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The 5 Best UNice Hair Bundles | Human Hair Wigs

If you’re looking for real, virgin human hair- one of the best-known providers is UNIce.

They market themselves as “one of the industries supplying leader in virgin real human hair” for UNice “hair bundles, Remy hair extensions, Human hair wigs, Brazilian hair bundles, lace frontal & hair closure” (Source).

Blonde Example

Their Instagram showcases a bunch of different styles, including this blonde look:


Most women love to experiment with their hair. From leaving it open to resorting to various hairstyles to using hair extensions, there are various ways to present yourself in different looks.

Yet, there’s a limit on such experimentation as you can’t change the natural color or type of your hair.

So, what do you do when you are blessed with straight hair but would die to have curls every now and then but not use hair curlers? Well, you now have an answer in UNice hair.

Since the company is one of the leading names in the industry to supply virgin real human hair, you can rest assured of getting quality products that would help you to step out in a completely different and yet, stylish avatar.

And in case you are losing hair at an alarming rate for no apparent reason (blame it on your genes!), UNice hair wigs and extensions can come to your rescue for sure!


Comparing Them

Bestseller No. 1
Unice Hair 22 20 18 inches Brazilian Body Wave Virgin Hair 3 Bundles, 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Wavy Human Hair Weave Extensions, Natural Black Color for African Americans Women 300g
  • 1.Material:100% human hair bundles 12 a high quality, cut from one young donor directly. Soft, healthy, and shiny. Can be syed and bleached restyled as you want.
  • 2. Hair Quality: Body wave Human Hair bundles strong double weft, No Shedding. No tangle. Soft and Silky. Thick and no split end. Hold curls well.Can be Bleached, Dyed, Heat, Style the Hair Weave as You Want.
Bestseller No. 2
UNICE Bye Bye Knots Glueless Wig Body Wave 7x5 Pre Cut Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Bleached Knots Balayage Black Blonde Highlights Put on and Go Human Hair Wig Pre Plucked 150% Density 20 inch
  • 1.Glueless wig Human Hair Material: UNICE Glueless bye bye knots Wig 100% virgin human hair, collect from young girl donors. No shedding no tangle can be restyled.
  • 2. Upgrade invisible knots Glueless Wig:Bye bye knots glueless wig body wave Pre-bleached Clean and Invisible Knots more natural than tiny lace. Say Goodbye to Poorly Designed Unnatural Wig.
Bestseller No. 3
UNICE Pre Everything Glueless Frontal Wig Body Wave 13X4 HD Pre Cut Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Pre Bleached Invisible Bye Bye Knots Wig Pre Plucked 150% Density 16inch
  • 1.Glueless Lace Front wig Human Hair material: UNICE First Ever Pre Everything Glueless Frontal Wig upgrade 13X4 hd lace front wig 100% virgin human hair, collect from young girl donors. No shedding no tangle can be restyled .
  • 2. Glueless Lace Front Wig Features: UNICE Glueless Frontal Wig Body Wave pre cut 13X4 hd lace glueless wig human hair pre plucked natural hairline 30 seconds to wear, quick and easy, no skills needed, beginner friendly. Pre Bleached Invisible Bye Bye Knots Wig that you don’t have to bleach them.
Bestseller No. 4
UNICE Bye Bye Knots Glueless Wig Pre Plucked Pre Cut Water Wave 7x5 Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Wet and Wavy Put on and Go Glueless Human Hair Wig 150% Density 18 inch
  • 1.Human Hair Wig Material:glueless wigs human hair pre plucked pre cut 100% 12A Premium Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair, Collect from Young Girl Donors. Easy to dye and bleached. No Shedding and Tangle Free.
  • 2. Upgrade invisible knots Glueless Wig:Human hair wig Pre bleached clean invisible knots more natural than tiny lace. Say Goodbye to Poorly Designed Unnatural Wig.
Bestseller No. 5
Unice Hair Malaysian Curly hair 3 Bundles 100% Unprocessed Human Remy Hair Weft Extensions Natural Color (16 18 20inch)
186 Reviews
Unice Hair Malaysian Curly hair 3 Bundles 100% Unprocessed Human Remy Hair Weft Extensions Natural Color (16 18 20inch)
  • 1. Premium Human hair material: Select High quality human hair material. Bouncy, soft and comfortable. Double Machine Weft, High elasticity, Tight & Neat, No Shedding, healthy hair very soft&Shiny, No Tangle,No Lices. Can be Straightened
  • 2.The Best Bundles to make wigs: None chemical, no tangle and shedding, soft and full end without split

