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The 5 Best Telescoping Extension Ladders [Ranked]

Telescoping ladders are lightweight & portable extendable ladders, built from aluminum, that are designed for professional and residential use (Source).

They generally work by press-and-release buttons that enable you to ratchet the rungs to different heights (Source).

If you weigh over 200 lbs you might be best served purchasing a traditional extension ladder because some buyers in that weight class report feeling insecure climbing on these lighter-weight ladder models (Source).

In addition, you'll want to wrap a towel around where the ladder contacts a wall if you are leaning it up against something so it doesn't mark up sensitive surface material (Source).

The CSL Telescoping ladder is the most dynamic option- morphing into a stairway stepladder, twin stepladder, and scaffold bases. 

This Xtend and Climb telescoping ladder can bear up to 225-lbs and is marketed towards home users, but many contractors employ it as a lightweight backup.

It extends in 1-foot increments all the way out to 12.5-feet, and compactly folds up to 32-inches.

It's built from aluminum alloy and features a a no-pinch closing system (though some buyers dispute its effectiveness), nonslipping end caps and an integrated carry handle. It's OSHA and ANSI approved.

That said, some reviewers have advised us that if you're not careful you can injure your fingers when squeezing the telescoping mechanisms to collapse it.

If you take your time adjusting the levels and slowly mounting it, it can be an effective option.

Some contractors who use it frequently, as opposed to DIY one-off jobs, say that collapsing it does take a lot of effort because you have to close each step one at a time by pushing its tabs.

As you close it, the rungs do have a tendency to shut quickly, meaning your hands can be at risk of getting painfully caught. That said, other buyers told us that as long as you keep it in a vertical position as you retract it that it collapses smoothly- it really depends on how carefully you employ it. 

There are some other options on the market- check out the comparison table below for a review of the best-selling options. 


Telescoping Ladders Compared

Best Telescoping Ladders For 2024



Ease of Use

This aluminum telescoping ladder offered by OxGord is a solid option for someone who needs lightweight multi-purpose Ladder. Users like functionality and price of this telescoping ladder, but some do complain about the construction being of poor quality.


This product is a 2.5 feet heavy duty extendable ladder reaching 12.5 feet at its full length. It features locking pins at each step which is great because it allows easy extension and shortening of the ladder. This 12.5′ extension ladder is built to withstand up to 250 lbs at an angle of 75 degrees from the ground. This telescoping step ladder seems like a solid choice if you are looking for an inexpensive 12.5’ extend climb ladders.


The general user consensus concerning the OxGord telescoping ladder is that it is a decent and handy tool. Buyers are overall satisfied with its functionality and price. One satisfied purchaser states that the telescoping mechanism is easy to use. Moreover, he says that the base is wide and feels stable and that a good feature is the red and green dots which show you if the segment is locked.


However, some buyers complain about the construction of the OxGord 12.5 ft. aluminum telescoping ladder, saying that the ladder feels cheap and bends too much when fully extended. One purchaser shares that the carry bag tore easily and that the steps are a little narrow for your feet, though the width of the ladder is great.

Using The OxGord Extension Ladder 


  • Good price
  • Easy to use mechanism
  • Marks showing if the segment is locked


  • Some buyers complain of cheap construction
  • Bends too much when fully extended
  • The carry bag tears easily- some buyers say



Ease of Use

This extension ladder offered by Xtend & Climb is a good option for someone who needs a 15.5 ft. aluminum telescoping ladder. Users like that the ladder feels strong and sturdy, but do complain about its weight and problems with lowering it all the way down.


This product extends in 1-ft. increments and folds to 36 ½’’ when not in use, so it stores virtually anywhere. It features a no-pinch closure system and ergonomic thumb release, non-slip end caps and integrated carry handle. This aluminum extension ladder might be a good choice if you are looking for strong and sturdy telescoping ladder.


In general, users have a favorable opinion of the Xtend & Climb aluminum 15.5’ telescoping ladder, saying that it has a great design, feels strong and sturdy. One happy purchaser says that the ladder is very solid and feels secure.Another user says that it is easy to see and verify if the step is locked.


