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The Drive Medical Supreme 3-Wheeled Rollator



Ease of Use

The Drive Medical Supreme Rollator is an aluminum walking assistance device that comes with a striking tan plaid carry pouch. It features three, instead of the typical four, wheels. Its dimensions are 24 x 26.5 x 38 inches and it weighs an incredibly light 12 pounds.

The handle height adjusts between 31" and 38". While incredibly light, it does not come with a seat- though it is incredibly narrow which means that it is exceptional for use in public places.

Features include:

  • loop lock brakes
  • strong aluminum casting construction
  • soft-grip 7.5 inch tires designed for indoor/outdoor use
  • a weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • an extremely lightweight option at only 12 lbs
  • deep and attractive storage compartment

This is perhaps Drive Medical's premier three-wheel option. Let's examine some of its best features. It's highly attractive design has its users receiving frequent compliments on its appearance. It also arrives nearly pre-assembled, only requiring that the handlebars be slid in and tightened with the adjusting knobs.

​Drive Supreme Rollator Video Overview

What we don't like

Three-wheel rollators lack a seat- something that individuals who need to rest while walking usually require.

It is not as stable as a typical four-wheel rollator. For complete stability purposes- it makes sense to go with a traditional four wheel rollator.

If inordinate pressure is placed on one side of the rollator, it has a tendency to tilt towards that side.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Very nimble and lightweight
  • 300 lb weight capacity


  • Lacks a seat
  • Not as stable as 4 wheel options

What are Drive Supreme Users Saying

One user writes of having transitioned from a four wheel roller to this three wheel option because of medical conditions that made it too difficult for him to lift the device in and out of his car.

While he still kept his old four-wheel rollator, he decided to keep this new 3-wheel option inside of his car where it was a convenient on-the-go mobility aid that he could lift without any trouble. While this user enjoyed and was satisfied with his purchase, he did note that if a user was particularly debilitated, or moderately to severely impaired, that they should purchase a four-wheel rollator for the added stability and the seat rest.

Another user writes of purchasing this lightweight walking assistance device at her local medical supply store and overpaying for it by more than twice the price on Amazon. Despite having paid more than perhaps she should have, she has enjoyed its use to help her ambulate and deal with some minor back pain and balance issues. She writes that she is able to use her walker in a fully open position, or she can squeeze it down so that it can narrowly now fit in tighter spaces like small supermarket aisles and other sharp corners.

How to safely use a rollator

This is where this walking assistance device really shines- it can navigate tight spaces much more effectively than a four-wheel rolling walker. She also particularly likes the Storage compartment- describing it as deep with handy snaps to keep its contents secure. Overall, she reports that it is a quality and lightweight option that is still sturdy enough for her purposes. Yet another user writes of their experience using this particular rolling walker and made particular mention of how attractive it looks.

While most traditional walkers look clinical and medical, making the user feel somewhat stigmatized by their handicap, this three-wheel walking aid made her feel happy and energetic, attracting compliments from people in her town. While she really loves this walker, she did have some initial difficulties getting it assembled and set up.

She mentioned that she did not receive the quality of support that she was hoping for from Drive Medical, writing that she was put on hold for over 15 minutes when she tried to contact the company. In her case, one of the brakes was too tight on its wheel, ultimately she had to take it down to a medical supply store to get it adjusted.

This appears to be a rare manufacturer defect, as other users have not reported this issue. As well, assembly is extremely simple since all you have to do is to insert the handlebars and then tighten the screws with your hands.

Is this rollator right for you?

If you're looking for a stylish and particularly lightweight option, and don't require a seat or the extra security of four wheels, then this 3-wheel rollator might be an ideal option for you.

The Drive Medical Winnie Lite walker is a 12 lb walking assistance aid that combines attractive and visually pleasing design with solid construction. It's an ideal option for those that don't suffer from moderate to severe balance and coordination issues and can take advantage of its nimble navigational abilities.

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