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The 5 Best Hand Dynamometers [Ranked]

Hand Dynamometers

Hand dynamometers are specialty medical instruments designed for assessing and measuring the maximum isometric strength of your hand as well as forearm muscles (Source). They are frequently used in athletics as a test of hand grip strength, as well as in strength training programs, and in sports like baseball, tennis, rock climbing where the hand is […]

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The 5 Best Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks [Ranked]

Fingerprint Door Lock

Biometric fingerprint door locks are high-tech security devices that enable you to use your fingerprint, a pin code, and often times a mechanical key, as well, on business and residential doors (Source). It’s a great solution if you find yourself frequently locked out of your home, or if you just dislike carrying keys in your pocket […]

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The 5 Best Parking Sensors [Ranked]

Most newer vehicles feature rear cameras and a display so drivers can see when they’re backing up and avoid colliding with walls or other vehicles. Older cars without these can benefit from aftermarket parking sensor kits that alert drivers of potential dangers when backing up. Our top pick, and the one that’s received the most positive feedback […]

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The 5 Best Digital Temperature Guns [Ranked]

Digital Temperature Guns

Digital temperature guns enable you to quickly and accurately measure surface temperatures (Source). They use infrared thermometers as well as technologically sophisticated laser hardware to gather these temperatures without making direct contact. This is important because a non-contact thermometer enables you to get the temperature of moving targets or services that are extremely hot. Some users even describe […]

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The 5 Best Automatic Garage Door Closers [Ranked]

Automatic Garage Door Closers

Automatic garage door closers let you select how long you want your garage door to remain open after you have opened it. Different automatic garage door closers have different programmed time settings, with the LiftMaster 888LM, for example, having 1, 5 and 10 minute settings, while the Magic Closer has 5, 15 minute and six hour […]

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The 5 Best Tone and Probe Tracing Kits [Ranked]

Tone and Probe Tracing Kits

Tone and probe tracing kits provide exceptional tracing capabilities for a variety of low-voltage scenarios like data, telephone and wiring security alarms (Source). An internal wiring technician will find this equipment essential to his daily tasks. A quality tone and probe tracing kit will enable him or her to check wire pair voltages as well as […]

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The 5 Best Digital Highlighters & Portable Scanners [Ranked]

Digital highlighters & Portable Scanners

Sick of repetitively typing text notes into your computer? (I’ve had carpal tunnel before- it’s certainly something you want to avoid!)  Do you hate marking up an expensive textbook with highlighting that destroys its resale value? You might be interested in purchasing a digital highlighter or portable scanner. These portable scanning devices enable you to quickly and easily […]

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The 5 Best Insulation Testers | Megohmmeters [Ranked]

Insulation Testers

Insulation testers (also referred to as Megohmmeters or ‘meggers’) are a unique type of ohmmeters that are used to evaluate the electrical resistance of insulators. They are engineered to provide preventative maintenance and troubleshooting solutions for variety of different, high-voltage equipment applications. These applications include those for cables, switch gears, three-phase motors as well as any testing scenario […]

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