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The 5 Best Polygel Nail Kits [Ranked]

Top5Reviewed is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

To make yourself presentable and pretty, makeup is your best friend. Natural beauty is cool, but a few adjustments always add significantly to your beauty.

A perfect polygel nail kit comes in handy to ensure your beautiful looks are complete.

Apart from the attraction they display, perfectly done nails are a message of class.

polygel nail kit

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As such, getting the best polygel nail kit should be in your mind if you want to pull off that classy and beautiful look you so much desire.

It might be a hustle, but we seek to shed some light on the way to ensure you get what suits you.

Comparing The Options

SaleBestseller No. 1
Beetles Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit, Nail Builder Gel Nail Enhancement Trial Kit Professional Nail Technician All-in-One French Kit with Mini Nail Lamp for Nail Art Starter Kit
  • Bring Your Nail Salon Home: Beetles Poly Gel for Nail Kit, save your time and money. Just skip nail salon. 6 shades for the perfect french manicure using polygel! Includes bright white, pinks and nudes for different selections as well as a mini led lamp, top, base, file and brush! This kit allows you to do nail extension anywhere!(Our poly gel kit not include slip solution, but you can use base coat gel or alcohol instead.)
SaleBestseller No. 2
Beetles Poly Gel Nail Extension Kit, 30g Nail Extension Gel with 48W Nail Lamp Slip Solution Nail Strengthener Rhinestone Glitter All In One for Nail Manicure Beginner Starter Kit
  • Bring Your Nail Salon Home: Beetles ALL-IN-ONE Kit Clear/White/Pink Poly Nail Gel Kit. Just skip nail salon and save your time and money. Perfect french manicure kit Includes a 48W lamp, Matte & Gloosy top, base, file, slip solution, nail strengthener gel. rhinestones, gems, 6 colors glitters, Glod/Silver nail foil, flame decals and stripping tapes, nail forms, dualforms, tweezers and brush!
Bestseller No. 3
Makartt Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit Acrylic Extension Gel Nail Enhancement Clear Pink White Nail Gel Builder Trail Set All-in-One Manicure Kit P-01
  • ALL-IN-ONE POLY NAIL EXTENSION GEL KIT. Contains 6 different colors poly builder nail gel of 15ml; base coat and top coat combination; 120/240 washable black nail file; a dual end gel nail brush and spatula; a box of 60 reusable dual forms; a detailed tutorial instruction book; all packed neatly in a exquisite box.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Gershion Poly Nail Gel Kit 30ml Nail Builder Gel Extension Nail Gel Kit Trendy Nail Art French Professional Technician Nail Salon Easy DIY for Beginner at Home All-in-One Kit Gift Set S-01
  • ALL-IN-ONE FRENCH KIT: Gershion 30ml poly nail gel kit includes the tools you need: nail file,dual forms, the dual headed pen and the base top coat. You only need to prepare a extra slip solution and lamp. If you don' have slip solution, you can use alcohol or cleanser to shape the gel. Gift for mother, wife, girlfriend and nail art lovers.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit 30ml 2PCS With Slip Solution Extension Builder Enhancement Professional Starter Kit All-in-One Nail Technician French Kit Clear
89 Reviews
Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit 30ml 2PCS With Slip Solution Extension Builder Enhancement Professional Starter Kit All-in-One Nail Technician French Kit Clear
  • ❤ All IN ONE KIT: Big capacity with 30ml poly nail gel, 1*clear color+1*light apricot color, 1*10ml base coat, 1*10ml top coat, 1*15ml slip solution, 36PCS dual forms(12sizes*3PCS each), 1*mini brush to push the poly nail gel, 1*mini File, 1*package with manual instruction.

The Modelones Polygel Nail Kit Review

The YouTuber tested out the Polygel Nail Kit from Modelones. She said that the kit has everything you need to make beautiful nails. It even includes the slip solution.

Buying Guide

polygel nail pics

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From a layman’s perspective, a polygel nail kit is simply a toolbox that wields nail-enhancing tools and components. It is a collection of components that you can use, apply, or put on, to make your nails look more beautiful. A typical polygel nail kit should have the following entities: several nail gel tubes, a spatula, a nail brush picker tool, several nail forms, and a file.

The nail brush picker is used to keep the gel in place and clear off any overflows when you are doing your nails while the spatula is used to slice and scoop the gel.

The nail gel tubes hold the gel that makes your nails look attractive. The gel comes in multi-colors to perfectly suit your preference. You can opt for a clear, pink, white, natural, or any other color that excites you.

You can use the nail forms to shape the polygel according to your preferred shape in addition to reducing the length as you desire.

The file comes in handy to clear the path for the application of the gel. For any nail extension to have longevity, the surface must be filed until rough so that the gel sticks accordingly.

More Considerations

When purchasing a polygel nail kit, there are some factors you have to consider in a bid to get the best quality or what is worth your every dime. Here are some things that you should have in mind when buying these products:

  1. Durability: this is how much service time the product will offer you. You do not want to buy a product that will wear off in a day. Get information on the durability of a product before you buy it.
  2. Lightness: endeavor to buy that you buy a product that wields a natural feeling. It would be bothersome to have heavy nail extensions. They may alter how you go about your daily activities.
  3. Strength: Purchase a product that can withstand the bustles and hustles of your activities. Remember that; the stronger the product, the longer it lasts.
  4. Flexibility: such gives a nail extension a natural feel. Moreover, it allows you to shape them according to your preference.
  5. Color: while buying your kit you, of course, have to ensure it comes with components that have your favorite color. Check out the kits box to learn what color extension and gel it comes with.
  6. Safety: you have to ensure the product you buy has no airborne dusk that may trigger allergies.
  7. Ease of application: buy a product that you can apply with ease without having to waste a lot of time.
  8. Price– this is a consideration that you cannot escape. You will always find something worth your money.