Buying Guide

  • What Type? UNice hair is available in various types (Peruvian, Brazilian, Indian, and Malaysian), styles/textures (curly, body wave, straight, deep wave, natural etc.), colors (ombre, blond, light/dark etc), and hair bundles (1,3, 4 and many more). You may even buy UNice hair extensions on the basis of type (clip in, tape in etc.), weight, and hair color. In
  • Wigs? case you’re in the mood of experimenting with your looks every few days, you may even play your own stylist and shop for wigs based on the specific type of look you want to sport.
  • Budget: Your budget is another factor that would play a decisive role in your decision to buy. If you’re on a tight budget or would like to test the product before splurging on it, you should look for promotional offers like combo or group deals, products on sale or discount etc. In case you have already bought a UNice product and like it, you may even make a video of it and share with the company to get a coupon code for your next purchase.
  • Buyer Feedback: If you still need a reason to buy UNice hair, what these past customers have to say could help you make a decision:

Buyer Feedback

Black Hair Example

Another pic from their Instagram shows off a lustrous head of black hair.



As you can see, UNice is a combination of U and Nice. So, it’s obvious that the brand focuses on you and the natural look that you want your hair to sport.

This was the core philosophy of UNice when the brand concept was in its development phase.

The core message the brand wanted to portray was the ultimate pursuit of natural beauty and you – the customer. This was the story behind the birth of UNice, which you can call is a natural extension of U (you). During the development phase, years of R&D was invested apart from consultation with global hair experts and sources.

The aim was to get the system and everything else in place that would facilitate the development of 100% virgin human hair.

And thanks to all the effort and the research that went into it, UNice was accepted worldwide with a lot of enthusiasm by the customers. Perhaps the best thing about UNice is the extensive variety that’s available to take your pick from.

What’s more, you can even dye or sport various hairstyles with your chosen UNice bundles, hair weaves, and hair extensions.

You may take some style tips from this video:

Styling Tips

If you have always hated hair wigs and extensions because they feel itchy or don’t suit your hair texture, UNice will surely wow you. You should simply give the brand a try to see for yourself how comfortable and natural it feels.

And once you have used it, you can then vouch for the company’s claim of offering 100% virgin human hair that’s a natural extension of you (or U – as the company says)!

UNice Hair vs. Beauty Forever Hair

Bestseller No. 1
Beauty Forever Indian Body Wave Hair 3 Bundles Hair Extensions 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair Weaves Natural Color 95-100g/pc (16 18 20)
  • Hair Material:100% Human Hair, Grade 8A Indian Body Wave Hair
  • Hair Color: Natural color, can be dyed as your own hair.

Every year, hundreds and thousands of remy human hair brands are making an appearance in the market, thus making the customers’ choice tougher. But before proceeding further, perhaps you would want to know what remy human hair refers to.

To answer, it stands for the finest quality of human hair since the cuticles aren’t stripped (like in non-remy hair extensions) and are kept intact instead. Thanks to preserving the hairs’ cuticles and arranging them in a unidirectional fashion, remy human hair extensions are completely natural in their appearance.

Now, when searching for the best quality remy human hair, customers often wonder which brand of hair they should choose – UNice or Beauty Forever. Though both the companies started their journey in 1999, UNice set up its official store earlier than its competitor. It also has a stronger brand presence on various platforms, which indicate that UNice is more popular.

Since virgin hair is made by hand (and not machine), controlling its quality is difficult. Still, a review of the final product to ensure the customers get to enjoy high-quality hair extensions, wigs, weaves, and other accessories is what sets UNice a notch apart.

Complemented by a friendly and fast customer service desk and tools to educate the customers (such as videos, articles etc.), UNice seems to trudge ahead of Beauty Forever.

