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The 5 Best Dust Extractors [Ranked]

Powerful woodworking machines and tools create enormous amounts of dust- dust extractors can dramatically reduce or even eliminate dust from your work area (Source).  Dust extractors are essential tools to protect your personal health, ensuring that your woodworking and shop machinery remains in top condition, saving you cleanup time, and generally creating a better and safer […]

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The 5 Best Dysphagia Cups [Ranked]

Dysphagia Cups

Adaptive drinking cups can help keep a loved one with a debilitating health problem, or someone who is simply weak with age, properly hydrated (EasierLiving). There are some different styles and designs to these adaptive drinking cups. Some have snorkel lids, some have weighted bases with wide-grip handles, and some include vents that help control the flow […]

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The 5 Best Folding Cane Seats [Ranked]

Folding Cane Seats

Portable cane chairs, or as they are known, portable stools and cane seats, or portable walking chair cane stools, are two-for-the-price-of-one medical devices (Source). They are designed to provide a comfortable and sturdy seat when opened, and a secure walking aid when closed (Source). The 1.3 lb., Drive Medical Deluxe folding cane seat is our top pick- […]

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The 5 Best High Velocity Fans [Ranked]

High Velocity Fans

High-velocity fans are heavy-duty air-circulation floor fans that have a variety of uses- they can cool down your home, even replacing air conditioning.They’re great for venting, cooling and drying out workshops and garages.Because they are fairly loud, some users even employ them as white noise machines- helping to drown out annoying noise while providing strong […]

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The 5 Best Bluetooth Helmets [Ranked]

A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is a protective helmet that connects to other wireless helmets to allow riders to communicate while riding and also connects devices like smartphones to listen to music or get directions.Contents How do they work?These motorcycle helmets use Bluetooth, which is the name given to a wireless technology that allows a signal […]

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The 5 Best Stair Treads [Ranked]

In this post, we examine 5 of the best-selling stair treads. There are 2 outdoor options, the Rubber-Cal, which is industrial-strength grip, and the Puchan outdoor tread, which is more decorative. As far as indoor treads go, the Softy Stair runners are our highest-rated option- they muffle noisy stairs while also providing traction against slip-and-falls. Stair treads […]

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The 5 Best Window Well Covers [Ranked]

A window well cover is a piece of some type of material that is designed to fit over the window well of a basement window (Source). The purpose of basement window well covers is to prevent falls into the basement window well as well as to prevent buildup of water, snow, or other debris in the […]

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The 5 Best Dressing Sticks [Ranked]

Dressing sticks are designed to make it easier for you to get dressed if you suffer from mobility limitations (especially post-surgery) or if you or a loved one lack the use of a hand or or arm (Source). Generally, they’re wooden or plastic sticks with different shaped hooks on either end to help you pull on […]

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The 5 Best Motion Activated Night Lights [Ranked]

Motion Activated Night Lights

Motion-activated night lights trigger an LED light when movement is detected (Source). They’ll either be plug-in night-lights (like the GE Ultra Brite), or wireless night-lights that are battery-powered (like the Wislight) that provide automatic night-lighting. They’re great to illuminate dark areas of the home at night- ensuring that you, your kids, house-guests, the elderly and even pets, can […]

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The 5 Best Swivel Seats [Ranked]

Swivel Seats

Swivel seat cushions work in cars (usually) or regular chairs, enabling users to perform 360 degree turns to facilitate transitions up to standing, or down to sitting positions (Drive Medical). These cushions help the elderly, the disabled, or those recovering from injuries to avoid painful and unhealthy back and hip motions by rotating to standing  (ActiveForever). Buying […]

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