Some Popular Choices

While you may get a nice product that suits your preferences in most beauty stores, there are several that have passed as the best. According to reviews, the following products come out on top of the polygel nail kits:

1. Gelish PolyGel Professional All-in-One Enhancement French Kit

Gelish Polygel is probably the best kit you can currently get in the market. It flaunts some cool features that make it outstanding. To start with, the Gelish Polygel is easy to handle owing to the compactness that prevents it from being runny. Furthermore, the kit comes in three packages according to the power of your pocket, a Gelish Trial Kit, a Gelish French Kit, and a Master Kit.


  • Comes in several kits
  • Flaunts a Slip solution
  • Diverse Kit themes


  • No extension forms
  • Most expensive
  • Unnecessary tube keys

2. Makartt Poly Nail Extension Rainbow Kit

Bestseller No. 1
Makartt Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit Rainbow Color Neon Nail Builder Gel Red Blue Purple Orange Yellow Green Nail Gel Salon DIY Nail Art Equipment Set P-22
  • ♥ ALL-IN-ONE GORGEOUS Rainbow Color Nail EXTENSION GEL Kit-- With this all-in-one gorgeous nail builder gel starter kit come with 7 different amazing colors, you can create many special gel nails. Just start for your extension gel diy nail art at home. This new builder gel Rainbow Color trial kit is better and friendly for the nail technician, nail lovers and nail starters to try best for beautiful extension nail art.

It was the first kit to flaunt rainbow colors. If you are a color person, Makartt Poly is the perfect product for you. The kit comes with seven-color gel tubes; a 60 and 120 dual form and a 50 extension nail guide. It also wields a multi-tool brush/spatula, a nail file, and a top and base coat.


  • Rainbow colors
  • Diverse kits
  • Flaunts dual forms
  • LED lamp in some packages
  • Extension guide stickers


  • No slip solution
  • The gel is thicker than most other kits

3. Modelones 6-color Poly Nail Kit

Bestseller No. 1
Modelones Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit - 6 Colors with 48W U V/LED Light Nail Lamp Slip Solution Rhinestone Glitter All In One Kit for Nail Manicure Beginner Starter Kit DIY at Home
  • ❤ All IN ONE KIT: 6 Colors Poly Nail Gel(Pure White, Soft Pink, Light Pink, Light Apricot Nude, Deep Nude, Clear), 48W UV LED Nail Lamp, 10ml Base Top Coat Set, Brush and Spatula , 24PCS Curved Dual Forms(12 Sizes*2PCS each), 24PCS Straight Dual Forms(12 Sizes*2PCS each), Nail File, Nail Buffer, Nail Cleanser Pad*20, Nail Removal Pad*25, Nail Cutter, Nail Tweezer, Cuticle Fork, Nail Dust Brush Pen, Cuticle Oil, Nail Glitter, Gems.

If you are looking to enhance your nails artistically, this is the product to go for. It comes with six-color gel tubes, a slip solution, a multi-brush, a nail file, 120 dual forms, and a top and base coat.


  • Flaunts a 120 dual forms
  • Comes with a multi-form and a slip solution
  • Has both top and base coat
  • Comes with glitter powder and gems for artistic enhancement


  • No cleanser included
  • Small tubes
  • Has no clear gel

4. Azure Beauty Poly Nail All-in-One Kit

Bestseller No. 1
Gel Nail Polish Kit Modelones Gel Nail Polish Kit with U V light 48W Nail Lamp 6 Nude Grey Pink Gel Nail Polish Set, Matte Gel Top Coat, Gel Base and Top Coat(0.34 fl.oz each), Gel Manicure Nail Tools
  • ❤ UPGRADED STARTER KIT INCLUDING: 6 Well-selected Nude Colors in 10ML bottles, Matte Top Coat, 48W UV LED Nail Lamp, Base Top Coat, Upgraded Manicure Tools, Elegant Package. A nice present for any festival!

This polygel is the best value buy. It flaunts a 120 dual form, a nail buffer, four-color gel tubes and both a top and a base coat.


  • Four-color gel tubes
  • Multi-tool brush
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Comes with both a top and a base coat


  • Has no PH bonder
  • Comes with no slip solution

5. Mobray Extension Polygel Nail Builder Kit

Bestseller No. 1
Professional Poly Nail Gel Kit, Nail Builder UV Gel Extension Nail, Come With Nail Brush, Model Nail Tips and Nail Scraper
  • Fast application and easy to learn. A perfect kit not only for professional nail technicians, but a great kit for starter to make their nail extension.

If you are looking for a product for your kid or you are a fan of cute cartoons, this would be a worthy purchase. It flaunts a set of three kits; Set One, Set Two, and Set Three. Each of them comes with different colors.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Four-colored
  • Multi-tool and a 100 dual form
  • Three diverse kits
  • Both a top and a base coat


  • Translations make directions have flaws
  • Comes with no slip solution
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