateur illustrators were quick to spot an exciting opportunity and posted dozens of illustrations on Twitter and Pixiv (Japanese artists’ online community).

A link between virgin-killing sweater and cosplay can be found in its origin. Pixiv Encyclopedia says @Magane4989 gave the nickname “Virgin-Killing Sweater” to the product in a tweet made on January 25, 2017. Images of halter neck sweaters in black and blue were showcased in the tweet. These sweaters were from the otaku costume shop Seventy-Three on Taobao – a Chinese online shopping website.

Virgin-Killing Sweater Meme

In 2015, much before the virgin-killing sweater became a rage, “clothes that kill virgins” have been made widely popular online.

Featuring form-fitting women’s apparel, which usually included high-waisted skirts, these clothes inspired hundreds of memes along with illustrations, parodies, and photos that found their way on Twitter, Pixiv, and Nico Nico Seiga (which is Japanese illustrators community).

The memes and other images as well illustrations were driven by the basic context behind these clothes that believed them to be handy in intensely arousing and fascinating male otakus (men who were obsessed with anime and manga). Thus, in a way, the world of meme was already ready once the virgin-killing sweaters started their onslaught.

The online reaction to the sexy, revealing sweater was huge as lots of memes and illustrations were uploaded on Twitter, Nico Nico Seiga, and Pixiv.

Several of these memes and artworks were even reblogged on Tumblr afterward. While some virgin-skilling sweater memes were downright funny –from someone finding it easy to poop and a bee sporting it, some others had an angry tone – like the one where a person is protecting a sister from wearing what’s called the ‘filthy’ attire. A few even dressed famous cartoon characters (like the PowerPuff Girls) as well as some popular manga and anime characters (for instance, Nico Robin) in the little, revealing sweater. What this wide variety of memes and illustrations prove is that no matter whether you love or hate the virgin-killing sweater, there’s no way you can ignore it.

Even though the sweater has been slammed by many saying it won’t help in getting shy men excited or willing to speak to women with an aim of creating fruitful relationships or getting started on the family path, they haven’t been able to create much of a dent in its popularity. And it’s this trend that gets reflected in the burgeoning world of virgin-killing sweater memes.

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