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The 5 Best Automatic Pool Chemical Dispensers [Ranked]

Automatic Pool Chemical Dispensers

Pool chemical dispensers, or automatic pool chlorinators, will use chlorine or bromine tablets/sticks to help sanitize your pool water (Source). They work by slowly and automatically dispersing chlorine and bromine into your pool so that the pool water remains free of bacteria and cloudlessly sparkles (Source). Most of the pool chemical dispensers will let you configure the […]

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The 5 Best Automatic Cigarette Rollers [Ranked]

Automatic Cigarette Rollers

Automatic cigarette rollers, or electric cigarette injector machines, as they are also known, allow you to produce thousands of cigarettes from the comfort of your own home. Our top pick, the 1 lb, Powermatic cigarette injector, uses a titanium-plated blade for flawless tobacco cutting and compression, and an injector that spoon-delivers consistent smoking cigarettes over and over […]

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Portable Car Jump Starters [Ranked]

Portable Auto Battery Jump Starters

Portable automatic car jump starters, or auto charging stations, are multi-function car jump starters with built-in rechargeable batteries which you can use to charge a car battery, start your engine. In addition, auto jump starters like the Jumtop auto battery starter can even act as an emergency power source for your smart phones, tablets and laptops. It’s […]

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The 5 Best CO2 Automatic Life Vests [Ranked]

CO2 Automatic Life Vests

CO2 automatic life vests will automatically inflate when immersed in water and many feature manual inflating options as well. The CO2 automatic life vests we review below are less bulky alternatives to traditional flotation devices- they do not restrict your movement, are incredibly lightweight, pretty comfortable and actually fashionable! In addition, they can keep you warm in cold weather […]

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The 5 Best Snow Machines [Ranked]

Snow Machines

Automatic artificial snow machines enable you to reproduce the effect of a snow-crusted yard. It can magically re-create the effect of a fresh winter snowfall, ideal for special events, holiday parties, or exciting your dog (Source). The 1byone remote controlled snowflake machine is our top pick- it is a 650W snow machine that can throw snow about […]

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The 5 Best Automatic Fuel Nozzles [Ranked]

Automatic Fuel Nozzles

Automatic fuel nozzles are ideal for particularly extreme refueling environments including for industry fleets, agricultural applications, construction sites, as well as for common gas service station use. The Apache Automatic Shut-off Fuel Nozzle is our top pick- It features a three-quarter inch female pipe thread connection with a 13/16″ spout.  It is intended to be used […]

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The 5 Best Motorized Electric Projector Screens [Ranked]

Motorized Electric Projector Screens

Motorized electric projector screens are particularly great ways to create a home theater setup on a budget. These motorized projection screens are great for homes, businesses, as well as educational environments- with quiet motors and large viewing areas they are ideal to pair with video projectors (Source). The remote-controlled HomeGear 120″ motorized projector screen is one of […]

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The 5 Best Shoe Cover Dispensers [Ranked]

Shoe Cover Dispensers

Automatic shoe cover dispensers are a time-saving and hassle-free way of covering the shoes of workers and guests to your business without forcing them to bend over and put the shoe covers on manually. The Emperor of Gadgets automatic shoe cover dispenser is our top pick. It is a commercial-grade automatic shoe cover dispenser that is a great […]

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The 5 Best Automatic Garage Door Closers [Ranked]

Automatic Garage Door Closers

Automatic garage door closers let you select how long you want your garage door to remain open after you have opened it. Different automatic garage door closers have different programmed time settings, with the LiftMaster 888LM, for example, having 1, 5 and 10 minute settings, while the Magic Closer has 5, 15 minute and six hour […]

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