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The 5 Best Digital Camera Binoculars [Ranked]

Digital Camera Binoculars

Digital camera binoculars combine binoculars with digital video cameras. They enable you to capture images and video simply by pressing a button (Source). Digital camera binoculars are marketed to birdwatchers who want to capture video of their birding findings, surveillance professionals, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts as well as those who are enjoying a stadium or sport […]

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The 5 Best HD Projectors [Ranked]

HD Projectors

​High definition projectors generally display data, video, photos, and games in business or residential home-theater settings (Source). A projector is usually used in conjunction with a projector screen, though some buyers project on to their walls.Contents How they compare​The Epson, Optoma and BenQ projectors are all 1080p, meaning that they are considered Full HD.  This means they provide […]

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The 5 Best Illuminated Slide Viewers [Ranked]

Illuminated slide viewers enable you to view old slides with bright lights and without distortion. Many users describe purchasing an illuminated slide viewer to as a helpful tool as they begin scanning old slides into new digital formats (Source). The battery-powered Pana-Vue 1 gets solid reviews- it is a tabletop option that provides 4X magnification for 2×2 […]

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The 5 Best CCTV Testers [Ranked]

Cctv Testers

Closed-circuit television testers are a style of service monitors (Source). They are convenient tools for professional CCTV security-system installers, or just the home hobbyist, to set up and properly configure CCTV cameras (Source). If you are a professional installer, you may have heard these devices referred to as LCD field monitors, CCTV video testers, CCTV camera testing […]

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The 5 Best Bladder Scanners [Ranked]

Bladder Scanners

Bladder ultrasound machines allow nurses and other medical professionals to perform non-invasive evaluations of residual urine issues in patients, called a Radionuclide Cystogram (Source).Residual urine can occur when there is either a neurological or physical obstruction preventing the natural flow of urine, or preventing the detrusor muscle from normal contractions (Source). Generally, a bladder ultrasound is […]

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The 5 Best Gas Leak Detectors [Ranked]

Gas Leak Detectors

Gas leak detectors are devices that enable engineers and other professional service personnel the ability to identify combustible gas leaks that occur in residential and commercial areas (Wikipedia). They include semiconductor sensors that can rapidly and specifically determine the exact area of even tiny leaks. These detectors are equipped to detect a variety of different combustible and […]

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The 5 Best Thermal Cameras [Ranked]

Thermal Cameras

Infrared cameras are truly powerful tools for diagnosing problems & for performing preventive home or commercial energy appraisal & maintenance (Wikipedia). Infrared cameras, also called thermal imager cameras, allow you to capture crucial information that is typically invisible to the naked eye. Standard digital cameras acquire and display information from the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared cameras, on the other […]

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