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The 5 Best Shooting Glasses [Ranked]

Shooting Glasses

Shooting glasses are designed to provide comfort, safety and increased accuracy whether on an indoor target range or outdoors in heavy, wooded areas.

Besides comfort and safety, the right pair of shooting glasses can help provide greater contrast when target shooting. All without harming your peripheral vision.  

For example, yellow-tinted glasses will turn the white on a target yellow, without altering the black color. This can potentially increase your accuracy by boosting the color contrast (Source).

Wrap-around shooting glasses are considered the best because they provide greater facial cover- guarding your face from ricocheting bird-shot, muzzle flashes, or sharp twigs in wooded areas with impact-resistant designs. Wraparound shooting glasses maintain airflow so they don't fog up (Source).

Typically they feature high-impact design with 99.9% UV coverage, functioning as sunglasses. Many buyers purchase them to work around the yard with a wood-chipper or chainsaw. 


Our Top Pick: The Radian Shooting Glasses

They are for the most part fairly adjustable and comfortable.

They help many shooters, especially with low vision problems, to magnify targets, improve clarity of sight, especially in foggy conditions.

On the downside, buyers say that they are not scratch-resistant, and if you get sunblock or pesticide on them, they'll be completely ruined.

Many reviewers say they are best used as 'back-up' options to be purchased in bulk. 

Comparing Them

How To Choose The Best Pair

The 5 Best Shooting Glasses



Ease of Use

A general consensus about the Revelation Protective Glasses is that it's a snug fit and comfortable between the ears and the around the nose- you will forget that you're wearing them at all. However, there are contrasting views about its design because some say that the Radians Shooting Glasses look stylish, while others say that the design is not well thought out.

Customers are generally happy with the Radian Revelation Protective Shooting Glasses because of its anti-glare, anti-fog, all-weather, and all-terrain properties. It is also impact and scratch resistant, but scratches will build over time if not taken care of properly. Others point out that it fogs up when worn for a long period of time, especially in a humid climate. Another thing the users dislike is that it is not polarized.

Almost all user reviews tell that the Radians Protective Glasses is cheap, affordable and is long lasting. They prefer it to their previous used models and brands because of its affordability and the comfort it gives.Customers are extremely pleased with their purchase. Many users claim that they will repurchase this product if their pair is worn out or for extra backup. Many people are buying a couple of extra pairs of the Radians Protective Shooting Glasses and they sometimes give it as gifts.



Ease of Use

User reviews say that the Howard Leight R-03570 Eyewear (Clear Lens) is comfortable to wear, especially for long periods of time. It has vents between the lens and at the brow pad to prevent fogging up especially when the weather is hot. The Howard Leight by Honeywell Genesis Eyewear is also lightweight but durable, and for its price, it is affordable.

The Honeywell Genesis Sharp-Shooter Eyewear, as per customers’ experience, can magnify targets so shooting would be crisp when viewed- it is a great help and a bonus feature during shooting sessions. A pair even works well at night time or at dusk. Some also use the Honeywell Genesis R-03570 Eyewear while riding a bike to prevent wind, dust and air from hitting their eyes. Most users complain about the lens because it can scratch easily.

Also, some report that they might dig hard into the temples because of its rigidity. The legs of the spectacles are a bit rigid, so it digs into the skin when not properly adjusted. Some also have issues regarding wearing the Honeywell Genesis R-03570 Eyewear when worn with ear muffs of the same brand because they experience discomfort around the ears when both worn simultaneously. An added perk that users want is that a pair should (these don't) come with a case when purchased.



Ease of Use

People who bought the Mossy Oak Arcola Shooting Glass say that it is comfy to wear and it fits nicely on the head. It also doesn't feel heavy when worn so you would forget it's there. The Mossy Oak Shooting Glass is not tight against the temple area but some find it a bit tight on the ears. Users agree that it should come with better nose pads as the nose pads aren't soft.The Arcola Shooting Glass looks classy and fashionable. Some customers say that it is a bit flimsy and others say it looks cheap.

However, this spectacles comes at a good price so it is of great value. It has good side protection and adequate ventilation and they fit nicely on 10 year olds.The Mosy Oak Glass is perfect for indoor shooting, but not suitable for outdoor range shooting. It has no anti-fog features and it is not stated in the box, so almost all reviewers are a bit disappointed that it fogs up when worn for hours.

They have to constantly wipe the lenses because of this. Most people say that their vision becomes crisp and clearer and that it somewhat magnifies their targets. It has anti-distortion features and doesn't scratch easily. A couple of customers wish that it should come with a case when bought.



Ease of Use

The Remington T-72 Shooting Glasses are a brand name that is popular among gun enthusiasts so expectations are high with this pair. These spectacles are a bit expensive. But they are made of quality polycarbonate lens and are overall very durable. The T-72 Glasses look sturdy and in vogue, it doesn't look like shooting glasses at all.

Others point out that the Remington Shooting Glasses (T-72) fits nicely around the nose area so breathing isn't obstructed. It also doesn't obstruct vision and even makes it clearer. It has hard coating for scratch resistance, and the clear lens can reduce glare. Also, it doesn't fog up even when worn for a long period of time or when sweating profusely. It won't slip because of its soft rubber nose pads.