However, some buyers complain about the heaviness of the ladder and experiencing problems with closing it. Several very dissatisfied buyers share that the latches that retract the ladder broke off soon after the purchase.One buyer complains about the lack of a loud click letting the user know the step has locked in place.

Xtend and Climb Ladder Tips


  • Strong and sturdy
  • 15.5 ft. extendable


  • Heavy
  • Problems with retracting the ladder



Ease of Use

This telescoping ladder offered by CSL is a good option for those who need a 16.5 ft. multi-purpose folding ladder. Users love the versatility of this telescoping ladder, but some complain about safety issues.


This tool is a combination of a telescoping ladder, twin stepladder, stairway stepladder and two scaffold bases. This 16.5’ ladder can easily be transformed into other configurations.The ladder is lightweight and easy to carry and it is specially designed to prevent slipping. If you are looking for an aluminum multi-purpose ladder, this combo-tool might be a good option.


In general, users have a favorable opinion of this versatile tool with many configurations and they state it is very easy to use, sturdy and a real space saver. One satisfied purchaser says that this ladder is a great value for the money. Another one states that the ladder works well on uneven surfaces.


However, several purchasers are dissatisfied with the safety of this CSL 16.5 ft. multi-purpose ladder. One of them states that the ladder flexes too much and thus makes it very unsafe. Another dissatisfied buyer says that the steps are too small and uncomfortable.


  • Versatile (16.5’ telescoping ladder, twin stepladder, stairway stepladder and two scaffold bases)
  • Very easy to use
  • Sturdy
  • Great value for the money


  • Some buyers had security issues climbing up it
  • Steps too small and uncomfortable, some buyers say



Ease of Use

If you are looking for a top-rated telescoping ladder, you might want to consider this 330 lbs. capacity, 12.5 ft. telescopic extension ladder offered by Ollieroo. Users like its design and compactness, but some do complain about the heaviness and the ladder being too flimsy and bendy.


This product is an aluminum telescoping ladder certificated to European safety standard en131. It features unique extend-and-locking mechanism. This telescoping step ladder could be a solid choice if you are looking for a compact aluminum telescoping ladder.


In general, buyers are satisfied with the design and compactness of the Ollieroo telescoping ladder.One satisfied user advises making sure that the locks for each rung click into place when you open the ladder up, stating that in that case there should be no safety issues.


However, several buyers complain about the heaviness and instability of the ladder. One very dissatisfied purchaser says that the ladder bend in the middle when you climb. Another one states that it doesn’t feel super secure when fully extended. One user adds that this telescoping ladder doesn’t work as it is supposed to as far as locking and unlocking.


  • Good design
  • Compact
  • 330 lbs. capacity


  • Heavy
  • Flimsy and bendy, some buyers said



Ease of Use

If you are looking for a 12.5 ft. telescoping ladder, you might want to consider this aluminum collapsible ladders offered by Xtend & Climb. Users love its sturdiness and compactness, but some do complain about the ladder pinching their fingers when collapsing it.


This product extends and locks by the foot with easy, no-pinch closure system. It features an integrated carrying handle with heavy-duty closure strap. If you are looking for an easy to use and store aluminum telescoping ladder, this might be a solid option.


In general, users have a favorable opinion of this Xtend & Climb telescoping ladder, and they praise that it is sturdy, compact and easy to use.One user states that this tool functions excellently and that it is easy to carry and ideal for storing.


However, some buyers complain about the telescoping mechanism which can easily pinch your fingers when returning the ladder to collapsed size. One user says that the thumb release is very hard to push. Another one shares that lowering the ladder takes a lot of effort since you have to close one step a time by pushing the tabs.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Compact for storage


  • Pinches fingers easily
  • Lowering the ladder takes a lot of effort

What Are Buyers Saying?

Ladder Safety

Make sure you brush up on ladder safety before using any of these tools. Check out the complete guide below: 

How To Use A Ladder Safely: A Complete Guide

Write For Us Tips For The Safe Use Of Ladders Does the thought of climbing a tall ladder make you nervous? Have you put off cleaning your gutters or painting the second-floor shutters because you don’t want to climb up there?

