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The 5 Best TOGAF Certification Courses [Ranked]

In this post, we examined 5 of the most popular online TOGAF training courses. 

TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) is an enterprise architecture methodology that is used to improve efficiency among businesses and organizations.

A Udemy TOGAF course helps users to learn how to best implement this architecture (Source).


How does it work?

With Udemy, people wanting to learn about a subject can pay a fee for each subject, and then learn about that subject at their leisure. These classes are all online and feature pre-recorded lessons from an instructor and materials that can be downloaded.

It's important to note- these Udemy classes provide 'certificates of completion', not an actual certification. You can read more about TOGAF certification requirements from the Open Group. It's best to view these Udemy tutorials as supplemental training tools to help you reach TOGAF accreditation.

Comparing The Options

How Do They Compare

In this section, we deep dive into these Udemy TOGAF courses and their respective features.

  • The first program is called: Prepare & Crack TOGAF Enterprise Architect Exam from Scratch. This course will help you prepare for the TOGAF 9 certification Part 1 in only 11 days. This course is designed to give you a thorough understanding of this enterprise framework as well as the role and functions of enterprise software. People who took this program said that overall the content was good, some felt there could have been more examples given by the instructor.

  • The next program is the Certification Practice Tests. This course includes practice tests for the TOGAF 9 certification and is designed to get you up to speed quickly. What this course boasts is that it is the only one on Udemy that offers users practice tests that are very similar to the final certification exam you’ll take, which makes it ideal for test prep.

  • The Part 2 Certified Enterprise Architect training course is designed to help users pass the TOGAF 9.1 part 2 exam. With this course, the student will be able to identify and eliminate incorrect answers, which almost guarantees they will pass the test. It also helps you to know how to apply certain aspects of TOGAF to your work. Most users who rated this course highly said the instructor was experienced and the information allows one to become certified if they’re willing to put in the work.

  • The next program is the 9.1 Foundation Level 1 course that claims you can pass the test on your first try. With this course, you will learn the essential features of the open group architecture framework 9.1, and you will gain the knowledge needed to pass the level 1 certification exam. Users said the layouts, visuals, and explanations offered by the instructor were clear, direct, and easy to understand (Source).

  • Last up is the Part 1 Foundation Enterprise Architect Certification Training course. Through this course, you will learn TOGAF 9.1 ADM method for enterprise architecture as well as the basic core concepts for this. Also, by taking this course, students will be able to pass the TOGAF 9 foundations certification exam. The instructor for this course is a certified Azure and AWS architect.

Since TOGAF is a vital component of business and enterprise architecture, these training courses will help you learn how simplify technical processes and master the the ins and outs of enterprise architecture (Source).

Best Togaf Courses For 2024

Part 1 Foundation Enterprise Architect Certification Trng

Software architecture certification with TOGAF® 9 Part 1 exam, to become TOGAF Foundation.





Ease Of Use

This TOGAF Certification class is an excellent choice for developers or architects who want to prepare for the certification exam. Created by Scott Duffy, a software architect, students say that they love that the lectures are comprehensive, but some do note that they would have liked if the topics are explored further.

This course will prepare you to sit the TOGAF 9.1 Foundation exam, including how to book it and what you can expect. The lecturer also dives into all topics covered in the test, so that you’ll get to understand the basic and core concepts of the framework in addition to the Architecture Development Method and its phases.

As a whole, the students have a high opinion of this course, and they highly recommend it as one of the most comprehensive TOGAF certification class. A pupil comments that he is impressed by the way the instructor presents the material in simple, yet concise manner.

He adds that he passed Level 1 thanks to the course and that he will be signing up more lessons soon. Another reviewer mentions that the topics are well-organized and that he likes the practical examples.

However, a few pupils have noted that the lecturer sounds dull and bored and that they expected more regarding presentation. Some also complain that real-life example in each phase would have been a nice touch.

