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The 5 Best Automatic Pill Dispensers [Ranked]

Automatic Pill Dispensers

Automatic pill dispensers are affordable and effective medication management solutions that are designed to improve medication adherence to levels over 90% (Source).They are engineered with ease-of-use in mind and typically feature friendly and simple interfaces for elderly individuals (Source).These make it easy to manage even the most complex medication regimens, enabling seniors who live on their […]

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The 5 Best Dysphagia Cups [Ranked]

Dysphagia Cups

Adaptive drinking cups can help keep a loved one with a debilitating health problem, or someone who is simply weak with age, properly hydrated (EasierLiving). There are some different styles and designs to these adaptive drinking cups. Some have snorkel lids, some have weighted bases with wide-grip handles, and some include vents that help control the flow […]

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The 5 Best Electronic Dictionaries [Ranked]

You might be thinking- ‘why use an electronic dictionary in a world of quantum-computing smartphones?’ Well, believe it or not, these compact, old-world tech devices do have some specific uses. In particular- they can be used offline, are great for the elderly who might not use smartphones, and are useful when you traveling abroad without smartphone service. Contents […]

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The 5 Best Reclining Power Lift Chairs [Ranked]

Power lift recliners are reclining sofa-style chairs that are equipped with a lifting function to help the sitter get up from the chair (Source). They’re a great option for disabled and elderly individuals who need helping getting into and out of seats.  They’re equipped with simple remote controls to adjust the recline and lift of the chair […]

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The 5 Best Calendar Clocks [Ranked]

Calendar Clocks For the Elderly

Calendar clocks are fantastic tools for people suffering from cognitive impairments, memory loss, impaired vision and for the elderly in general (Source). They reduce an individuals’ anxiety and help caregivers to stick to comfortingly dependable schedules. Calendar clocks for elderly or impaired individuals will prominently display the time, month, day and date (Source). Many of them also […]

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The 5 Best Dressing Sticks [Ranked]

Dressing sticks are designed to make it easier for you to get dressed if you suffer from mobility limitations (especially post-surgery) or if you or a loved one lack the use of a hand or or arm (Source). Generally, they’re wooden or plastic sticks with different shaped hooks on either end to help you pull on […]

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The 5 Best Air Cushions [Ranked]

Air Cushions

Air cushions provide inflatable seat padding for general comfort and more serious medical requirements (bedsores, sciatica, degenerative disc disorder etc.) (Source). The inflated cushion helps to distribute your weight across the surface of the air cells, alleviating pain, discomfort and skin breakdown. One high-end example is the the Roho cushion, which is built from clusters of small, […]

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The Hugo Elite Rollator Walker Review

Hugo Elite Rollator Walker Review

The Hugo Elite Rollator Walker is designed by Hugo Mobility and is one of their more high-end product offerings. It features 8-inch wheels, an 18 lb frame, height adjustable handles that can accommodate people as short as 4’3″ and as tall as 6’2″. Its open dimensions are 27.5″ x 24″ x 30″ and it’s folded dimensions […]

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The 5 Best Hair Rinse Trays [Ranked]

Hair rinse trays are designed to facilitate washing of hair while people are seated. These hair rinse trays are convenient ways to shampoo and clean the hair of wheelchair-bound individuals, or anyone that prefers to have a seat while being shampooed.Contents How They Work​The way they work all you’ll need to do is to place the […]

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