The OxGord

The first telescoping ladder we examined is manufactured by OxGord. It is a 12.5 foot, heavy-duty extendable work ladder that includes a locking feature with a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, equipped to be used at an angle of 75°.

It's advertised as a rugged option ideal for traveling home service professionals and DIY hobbyists who need a collapsing ladder that is easy to carry around as well as small enough to store.

The way it works, the ladder locks in at every single level, with each rung colored to indicate that the height is locked in. It weighs 24-pounds and ships with a carrying bag that enables you to hang it from a peg on the wall.

One reviewer recommends wrapping the top of the latter step with some cloth if you are leaning against delicate walls that might get marked up by ladder friction. Another homeowner told us that this is an especially lightweight telescoping ladder that feels secure as he mounted it.

The Xtend & Climb

The second telescoping ladder is the aluminum Xtend & Climb telescoping ladder- it is a 15.5-foot option that compactly retracts as well as extends and locks with a non-pinching closing system. It's built from aluminum alloy and includes a carrying handle built into the ladder as well as a closure strap that helps bind it up tight.

It's marketed towards professional contractors as well as do it yourself hobbyists, extending in 1-foot increments and folding up to a 36.5-inch height, so you can store it anywhere in your home, or even in the back of your truck.

Buyers say that it gets you about 11 feet up into the air, saying that it's not really safe to stand on the top rung. As well, the rungs are a foot and a half deep.

One buyer who works as a freelance commercial roofer told us that after several jobs the ladder had difficulty retracting and collapsing. Another home inspector told us that the rubber padding leaves marks on the wall and the feet have a tendency to slip.


The third telescoping ladder we examined is manufactured by CSL- it comes in three different lengths, a 10.5-foot, 12.5-foot and 16.5-foot option. It is marketed as a multi-purpose, lightweight ladder, easy to carry around and useful as a twin stepladder, scaffold base, stairway stepladder, attic ladder as well as a conventional telescoping ladder.

The manufacturers say that it's a useful solution for getting access to a balcony or roof, whether you need to clean the gutters, wipe down some windows, perform indoor or outdoor decoration and painting- it's useful for a variety of different tasks.

As well, because you can lengthen or shorten it to your needs, it's often useful working on uneven services like stairs. One buyer was concerned that at full extension it over flexed, making it feel insecure.

Overall reviewers were relatively satisfied, saying that it is a space-saving option, with one buyers purchasing it as a gift for a relative who does a lot of exterior decorating of the home during the holiday season.

The Ollieroo

The fourth telescoping extension ladder we examined is manufactured by Ollieroo- it ships in a 12.5-foot, 13.5-foot, and 16.5-foot lengths, with the last option being an A-type frame telescoping ladder.

The extension and locking functionality is activated by some buttons that the manufacturer says provide smooth and effortless extension and retraction. It's marketed towards both professional use as well as residential use, useful for indoor and outdoor decorating purposes, paint jobs, building maintenance as well as window washing.

One buyer who purchased the 16.5-foot option said that he weighs over 200 pounds and found that it bent under his weight as he climbed it, but never broke.

Other buyers say that if you are especially heavy, you might want to go with a traditional extension ladder. Many reviewers describe employing them for their recreational vehicles- some saying they are useful for performing maintenance as well as functioning as fire escape safety options.

Another reviewer uses it primarily as an attic ladder- saying that to access his attic he needs to climb up from inside of the closet, so he purchased this compact option to store inside the closet and use whenever he needs to access his attic.

Other reviewers said to always check that each rung has clicked into place and is secure prior to climbing up.

The Xtend & Climb 770P

The last option we examined was the Xtend & Climb 12.5-foot telescoping ladder. Some buyers caution that the thumb release is tricky, saying that it is difficult to push and consequently makes them fear that their fingers will be chopped off. Other buyers criticize its ease-of-use, saying that it's not easy to extend and then re-position it.

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