Meet The Instructor


  • ​Well-organized
  • Comprehensive
  • Give insights into the exam
  • A well-prepared lecturer


  • ​No real life examples
  • Some topics might be better covered

TOGAF 9.1 Foundation – Level 1 Pass on Your First Try

The course examines the essential features of The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) 9.1 framework. TOGAF, an Open Group standard, is a proven enterprise architecture methodology and framework used by the world’s leading organizations. By taken this course you will gain the knowledge needed to prepare for and achieve TOGAF 9.1 Level 1 certification, known as TOGAF 9.1 Foundation.





Ease Of Use

This TOGAF certification course, created by Maher Dahdour, is described as efficient, well-organized, and suitable for business architects, integration architects, or IT project managers.

Students love the rich content, but some do note that the instructor’s pronunciation is terrible. The Open Group Architecture Framework is used by leading companies and understanding its core concepts will give you an advantage. The course strives to explain the essential features of the framework and prepare you for TOGAF 9.1 Level 1. It consists of over 60 lectures and a practice test to check your progress.

A pupil mentions shares that he has been working as a software architect and that the lessons proved to be very useful in his job.

He adds that the instructor seems knowledgeable and that his layouts and visuals a clear and well-made. Another student comments that the puzzle is challenging and that the practice test was extremely helpful during his preparations.

A reviewer also remarks that the lessons are interesting and that it’s easy to follow the thoughts of the instructor. He adds that you can always contact the lecturer if you have questions. However, a couple of pupils have noted that the material is presented boringly and that the Indian accent makes it hard to understand some parts.


  • ​Detailed
  • Well-organized
  • A practice test
  • A puzzle
  • A responsive lecturer


  • ​The instructor has an Indian accent
  • Complaints about the presentation

Part 2 Certified Enterprise Architect Certification Training

Software architecture certification with TOGAF 9® Part 2 exam, to become TOGAF Certified.





Ease Of Use

If you’ve passed the first level of the Open Group Architect Framework test, you might find this certification level 2 course by Scott Duffy to be an excellent way to continue your education.

Students love the sample questions, but some do note that the presentation slides are too boring. The part 2 certification course aims to show you the advanced features of the frameworks and give you information about the level 2 exam – how to book it and what to expect.

What’s great is that the lecturer shares his experience with the test and covers all requirements and topics. You’ll also learn about the key components of ADM and how to customize TRM and III-RM.

A student comments that the lectures will give you the techniques and the tools you require to pass the examination, but warns that you’ll have to do some reading on your own. He adds that the lecturer gives plenty of explanations and won’t disappoint you. Another enrolled user mentions that the topics are well-structured and cover almost everything you need to know. A student also remarks that he quite liked the lectures and that he passed his examination with no issues.

However, a couple of pupils have noted that the lecturer just reads from the slides and that it would be more interesting if there are pictures and diagrams to illustrate his points. Some also complain that it doesn’t cover all the necessary topics for the exam.


  • ​Sample questions
  • Supplemented materials
  • Comprehensive
  • Well-organized
  • Good tips


  • ​Boring according to few users
  • Doesn’t cover all topics

TOGAF 9® Foundation (OG0-091) Certification : Practice Tests

Want to get more visibility from recruiters and hiring managers? Take this course and increase your changes to p ass the “TOGAF 9 Foundation” certification exam:OG0-091 , and start promoting YOURSELF, Now.





Ease Of Use

For people who want to test their knowledge of the Open Group Architecture Framework, these practice tests by Certify You are an excellent choice. Students love the quality of the questionnaire, but some do note that the exam questions are slightly different.

The TOGAF practice course features three tests with 120 questions picked up from the certification exam with a time limit to simulate what you’re going up against. The answers are 100% verified, and the questionnaire gets updated to stay up to date with the format of the examination. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the tests, you can ask for a refund in 30 days.

In general, students have a high opinion of these certification practice exams, and they highly recommend it to anyone who is going to take the official one. A reviewer comments that he passed with no issues after he reviewed the questions in the course and that they have a similar structure and format to the ones in the examination. He adds that class is very useful and that he would gladly enroll in other courses by the same lecture.

Another pupil mentions that he got an excellent score on the real test and that he recommends it.


