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The 5 Best Truck Bed Tents [Ranked]

Truck bed tents provide a shelter for you and one other adult to sleep when out camping in your pickup (Source).

The primary advantage compared to traditional camping is that truck canopy camping gets you off the ground and they can be easier to erect when the camping ground is difficult to insert stakes into (Source).

Buyers advise that you practice assembling these tents a couple times before taking them into the wild- they can be a little tricky, especially if you don't have an extra set of hands (Source).

Since they strap down to truck beds, there is some adjustability regarding fit- so even if the tent you select isn't perfect sized, you can modify it a bit.

You'll also want to purchase some cushioning- we recently examined some truck bed inflatable air mattresses, though some buyers just slide a futon in.

How They Compare

The Kodiak truck bed tent is made out of canvas- some buyers prefer the ruggedness and structural durability of canvas as opposed to lighter fabric materials (Source).

The Rightline Gear tent has the most sizing options- you can check out their sizing guide to ensure you purchase the appropriate configuration for your vehicle.

Some extra amenities buyers liked- the Kodiak has a lamp hook on its interior, while the Napier has some netting at the top that campers used to place iPads for movie screening.

The Rightline and the Kodiak are both floorless designs- the other tents have sewn-in floors. A floorless tent means you won't have to remove all the truck bed clutter before bedding down.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Rightline Gear Full-Size Standard Truck 2 Person Bed Tent for Camping & Hiking, 6.5 Feet
  • Camping Tent For Truck Bed: This tailgate tent keeps you dry and allows you to sleep comfortably off the ground inside your vehicle; Perfect for weekend warriors and seasoned professionals, this pickup truck tent turns any spot into a cozy campsite

This truck bed tent has a floorless design, includes rugged straps and nylon buckles designed to protect your vehicle's finish.

The poles and pole pockets are color coded for simplified assembly. It's made from a water-resistant fabric to protect against leaks- and can sleep 2 adults.

One Ford Supercrew owner told us that it was easy to assemble, looks attractive, and provides unexpected interior spaciousness. Interior pockets were a plus.

Rightline Video Overview

 He did tell us that it's easier to erect with an extra set of hands, but manageable on your own, once you get the hang of it.

A solid buy- enabling you to camp wherever you've driven your truck. 


Truck Bed Tents Compared

Best Truck Bed Tents For 2024



Ease of Use

This truck bed tent offered by Right line Gear is a solid option if you are looking for a full-size standard truck bed.Users like the practicality of this truck tent, but some do complain about not the greatest quality.

This product’s floor less design allows for a set-up without removing gear from the bed. It features protective heavy-duty straps and nylon buckles. The tent is made of water-resistant fabric with tape sealed seams. It has color coded poles and pole pockets for quick and easy set-up. This item seems like a solid choice if you want to camp in a dry truck bed, up off the ground.

The general user consensus concerning the Right line Gear full-size truck tent is that it is well designed and easy to set up. They state that there is plenty of room for two adults to sleep in, as well as that the shelter absolutely keeps the rain out.

However, some buyers complain about the quality of the materials. They complain mostly about the stitching, seams and zippers. One dissatisfied buyer says that the tent doesn’t do well in the heavy wind.

Installing The Rightline


  • Well designed
  • Easy to set up
  • Roomy
  • The shelter keeps the rain out


  • Some buyers complain about the quality of the materials
  • One dissatisfied buyer says the tent doesn’t do well in the heavy wind



Ease of Use

This 6-by-6-foot truck bed offered by Guide Gear is a good option if you are looking for a compact truck tent. Users love the functionality of this product, but many do complain about vague instructions.

This product features a top-notch construction, mesh windows for excellent ventilation, sewn-in polyethylene flooring, water-resistant coating and large interior area with 4.75′ of headroom. It is lightweight and easy to set up with 4 total poles. The item comes with full rain fly to keep you totally dry. This compact truck bed might be a good choice for those who want a comfortable shelter that gets them up off the ground in minutes.

In general, users have a favorable opinion of the Guide Gear compact truck bed.What they praise is that it fits various trucks very well, has plenty of room and that it is good for rainy and windy weather.

