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The 5 Best Boat Covers [Ranked]

Boat covers help protect your boat in wet and dry storage scenarios- an inexpensive option as opposed to custom-fitted boat covers (Source). The boat covers we examined come in different sizes and include buckle straps and elastic hems to help custom-fit it to your particular vessel (Source). Buyers advise that you might need to replace these boat […]

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The 5 Best Hall Trees [Ranked]

Introduction After a long day of work, what’s the first thing you do before you even sit down? Most likely, you take your coat off and hang it somewhere. Of course, though, you don’t want to just throw it on the floor and you don’t want your guests to wonder where to hang their coats either. One of […]

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The 5 Best Rain Barrels [Ranked]

In this post we examine five of the best-selling rain barrel kits. First we’ll examine what they are and how they’re used before diving into a detailed comparison. Collecting rain water has been going on since before running water in a home was an option. Today, though, not everyone needs to collect rainwater to drink and […]

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The 5 Best Portable Closets [Ranked]

Portable Closet

In this post, we examine 5 of the best-selling portable wardrobe closets. Portable closets are lightweight storage solutions many buyers use to store off-season clothing in their basements or attics (Source). Others find that these portable wardrobes function as a convenient complement to traditional closets- especially when there’s a lack of space in an apartment (Source). Some are […]

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The 5 Best Milk Crates [Ranked]

A milk crate is a square or rectangular box that was, originally, used to ship milk from a distributor to different commercial sites such as retail stores or even schools (Source). Traditionally, these have been used in commercial and industrial settings. However, you can also use milk crates for storage and aesthetic purposes as well (Source). […]

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The 5 Best Portable Garages [Ranked]

Portable Garage

A portable garage (also known as a garage in a box or a portable carport) is a good choice for someone who wants a garage but they don’t necessarily have the time or funds to build or buy a traditional garage (Source). These car tents are an easy way to erect a temporary garage and protect […]

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The 5 Best Pantry Cabinets [Ranked]

Pantry Cabinet

Pantry cabinets, also known as storage cabinets are freestanding units that are typically made of some form of wood- often panel board (Source). They are designed to provide additional utility storage for a space. They are most commonly used as a freestanding kitchen pantry, but have the potential to be used anywhere that extra storage is […]

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The 5 Best Ladder Bookcases [Ranked]

vertical bookshelf

If you are short on money and space but still want to be organized, then a ladder shelf might be a good idea for you (Source). Most of the bookcases we examined have five shelves. While you cannot use them as an actual ladder, these decorative shelves are perfect for storing your special books and keepsake […]

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The 5 Best Car Seat Organizers Reviewed

Car Seat Organizers

Car backseat organizers either buckle or velcro around a headrest, providing backseat passengers convenient access to reading materials, tablets, bottled water, and other miscellaneous travel accessories (Source). Plus they protect your backseats from kicking and scuffing. They feature a variety of compartments and pockets, helping to store a variety of differently-sized items (Source). They’re frequently purchased to […]

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