  • ​Practical
  • Well-made
  • Contains three tests
  • Gets updates


  • ​None

Prepare & Crack TOGAF Enterprise Architect Exam From Scratch

Welcome to the Best Selling TOGAF® Part 1 certification exam preparation course on Udemy. Iam a TOGAF certified Enterprise Architect and have scored above 90% in TOGAF foundation part 1 examination, Thus I believe I will be able to help you in the best way in preparing for TOGAF foundation examination.





Ease Of Use

This TOGAF enterprise architect class is well-organized, full of details, and easy to understand. Created by Kishore Sethumadhavan, students say that they love the simple instructions, but some do note that they would have liked more examples.

The lessons aim to teach you all the necessary basics of the framework and prepare you for the examination in just eleven days. What’s more, you’ll grasp complicated concepts like ADM, Architecture Governance, building blocks, and improve your development abilities.

In addition to this, the course will give you a clear understanding of the role and functions of the Enterprise/ Software Architect. The great thing is that all the slides are available for download and you have 150 practice questions to check your progress. It’s not suitable for people unfamiliar with the framework.

A student shares that the lecturer explains all the terms and concepts simply and shortly and that it’s perfect if you’re doing a review before the examination. He adds that the topics are adequately covered and that he highly recommends it as one of the best online TOGAF classes. Another enrolled user states that the full practice exam is well-prepared and that it’s useful and well-explained.

A pupil also comments that the lectures are connected excellently and that the instructor gives plenty of examples to illustrate his points. However, students have noted that the lecturer has a heavy accent and it might be hard to understand him sometimes.


  • ​Comprehensive
  • Well-organized
  • Includes a practice test
  • Material available for download


  • ​Lecturer has an accent
  • Not enough example according to reviewers

TOGAF Certification: How to Acquire It and Is It Worth It?

The open group architecture framework is a framework used by enterprises for software development that enables businesses to improve on designing, planning, implementation and monitoring of their IT architectures.

TOGAF’s first version was developed in 1995 based on TAFIM (Technical Architectural Framework for Information). Initially, it was managed by the Department of Defence but later adopted by the Open Group Institute. Since its adoption, the Open Group Architecture Forum has managed to successively produce new versions of TOGAF every year with the latest version being version 9.1 as of 2018.

These latest editions can be found at the Open Group’s official website for use by the interested parties.

For many years now, TOGAF has been used by many companies for software development. It mainly comprises of specific methodologies and a collection of essential supporting tools to simplify the implementation of enterprise architectural systems. The Open Group Architecture Framework is designed to be flexible enough to meet the system requirements of most businesses.

As an IT professional, you will find TOGAF certification to be more valuable compared to other typical college degrees. This certification is now perceived as an indispensable qualification that shows you have a proper understanding of the computer basics in almost every branch of computing.

But do not settle at just passing the certification exam. Yes, the certification will get a job interview, but without the practical application of TOGAF skills, you will just be like any other college graduate with no job experience.

How to acquire the certification?

In order to be awarded the certification, you need to undergo a standard TOGAF exam which comprises two levels. For foundation level one, you will sit for a multi-choice exam that will be used to gauge your level of understanding when it comes to basic concepts and principles of TOGAF.

Unlike level-one exams, Level two exams are more scenario-based. You, therefore, need to have mastered TOGAF fully for you to pass the exam. You can decide to complete the two exams differently or combine them. If you fail any of the tests, you will have a chance to retake it after 30 days. You are however limited to a maximum of 3 attempts in a year.

For those who wish to register training courses, you are advised to register with Open Group’s certified training course providers. Once you are done with the training, you can decide to take the exams at the accredited training centers or an Open Group Examination provider’s test center.

How is the certification valued on the job market?

Being TOGAF certified gives you a “Visible trademark” whereby your employers are assured of your abilities in demonstrating your in-depth knowledge and application of TOGAF. As of April 2018, there are over 77,500 certifications, and still, the enterprise market demands more and more of these professionals.

Most of them get employed as IT managers, business architects, technology architects, application architects or data architects among others. So if it’s a matter of whether it’s worth it- then yes, this certification can be a worthwhile achievement to pursue for your career.

However, remember that the certification is only valid for two years after which you will be required to renew.

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