However, many buyers complain about the confusing set-up instructions (or in some cases the lack of it). Several dissatisfied users share that the tent poles broke after only a few times of use.

Installing The Guide Gear


  • Fits very well
  • Plenty of room
  • Good for rainy and windy weather


  • Many buyers complain about the confusing set-up instructions
  • Several complaints regarding the tent poles breaking after only a few times of use



Ease of Use

This truck bed offered by Guide Gear is a good option for those who need a full-size truck tent.Users love the functionality of this truck bed, but some do complain about the instructions.

This product deploys in minutes in pickup beds, providing a fast and comfortable shelter. It features a large interior area with 5.25′ of headroom, water-resistant coating, sewn-in polyethylene flooring, large D-shaped door, mesh windows for ventilation and 2 storage pockets. If you want to experience camping off the ground in a fully enclosed tent that will keep you totally dry,this truck bed might be a good option.

In general, users have a positive opinion of the Guide Gear full-size truck tent and they agree that it fits well and is easy to set it up and take it down. As they say, it holds up well in the rain.

However,some purchasers complain about the vague instructions. Others have complaints regarding the poor ventilation.

Setting Up The Guide Gear


  • Sets up quickly, easy to take down
  • Fits well
  • Holds up well in the rain


  • Some purchasers complain about the unclear instructions
  • Some buyers say it doesn’t breathe well



Ease of Use

If you are looking for a top-rated truck tent, you might want to consider this one offered by Napier Enterprises. Users love being off the ground by using this tent, but some complain about the quality.

This product features a roomy 5’5″ interior, sewn-in floor, 4 large windows and full rainfly. Its portable design assembles easily. This truck bed could be a good choice if you’re looking to use your vehicle’s cargo area for sleeping comfortably off the ground.

In general, buyers have a very positive opinion of the Napier Enterprises Backroadz Truck Tent. They state that it is easy to set up and fits the truck great. Most of them agree that it is great for rainy weather.

However,some buyers complain about the lack of set-up instructions. Others complain about the quality, namely the straps, poles and pole sleeves that broke/ripped soon after the purchase.

Setting Up The Napier


  • Fits great
  • Easy to set up
  • Great for rain


  • Some buyers complain about the lack of instructions
  • Complaints regarding the straps, poles and pole sleeves breaking/ripping



Ease of Use

If you are looking for a good-quality truck bed, you might want to consider this product offered by Kodiak Canvas. Users love its quality and functionality, but some do complain about vague instructions.

This product is made with hydra-shield, 100% cotton duck canvas that is durable, watertight and breathable. Its five windows provide excellent ventilation and openness. If you are looking for a sturdy, steel tube framed truck tent, this might be a good option.

In general, users are happy with the Kodiak Canvas truck bed tent. What they like in particular is that it is well-constructed, well-made and very spacious. All in all, they agree that it is an excellent tent regarding the strength and durability.As they say, the good quality, great fit and waterproof features make it a great buy.

However, some purchasers have complaints regarding the vague instructions. Plus, some share that it takes a little practice to set it up solo.

Setting Up The Kodiak


  • Well-constructed
  • Very spacious
  • Strong and durable
  • Good quality
  • Great fit
  • Waterproof


  • Some purchasers complain about the vague instructions
  • Some buyers say it takes practice to set it up solo

What Are Buyers Saying?

Rightline Gear

If you are interested in truck camping, you will likely want to invest in a truck bed mattress as well as a truck bed tent to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

The first truck bed tent we examined is provided by Rightline Gear- it comes in a variety of sizes for trucks with a 6-foot bed, an 8-foot bed, a 5-foot tall bed, and sizes for full-size trucks, as well.

What are buyers saying

This is a floorless design, which means that you won't have to remove a ton of camping accessories from the back of your pickup truck before bedding down for the night. All of these tents are designed to accommodate two adults.

As opposed to setting up a traditional campsite, Rightline Gear says that this style of the truck bed camping keeps you off of the ground, plus it's a lot simpler to set up without having to use stakes and tarps. You'll want to consult with the truck sizing guide located on the product page to ensure you purchase the correct model tent for the year, model and make of your vehicle.

