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The 5 Best Hydraulic Long Ram Jacks [Ranked]

Hydraulic Long Ram Jacks

Long ram hydraulic jacks are engineered to be used most commonly with engine hoists, hydraulic cranes, and for mechanical, farm and automotive uses. They are great when you require extra long power strokes, with many people purchasing them as replacements for older, leaking units on transmission jacks. The Biltek is a solid option- it is an eight […]

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The 5 Best Honey Extractors [Ranked]

Honey Extractors

Honey extractors are rugged and simple mechanical devices designed to extract honey from honeycombs without actually destroying the honeycomb (Source). The way these honey extractors work is by utilizing centrifugal force- a container or drum that contains a frame basket spins and consequently flings the honey out (Source). The primary advantage of this method is that the […]

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The 5 Best Drain Spades [Ranked]

Drain Spade

Drain spades are incredibly narrow shovels that feature gently curved sides with a rounded tip. They are ideal for precise gardening work like gently adding flowers to an established flower bed, clearing out trenches and performing small shrub transplants. These shovels are great for working in really tight and confined spaces. Unlike trenching shovels, there is a […]

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The 5 Best Grain Moisture Testers [Ranked]

Many agricultural experts agree that the most important element impacting the caliber of grain, silage & hay is moisture (Wikipedia). Managing moisture is an ongoing practice that demands suitable measuring equipment. You can safeguard your agricultural investments by evaluating moisture content prior to, after, and during the growing season precisely and swiftly using either a portable […]

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