UNice Hair vs. Nadula Hair

Bestseller No. 1
Nadula Bye Bye Knots Glueless Pre Everyting Wig Balayage Brown Body Wave 7x5 Pre Cut HD Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Ready to Go Highlight Ombre Wig 150% Density 16inch
1,156 Reviews
Nadula Bye Bye Knots Glueless Pre Everyting Wig Balayage Brown Body Wave 7x5 Pre Cut HD Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Ready to Go Highlight Ombre Wig 150% Density 16inch
  • Balayage Brown Bye Bye Knots Wig:Nadula Glueless Highlight Balayage Ombre Pre Everything Pre Cut Lace 7x5 HD Body Wave Lace Front WigPre Plucked/Bleached/Styled/,Really Glueless Ready to Go,100% Brazilian Human Hair was cut from One Donor,Can Be Dyed ,Permed, Bleached, Highlighted, Straighten or Styled As Your Own Hair.
  • Real Ready to Go Glueless Wigs:FB30 Balayage Brown Ombre Bye Bye Knot 7X5 Body Wave Invisible Knots Pre Plucked,Easy And Zero Skill Installed, Upgraded C Shaped Ear Tab,More Comfortable Wear.

Nadula is another competitor of UNice and in several aspects including quality of hair, it stacks up against UNice. Yet, UNice seems to enjoy a slight edge over its competitor. Perhaps this has to do with the transparency of the company and its total commitment to its customers.

You can see here how your UNice hair bundles or weaves are fashioned from the donor’s hair”

From cleaning the hair to weaving it to testing it for tangling and shedding, and washing the weft repeatedly, you’ll get to see all that goes into the making of UNice hair.

No wonder it breeds trust in customers as they can see how every small aspect is taken care of, thus indicating the company’s seriousness to bring quality products into the hands of its customers.

And such small yet impactful acts are what make UNice a brand to reckon with.

UNice Hair Wigs – How To Take Care Of Them

If you are new to using 100% virgin human hair wig, you should know that keeping it clean is really important.

It doesn’t matter whether you wear your UNice hair wig occasionally or every day. You just can’t ignore caring for it if you want the product to last long. And taking care doesn’t mean simply washing it.

There are certain steps to follow – from preparing and washing to conditioning, drying, and styling.

To know details of how to do all these steps correctly, you can read this article.


If you go online and check user reviews of different brands that offer hair wigs, extensions, weaves etc, you’ll always find some who love the product and some others who’re critical of it or simply loathe it.

When you check UNice hair reviews to find whether it’s good to use or not, you’ll come across a heated, ongoing discussion on the topic. Yet, on average, the user reviews of UNice are positive. And the reasons for praising the brand are varied.

While some say they find it helpful to get beautiful, natural-looking hair at affordable rates that they can style according to their wish, other say the products make them look beautiful naturally, thus giving them a major confidence boost.

Even users who are simply bored with their looks and want to give themselves a makeover have praised UNice hair for they make the transformation pretty easy-breezy. In case your decision hinges on UNice hair reviews, you should definitely give it a try as several customers have given its range of products an overwhelming “thumbs up”!

Summing Up

Instead of offering a blanket product that may not suit different skin types or hair textures and styles, UNice gives its customers a wide range of choices as mentioned earlier.

And you can get an extensive range of styles, weaves, textures, bundles, and colors to take your pick from. As if that wasn’t enough, UNice even teaches you styling tips.

From ways to take advantage of Brazilian lock patterns and additions to sporting a fashionable and sexy look with your hair waves and extensions, to selecting and caring for your hair products, the brand teaches it all to you for free.

In case your locks have got damaged or lost their sheen due to excessive and continuous coloring, you may even learn how you can experiment with your looks by using UNice hair to modify the overall tone of your locks.

Whether you are a fashionista who likes to sport the latest hair trends, or simply a beginner ready to change your look in an instant, you can learn useful tips and how-to’s from UNice. No wonder why the brand and its products made of 100% virgin human hair has become synonymous with natural beauty.

So, if you want to channel your inner beauty through your hair but would need some help to sport a lustrous, wavy, beautiful mane, UNice is right there to take you all the way through.

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