  • Buyers were on the whole impressed by this option- reviewers say that it remained stable even when in high-velocity wind areas.
  • Other reviewers said that it took under 15 minutes to assemble and disassemble.
  • Another reviewer who took it on a family road trip said that the entire family was caught in an epic rainstorm but that his truck bed tent kept them completely dry, without condensation being an issue either, in the morning.
  • Another reviewer who purchased it for his Ford F1 50 super crew said that it was an attractive and easy to erect option with conveniently located pockets- a value buy that was, as well, capable of being assembled by a single person.
  • Examining their truck bed air mattress sizing guide, it evidently accommodates a range of different trucks including the Nissan Titan, the Toyota Tundra, the Dodge Ram, the Chevy Silverado, the Chevy Colorado, the Ford Ranger, the GMC Canyon, the Nissan Frontier, the Toyota Tacoma, the Ford F1 50, Ford F2 50, and Ford F3 50.

Guide Gear Compact

The second truck bed tent we examined it is provided by Guide Gear- they say that it fits truck beds 72 inches to 74 inches that are 63" x 74".

  • Buyers were impressed by the ventilation- saying that even in hot weather sleeping wasn't too uncomfortable because of the breezy airflow that kept them cool.
  • Another reviewer said that it took upwards of 10 minutes to assemble, was easy to insert back into the carrying bag, though buyers recommend you may want to invest in some comfortable cushioning so that the ridges of your truck bed don't pain you overnight.
  • Other buyers say that because of the stretch straps you can adapt it to different size truck beds.
  • As well, reviewers have used a variety of different cushioning strategies to make sleeping more comfortable, including the use of a futon.
  • Other reviewers say that it is a relatively low-priced option that takes some know how to assemble the first time but overall adapts to different sized truck beds.

Guide Gear Full Size

The third truck tent we examined was another Guide Gear- it's marketed as a convenient camping and sheltering option for on the go drivers and campers.

  • Buyers advise that you assemble it on the ground and then to insert it into the truck bed.
  • The advantage to this style of camping set up, some outdoor enthusiasts observed, is that it gets you off the ground and away from pooled water, and it's easier to set up, especially when the ground is too tough to drive stakes into.
  • One buyer found that it was a little bit too big for his truck bed, but with a little bit of adjusting found that it could be resized to comfortably accommodate the size of his particular vehicle.


The fourth truck bed tent we examined his manufactured by Napier- it comes in different sizes including 5 foot, 6 foot, 8 foot, and more. It features 4 windows, a rain fly, strong ventilation and a storm flap.

  • One camper advises that you practice assembling this before taking it out into the real world- this ensures that when the rubber hits the road and everyone's tired from a long journey that you won't encounter any unexpected assembly surprises.
  • Indeed, buyers who were on road trips encountered temperatures that were both cold and hot tells us that it was comfortable to use, it never leaked, and because of the netting at the top inside of the tent they were able to use it to hold digital devices and screen movies for themselves.
  • Buyers also employed a small step so that children and the elderly were able to enter into the back of the truck bed as needed.
  • Another handy feature that most of these truck tents share is that the straps that hold it to the truck bed are padded so they don't scratch the paint.
  • Another traveler was impressed at the height of it, saying that it was about 7 feet tall, providing ample spaciousness inside for two adults to somewhat comfortably spend the night together.
  • Other campers recommend purchasing a camp light to illuminate its interior- this extra amenity is a logical purchase if you are spending any length of time out of doors camping.


The last option we examined was the Kodiak canvas truck bed tent- it comes in different sizes.

  • Again, buyers were relatively impressed- one reviewer says that canvas constructed sleeping tents are generally more durable and structurally sound.
  • In terms of assembly, buyers recommend practicing a couple times to get the hang of it and say that having another pair of hands can help.
  • Another reviewer tells us that whenever they travel with this truck bed tent they find spectators are ogling it and taking pictures- so they're often forced to give tours and demonstrations.
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