Customers who are into airsoft would like to use the T-72 Glasses but unfortunately, it is not suitable for airsoft shooting. Another downside of this pair of glasses is that it doesn't seal well on the top frame so an empty shell might find itself stuck between the brow bone and the lens' frame. It also doesn't fit over prescription eyeglasses. Many customers bought a couple of spares for back up. Even more people say they would repurchase.



Ease of Use

The Allen Company Over-Prescription Shooting Glasses are what you're looking for if you wear prescription glasses. Many people say that it is a versatile invention for people without perfect vision. The yellow tint of these spectacles will improve the view of targets. Customers say that it is a snug fit, and comes off with ease and without resistance.

It has adequate side protection and has holes for anti-fogging. However, the ratchet isn't adjustable. The Allen Over-Prescription Shooting Glasses has removable rubberized guard on top and it protects you from falling ammo shells and debris, as users tell. It causes no distortion and even creates clarity when worn over prescription glasses.

The Allen Company Over-Prescription Glasses also works well with ear muffs. Some issues reported by users are: it slips off a bit especially when eyeglasses are big, and it should be a little larger for proper fit on almost every shape of prescription lenses.

The lenses don't extend on the sides so peripheral vision can sometimes be blocked.

What Are Buyers Saying?

The Radians Revelation Protective Shooting Glasses

The first pair of protective shooting glasses we examined is manufactured by Radians. It comes in a variety of different colors including clear Vermillion, dark smoke, blue mirror, orange, silver and copper lenses.

They are marketed as a safe and effective way of protecting your eyes while shooting from discharged debris. Built from an impact-resistant polycarbonate, they also provide solid UV protection.

  • Some buyers purchase them to work when playing airsoft, though they advise it's better to buy goggles that are fog resistant.
  • Another duck hunter purchased them because he frequently enjoys target practice at an indoor shooting range, saying that you need to be careful not to get sunblock, sunscreen or insect repellent on them because they will effectively destroy the lens.
  • Another skeet shooter who doesn't just use them for shooting, but instead to work around the yard, particularly when he is operating his chainsaw and wood chipper say that they are effective sunglasses as well as protective eye gear.
  • Other reviewers said that they are an inexpensive, budget pair of shooting glasses that worked pretty well, but they were somewhat small for his head, which results in some pressure around his ears that is mildly uncomfortable.
  • However, another reviewer with a large head told us that because the side pieces are adjustable, you can figure out a comfortable fit pretty easily.
  • A clay shooter told us that they are comfortable and durable, primarily functioning as a pair of backup target shooting glasses, though in his experience the area around the edges of the lens is distorted so it perturbs your vision of the target somewhat.
  • For this reason, they can't function as the primary clay sport-shooting lenses, though they are best if you want to purchase them in bulk and keep them as backup options in your vehicle when you drive out to the shooting range or duck blind.
  • Another reviewer who practices target shooting at an indoor firing range told us that it helped the sights on his pistol become clearer.
  • Indeed, other target practice shooters said they worked well as night shooting lenses, even providing added vision clarity when driving in the evening.
  • Another target shooter told us that after getting cataract surgery she went looking for adjustable-sized shooting glasses that would protect her eyes and enhance her vision- she was happy she stumbled upon this pair, saying that they have been effective for her smaller-sized female face.

The Honeywell Genesis Shooting Glasses

The second pair of shooting glasses we examined is manufactured by Honeywell- they come in clear, vermillion, espresso, and amber lens colors. These wrap around shooting glasses are marketed as a means of safely protecting your eyes from debris while enhancing your peripheral vision.

They are also engineered to resist fog, providing enhanced shooting performance in inclement weather conditions while protecting your eye socket area from damage.

  • Some buyers have openly wondered what the best lens color is for an indoor target range practice.
  • Some buyers responded, telling us that it is commonly believed that yellow-tinted lenses are best used in the low contrast scenarios, while pinkish shooting glasses help with focusing.
  • Others say that if the fluorescent lighting inside of indoor shooting target ranges annoys you, these yellow-tinted glass could help ameliorate that issue.
  • Reviewers also endorsed the comfort of the soft-rubber nose piece, saying that they are effectively fog resistant and an inexpensive option.
  • One buyer purchased these because his previous pair of glasses had ear hooks that were too bulky, preventing a tight hearing muff protection seal around his ears.
  • Because of the ear loops are thinner, he's able to form a tighter seal, helping to both protect his ears from experiencing sound damage and his eyes from dangerous shooting shrapnel.

Final thoughts

If you're looking for a quality pair of shooting glasses, read our reviews above and reference our comparison table to get a high-level look the best options on the market.

Interestingly, shooting glasses are not just for hunters and shooting range enthusiasts, with one user writing that he purchased the Remington shooting glasses to help deal with computer eyestrain.

Other users write of their multiple applications, saying that they are ideal for outdoor yard work, racquetball, bicycling, and since they're so stylish, they are sporty enough to wear around town!

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