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The 5 Best Folding Mats [Ranked]

Folding Mats

Folding gymnastics mats provide firm cushioning for aerobics studios, Pilates practices, martial arts academies, home gyms, child play pens, and many other applications (Source).  As the name implies, they fold up, with Velcro on the sides so that you can attach multiple mats together to cover wider surface areas. Typically, they have 4 panels, so you can […]

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The 5 Best Basketball Storage Racks [Ranked]

Basketball Storage Racks

Rolling basketball racks are handy storage devices that enable gym instructors and frustrated parents to organize sports activity balls. Most of the carts we examined are 3-tier options that can be loaded with basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, and other sports accessories (bike helmets, etc.) in a pinch. The Trigon ProCage is a little bit different- it is a […]

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The 5 Best Medicine Ball Storage Racks [Ranked]

Medicine Ball Storage Racks

Medicine ball racks are space-saving solutions for home and professional gyms. Some are vertical trees, while some are horizontal carts. And some come with medicine balls, while others don’t. Indeed, there are some different styles of medicine ball racks and holders available if you are the market to purchase one.The DetailsIf you are looking for a […]

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The 5 Best Sit and Reach Boxes [Ranked]

Sit and Reach Boxes

A sit and reach flexibility test box is a simple assessment that is designed to evaluate your hamstring and lower back flexibility (Source). While flexibility may vary throughout the body, the sit and reach flexibility test is a common way of getting an overall sense of an individual’s flexibility.  A sit and reach trunk flexibility box will […]

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The 5 Best Over The Door Exercise Pulleys [Ranked]

Door Exercise Pulleys

Door pulley exercise sets are exercise systems perfect for the home or office that our great rehabilitation devices if you are recovering from injury, surgery, and work to improve the flexibility, mobility or strength of your body. These exercise pulleys easily attached to doors (not sliding ones though) and quickly set up, usually in under a […]

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The 5 Best Adult Tricycles [Ranked]

Adult Tricycles

Adult tricycles are great way for individuals with balance issues, or people who just enjoy the added stability of a tricycle, to enjoy open road cruising with friends and family. There are actually a surprising number of different styles of adult tricycles, which include the semi-recumbent, folding, electric, and even the chopper tricycle style. While these tricycles […]

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The 5 Best Roman Chairs

Roman Chair

A Roman chair is a type of fitness and strength exercise equipment. It is primarily designed to work out the lower back, gluteal muscles, hamstring and especially the abdominals.  When you perform exercises on a Roman chair, your own bodyweight is providing significant resistance. You can also add more weight to increase the strenuousness of […]

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The 5 Best Vertical Stair Climbers [Ranked]

Vertical Climbing Machines

Vertical climber exercise machines advertise themselves as total body home fitness solutions. They work by providing an intense cardiovascular exercise that simultaneously engages the legs, core as well as the arms. These climbing stepper machines emulate the motions of rock-climbing, pitting you against your weight for high-intensity resistance. This form of exercise is designed to increase your cardiovascular […]

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The 5 Best Home Exercise Mini Steppers [Ranked]

Twister Stepper Trainers

Twister steppers, or mini stair climbers, are compact and dynamic fitness devices for your home. In a nutshell, they are highly portable elliptical machines that provide resistance training (Source). The twisting movements are able to tone the buttocks and thighs while at the same time stimulating a powerful cardiovascular workout (Source). Featuring adjustable resistance, exercise bands to […]

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The 5 Best Vibration Platform Exercise Machines [Ranked]

Vibration Platform Exercise Machines

Vibration exercise platforms make some pretty bold claims. It’s alleged that they can make you healthier, faster and stronger without you having to do anything, really. This does make one slightly skeptical-however some research studies do actually bolster these claims. Vibrating exercise platforms have been implicated as effective treatments for certain health problems, including back injuries. Manufacturers […]

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