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The 5 Best Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks [Ranked]

Fingerprint Door Lock

Biometric fingerprint door locks are high-tech security devices that enable you to use your fingerprint, a pin code, and often times a mechanical key, as well, on business and residential doors (Source). It’s a great solution if you find yourself frequently locked out of your home, or if you just dislike carrying keys in your pocket […]

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The 5 Best Reclining Power Lift Chairs [Ranked]

Power lift recliners are reclining sofa-style chairs that are equipped with a lifting function to help the sitter get up from the chair (Source). They’re a great option for disabled and elderly individuals who need helping getting into and out of seats.  They’re equipped with simple remote controls to adjust the recline and lift of the chair […]

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The 5 Best Locking Key Cabinets [Ranked]

Locking Key Cabinets

Key safes (or key boxes & lockable key cabinets) provide a moderately secure space to organize your keys- ideal for home and small business owners (Source).  For the most part, these locking key boxes won’t fend off a dedicated burglar with a crowbar- so don’t expect that.They are best for home and business use- to help […]

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The 5 Best Smoke Detector Spy Cameras [Ranked]

Smoke Detector Spy Cameras

Smoke detector cameras are covert surveillance devices that look just like actual fire detection devices, but contain integrated video cameras (Source). They hide in plain sight, enabling you to effectively monitor your home or business undetected (Source). There are a bunch of these covert spy smoke detectors on the market- and buyers say that a lot of […]

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