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The 5 Best Gel Seat Cushions [Ranked]

Gel Seat Cushions

Gel seat cushions are fantastic options to improve the sitting comfort of your daily life. Whether you suffer from mild back pain, or perhaps something more debilitating, gel cushions can help to prevent, alleviate and treat a variety of pain conditions from coccyx issues, lumbar strain, sciatica, degenerative disc disorders, and many others (Wikipedia). Gel cushions are […]

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The 5 Best Foam Floor Tiles [Ranked]

Foam Floor Tiles

Foam floor tiles are individual pieces of foam that are placed on the ground to create a softer and/or more attractive surface (Source). They are often used in children’s bedrooms or play rooms to create a good, soft area for children to play. They are also quite often used as a good surface for exercising or working […]

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The 5 Best Neck Massagers [Ranked]

Neck massagers or shiatsu pillow massagers, as they are sometimes known, enable you to get deep-tissue neck massage, often times with heat, in a portable package. Some like the Zyllion strap to a chair while the LiBa shiatsu neck and back massager has hand harnesses for you to hold and direct the massager as it deeply […]

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The 5 Best Alternating Pressure Mattresses [Ranked]

Alternating Pressure Mattresses

Medical air pressure mattresses help to provide automatically alternating pressure engineered to prevent, treat and manage the formation of pressure ulcers. Keep in mind that these cannot replace the manual movement of patients to prevent bed sores- it is a useful complement to best medical practices regarding bedsore prevention. They are typically designed with robust air bubbles, […]

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The 5 Best Heated Car Seat Cushions [Ranked]

Heated Car Seat Cushions

Heated car seat cushions are a cheap and easy way to improve the brutal experience of cold weather driving. While installing heated car seats can be complex and purchasing them as a new car option can be prohibitively expensive, a heated car seat cushion is an inexpensive way of achieving the same result. These heated car seat […]

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The Best Bar Stool Replacement Cushions And Covers

Bar Stool Replacement Cushions and Covers

If you have a worn-out bar stool cushion, you’ve probably considered replacing it.  Instead of having expensive reupholstering done, you can use one of the replacement barstool cushion covers below for an easy and attractive fit.  Whether it’s for an indoor or outdoor area bar, cushions for counter stools can spruce up a bar stool […]

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