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The 5 Best Home Exercise Mini Steppers [Ranked]

Twister Stepper Trainers

Twister steppers, or mini stair climbers, are compact and dynamic fitness devices for your home. In a nutshell, they are highly portable elliptical machines that provide resistance training (Source).

The twisting movements are able to tone the buttocks and thighs while at the same time stimulating a powerful cardiovascular workout (Source).

Featuring adjustable resistance, exercise bands to also work the arms, back, shoulders, and sturdy construction, these twister fitness devices are a convenient and portable solution if you're looking for a high-quality cardiovascular workout in your home.

Bestseller No. 1
Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper - NO. 045
  • 【LOW-IMPACT】The Smart Twist Stair Stepper low-impact workout experience, allowing users to tailor intensity levels, engage in effective cardio, target leg muscles, incorporate interval training.

One buyer said that they've lost a tremendous amount of weight using the stepper, dropping several pant sizes.

Their routine consists of ~2,000 steps every other day. They enjoy putting on some music and quickly jogging it out. ​

That said- there is a 250 lb. weight limit.

One buyer says that if it becomes squeaky over time, apply some WD-40.

It's certainly not the highest-quality (and most expensive) option, but it packs plenty of bang for your buck.

*The Xiser Mini Stairmaster is a professional-grade option if you're looking for a higher-grade stepper.

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Comparing Them

Twister Stepper Reviews

1. The Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper

If you are looking for a tested home fitness device that is portable and affordable, this stepper is worth trying. It is versatile and compact and is ideal for resistance training.

It also allows for twist actions that help in toning the thighs and buttocks without putting unbearable stress on the joints. Among its features include exercise bands, oversized slip-resistant footplates and LCD display that shows the step count, calories burned and time.

Users can also adjust the intensity of the resistance depending on your needs. Moreover, it can handle a person weighing 250 pounds or less.

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2. The Stamina In-Motion Mini Elliptical Trainer

This compact and lightweight elliptical trainer is one of the more popular options we’ve examined. 

It is designed for a low-impact workout that burns about the same number of calories as jogging but without the risk of injury on the hips, knees and back. This foot pedal can easily fit under a desk, allowing you to exercise while working.

It has a sturdy construction with non-slip pedals. It is also fitted with an electronic monitor for tracking your strides, calories burned and exercise time. This machine is not recommended for people suffering from impairment issues as its lack of handlebars will require a steady posture.

3. The Gold’s Gym Mini Stepper

The Gold’s Gym twister stepper is designed to provide low impact workouts that target your buttocks, thighs, calves, and hips.

Equipped with electronic monitoring, you’ll be able to precisely track your steps, and burned calories, and time.

Because it’s so compact, users say it’s a breeze to tuck under the bed or store in a close. It also has a 250-pound weight capacity.

However, one buyer we spoke with, who is over 6’2″ and weighs more than 250 lbs, told us that he keeps it beneath his office desk at work.

It keeps him from becoming too sedentary and he applauds the electronic dial readout for providing precise exercise metrics.

Tone your lower body at home using this highly regarded mini-stepper. It is an especially compact and easy to use mini-stepper.

It targets the thighs, calves, hips and buttocks. It is also good for burning excess fats. For easy monitoring of your performance, it comes with an electronic monitor for tracking your steps per minute and per workout. It also displays the time and calories you burned.

However, this stepper is not for everyone as it has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

4. The Giantex Air Stair Stepper Exercise Machine

This sturdy piece of exercise equipment features solid steel construction and ensures strengthened muscles from a quality cardio workout.

Users who weigh 220 pounds or less can safely use it for toning their bodies and for an overall workout. It features 2 ABS pedals and 2 pulling bands.

It also features a digital display that measures the steps made, time, and calories burned.

One good thing about it is that it is suitable for all ages especially for people who have no time to go to the gym. However, a few users cautioned buyers that it has plastic pedals that may go off.

5. The Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar

Improve your overall fitness with the help of this twist stepper. It is fitted with a twist stepper, handlebar and a multi-function LCD monitor that displays the time and calories burned.

The height is also adjustable and the bar works for balance. It is durable and heavy-duty with strong steel construction.

Moreover, the footplates that come with it is non-slip, keeping you safe during exercise. Its overall dimensions in inches are 19 x 17 x 48 for length, width and height, respectively. It weighs about 28 pounds.

Common features

  • LCD fitness display monitors,
  • small physical footprint,
  • sturdy construction,
  • skid resistant grips,
  • tough-grip foot pedals,
  • many feature adjustable resistance,
  • exercise bands.

Watch a twister stepper in action

What are customers saying about twister steppers?

Pros and Cons of Twister Steppers
  • Many users report using their Fitbits with their twister steppers. It is able to accurately count the number of their steps.
  • Some users were concerned about using a Twister Stepper with bad knees, saying that ellipticals and stationary bikes hurt them. It seems that the majority of users who have knee problems cannot painlessly use these exercisers.
  • Some skeptical commentators have wondered whether you can actually get a good workout or rehab exercise from one of these devices. One user who had back surgery and needed a form of homebound exercise commented that he was able to burn 300 and more calories in around 45 minutes using a twister stepper.
  • Another user writes of using their stepper for 30 minutes a day and having beautiful and strong legs as a result. She cautions not to let the small stature of the device fool you- it is actually quite powerful and effective.
  • Some users describe lubricating the device after extended use just to keep it operating at peak condition. You can purchase some WD-40 if you want to make sure your twister stepper lasts for the long-term.
  • The Sunny Health twister stepper, along with many of the other steppers we reviewed, feature LCD displays that are onboard computers displaying burn calories, repetition count and time.
  • Regarding the possibilities of weight-loss– one user writes of having lost 6 pounds, gone down 2 dress sizes, and having lost her back pain while gaining a more toned body.
  • In terms of their durability, one user wrote of their Sunny Health and Fitness Twister Stepper that they have used it in the workplace five days a week for 6 months and it has only required a small amount of WD-40 maintenance to keep it running smoothly.
  • In the event that something breaks on the device, it’s often more expensive to replace the part and to just purchase a new one. Before you buy a new twister stepper, check to see if your broken equipment is still under warranty.
  • Some users wondered whether they could use their stepper under a work desk, but they were told that it doesn’t work that way. You need to be standing up- so if you’re able to stand while in your cubicle or office then you could use it in that way.
  • If you use your stepper for over 15 minutes at a time, be careful when you move it afterwards because the pistons have a tendency to overheat.
  • Users are also broadly satisfied with how easy it was to assemble– claiming that it took around three minutes to attach the bands and configure the device for use.
  • Regarding the total body workout claim, most users wrote, it is not hyperbole: if you use enough resistance and also use the resistance bands at the same time while you are stepping, you will truly elevate your heart rate and the intensity of the cardiovascular exercise (Source: FitnessGuide101).
  • An additional benefit many users didn’t recognize until they started stepping, is that because of the balance required to use the stepper you actually get a good core workout as well.
  • One of the primary benefits of these exercise units is their small footprint. They can easily be talked under a bed or stored in a shallow closet.
  • One of the more controversial aspects of these devices is that you were taking very small steps, which were some can take getting used to before getting into the swing of things.
  • Users who persevered and became acclimated to the smaller stride, were happy that they had seen it through because they eventually fell in love with the cardiovascular workouts these punchy little exercisers provide.

Summing Up

If you are looking for a quality home exercise unit, consider purchasing a twister stepper. Read our twister stepper reviews and do some more in-depth research on their Amazon product pages to discover which one is the best for you. They promise a strong cardiovascular workout, a small footprint and a low cost- and if you are lucky you can find one that includes free shipping!

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