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The 5 Best Online Adult Social Skills Training Courses

Are you looking to add some social polish to your work and interpersonal presentation?

If, yes, read on…

Indeed, if you’re an adult trying to improve your career, get along better with family, have more fulfilling dating relationships, studying up on social skills can be a great way to enhance your happiness.

We curated a list of some of our favorite adult social skills training below. These are online courses that can help you with public speaking, meeting new people, networking, handling rejection and more.  

Top Pick: Develop Amazing Social Skills & Connect With People

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The 5 Best Social Skills Trainings For Adults

Double Your Social Skills and Instantly Connect With People4.4Develop Powerful Success Secrets, Inner Confidence, Communication, and Networking.
Management Skills: New Manager Training in Essential Skills4.5Management Certification in Developing People, Leading Teams & Process Improvement.
Double Your Assertiveness, Confidence & Communication Skills4.2Boost Your Assertiveness, Communication, Confidence, Charisma, Self Esteem.
Develop Amazing Social Skills & Connect With People4.3Develop Amazing Confidence, Communication, Self Esteem, Charisma, & Self-confidence.
Social Skills: How To Make A Great First Impression3.9First Impressions. Communication. Confidence. Assertiveness. Charisma. Self Esteem.

This training is a behavioral therapy whose main objective is to improve people’s social skills with developmental disabilities or mental disorders. It is normally used by therapists, teachers, and other professionals to assist with issues such as anxiety, mood disorders, and personality disorders. It can also be used on other diagnoses.

This kind of training can be delivered in a group setting or individually, once or twice a week. Therefore, it is normally used as a single component or a combination of a treatment program.

Things such as social anxiety disorder negatively affect social behavior, no matter your skill level. This training provides an effective solution to such issues and improves people’s social behaviors.

Social Skills Techniques

Here are some of the techniques used in social skills training:

  • Behavioral rehearsal – Also known as role-playing, and it usually involves the practice of new skills in simulated situations during the therapy.
  • Instructions – The main objective of this technique is to develop the right social behaviors.
  • Homework assignment weekly – It provides the trainees with an opportunity to practice new social skills outside the classroom setting.
  • Positive reinforcement – Rewarding improvement in social skills.
  • Corrective feedback – It helps to improve social skills during the training.

According to Very Well Mind, research shows that social skills training (SST) is effective in treating social anxiety disorder. SST, as part of the comprehensive treatment that involves multiple components, can be useful and provide positive results.

The development areas include

  1. Assertiveness – Enables you to relate to others well in a balanced manner.
  2. Verbal communication – Social anxiety disorder negatively affects the art of communication, and SST can significantly help to improve it.
  3. Non-verbal communication – It is also referred to as body language, and SST also helps to improve it, especially for people with a social anxiety disorder.

Social Skills Training Guide

There are various options for SST. Check them out below.

For Adults

As an adult, if you want to improve your social skills, there is ideal training. If you have social disorders as an adult, it can be difficult starting a conversation with people. How do you walk up to another adult and start a conversation?

The answer to this question is that you need to have the right skills and confidence to pull up such a thing. SST for adults teaches you how to start a conversation with another adult, how to prevent nervousness, approaching intimidating people, and dealing with hate and criticism, among others.

Improving your social skills is the utmost goal as an adult because you need to connect with people in this life. Getting the right training is crucial to help you in all your endeavors. It would help if you learned conversation, listening, assertiveness, and confidence skills to relate well with your fellow adults. Social Pro Now is a website that highly encourages this, and there is in-depth information about this topic.


Most adults and children with autism can also use the help of this training to assist in relating to other people. People with autism also desire to interact and connect with others, and since they may lack the knowledge to do that, training effectively can significantly help with that.

Autism Speaks is an organization that encourages this option, since it believes communities should open doors to this idea and help people with autism learn how to socialize with their peers. People with autism can learn what to expect when they visit a restaurant, how to handle bullying, potty training, how to take turns, and also going to the store.

For Kids

SST for kids is also vital and can significantly help them in their lives as they grow up. When kids learn the right social skills, it allows them to have better relationships with their peers. There are plenty of benefits when kids learn excellent social skills. One crucial advantage is that it helps them reduce stress.

Children need to learn how to share, cooperate, listen to others, follow instructions, respect personal space, use manners, and make eye contact. These are some of the things that they can learn, which is why SST is essential.

For Schizophrenia

For people with schizophrenia, SST can significantly help them interact well with people. The training can help them make better eye contact, respond to others faster, talk softly or loudly when needed, and smile, frowning, or using facial expressions depending on the situation.

SST can also help people with schizophrenia know how to deal with their treatment. You can learn how to manage your medicine and tell whether there are side effects brought about by your medication and the solution. Learn to know when you’re having a relapse, the solution for that as well, and the best ways to help you when you need it.

People with ADHD

People with ADHD can also benefit a lot from social skills training. The main objective of this kind of training for people with ADHD is to help them maintain and improve social interaction and prevent interpersonal issues. The program focuses on solving problems, controlling emotions, improving verbal and non-verbal communication.

Children with ADHD can also benefit a lot from SST. It can help them become less aggressive, manage their anger and behavior correctly, and become more social. Some of the techniques used in SST for people with ADHD include:

  • Roleplaying
  • Coaching
  • Conflict resolution practices
  • How to cope with frustration
  • Giving and receiving criticism and praise
  • Learning about positive behavior through videos

The best way to manage ADHD is through SST, whether it’s individual or group sessions. They all provide the right environment to learn essential skills. Currently, there are a lot of school districts that offer social skills classes for students with ADHD through their specialized curricula.

SST helps both children and adults in an excellent and enables them to relate well with others in society. However, more study is still needed to ensure the long-term effects of this kind of training are known to avoid adverse effects on people.

Overall, social skills training is an excellent option to consider for helping those with the disorders mentioned above and having difficulty socializing with others in society.

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