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The Top Senior Living Websites and Blogs

Living Websites and Blogs

Google returns 22,500,000 results for the query blogs for seniors. That’s a lot of wheat and chaff to sort through if you’re looking for a great senior-living blog or website.

Luckily, we’ve undertaken the  task of parsing through these sites and determining the best senior living blogs and websites out there.

Typically, at Top5Reviewed we review items like rollators or toilet safety rails. However, we have received a great deal of demand to assemble this list from our readers.

Peruse this list and use it as a guide to find the best senior-living resources on the internet. We will be updating this list on an ongoing basis.

So be sure to check back in, as well as share it with your friends confident that it will remain up to date. Click here to contact us if you would like to have a site added to the list.

The Top Senior Sites


Our (Ever Expanding) Favorite Blogs For Seniors

New LifeStyles

New LifeStyles Blog

The New Lifestyles website bills itself as “the source for senior living”. They help senior citizens and their families discover care providers and senior living communities wherever you or your loved one are located. An intuitive search engine enables you to input your ZIP Code and very quickly you will discover nearby senior living resources available to you. As well, the new lifestyles website also features a robust blog packed with information regarding every aspect of eldercare and senior living. Check out their recent post entitled Having a Conversation About Senior Living that helps guide family members through the oftentimes difficult conversation they need to have with aging parents who require assisted-living. Another impressive and fact-filled post is the January 2016 article titled Debunking Common Assisted Living Misconceptions that runs through some explanations of misconceptions regarding assisted living. This is a excellent website to bookmark if you are interested in senior living as well as eldercare issues. Follow them on Twitter to keep apprised of their latest posts.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Weekly

Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Weekly website provides “support and insight for the autumn of life”. Peter Berger, the editor of alzheimersweekly.com writes that his site is dedicated to all those “preserving the dignity of the community of people within with dementia“. Mr. Berger provides an important curative filter to the abundance of news and content that is often produced for the elder care and senior living communities by drug companies and care facilities themselves. Mr. Berger points out an interesting statistic that a new post on Alzheimer’s or dementia actually appears on the Internet every seven minutes, which demonstrates the need for someone to curate the best information from this massive influx of content. Check out the 7 Stages of Alzheimer’s post, which aims to equip caregivers with a detailed understanding of the disease’s progression. This is one of the more popular posts on the site, notching over 60 comments. Another illuminating post is entitled the 10 Most Common Types of Dementia that helpfully indexes the most typical types of the disease with plenty of supporting information, all of it neatly organized and print friendly. Click here to follow Alzheimer’s and Dementia Weekly on Twitter and also be sure to subscribe to the site’s newsletter.

Aging in Place

Aging in Place

The Aging in Place Technology Watch website bills itself as a resource for “industry market trends, research and analysis”. Lori Orlov is the founder of the website- she describes herself as a tech veteran, writer, speaker as well as an elder care advocate. In her own words, she describes the Aging in Place Technology Watch website as a resource for “market research that provides thought leadership, analysis and guidance about technologies and services that enable boomers and seniors to remain longer in their home of choice.” This information-packed site provides a stunningly comprehensive analysis of trends in eldercare. The writing  is an interesting departure from your run of the mill senior living site that typically produces content that is indecipherable from a hundred other similar blogs. Check out Lori’s post entitled The future of caregiving tech is unbelievably large which analyzes the incredible market size of senior tech. This post contains some captivating figures about the market opportunity in eldercare tech and typifies the sort of analytical and research-backed focus that Lori brings to all of her writing. This is undoubtedly one of the more unique and exceptional websites that we have reviewed, and as a senior living resource it occupies a singular placement.

Sixty and Me

Sixty and Me

The Sixty and Me website is run by Margaret Manning whose ambition is “to help other women [her] age to live happy, healthy and financially secure lives.” Margaret writes that she has over 21,000 subscribers and has produced thousands of articles and videos. The good thing about her site is that it is thoughtfully organized with a menu structure that allows Internet browsers to access a range of different content categories very easily. As well, she has a “start here” option that quickly acquaints you with her best content, which is a thoughtful and effective way of getting to know her and her website. One unique aspect of her website is her focus on video content. Check out her make up tips for older women video series as well as her fashion for older women video series by clicking these links. With a plethora of content that covers health, travel, money, life, family, mindset, dating and beauty, it is likely that you will be able to find something that interests you on this website. Make sure that you bookmark it and follow Margaret on Twitter and YouTube to stay apprised of her latest goings-on.



Teresa Bell Kindred is the blogger that runs NanaHood: the Second Half of the Motherhood Journey. The Kentucky native has a Masters degree in secondary education and is the author of several books: The Knot at the end of Your Rope, 10 Ways to Hold on When you are Stressed out as well as Mom: PhD-A Simple Six Step Course on Leadership for Moms. She describes herself as a wife, Mom, nana. As well as a former teacher, author, writer, blogger and a reluctant housekeeper. She blogs on the challenges and joys of life after motherhood. One of her more popular posts is entitled Letter to my daughter on her 29th birthday– it tenderly recounts formative events in her daughter’s life. Teresa is also an accomplished speaker. She is available to speak on topics including the challenges of raising twins, lectures on the special bond between mothers and daughters, the challenges of raising little girls, as well as speeches for Christian women. Check her out on Twitter as well as on Pinterest where she has amassed over 3000 pins.

The Gypsynester


The Gypsy Nester blog is David and Veronica’s revitalizing take on the empty nest syndrome. They are the authors of Going Gypsy: One Couples Adventure From Empty Nest to no Nest at All. And as their Meet the Gypsy Nesters video demonstrates, they are a couple who have embraced the second halves of their lives. Before starting their blog they wrote of wanting “to see if anyone else was looking at this the same way that we were. With a feeling of ‘isn’t it great that the kids have moved out and we’ll have life to ourselves again?’ To be untethered and free. To wander the globe. To be GypsyNesters instead of empty-nesters.” Finding a void in positive perspective on the empty nest syndrome, the Gypsy Nester blog documents lives well-lived. This includes robust documentation of their international travels- posts that are packed with interesting content and creative images. Check out their recent post How We Stay in Touch With Loved Ones While Traveling, which covers how they use their phone and the Internet overseas, as well as how they’ve adapted to modern technology to stay close to their love ones while they are away. Make sure you subscribe to their newsletter as well as check them  out on Twitter to stay up-to-date on their journey.

Our Parents

Our Parents Blog

The Our Parents website is a free eldercare directory that is designed to assist individuals with aging parents to help them find the best care solution for them. As opposed to other popular eldercare websites on the Internet, ourparents.com is distinguished by the fact that it is not a sales channel for a particular care service. Instead, they have a transparent mission to help individuals locate the best available options for them and their family. They offer the option to speak with a care advisor and a search engine that enables you to search for senior housing by location. With a range of senior care options available, making a decision on in-home care, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospice or some other option can be a highly complex and emotionally challenging process. The Our Parents website offers some incredibly rich resources for individuals seeking out actionable information. Check out their getting started guide on the sidebar of their About page, which includes posts on beginning the search for care options, evaluating different alternatives, determining whether an elderly relative is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dealing with Medicare coverage issues, helping a parent make a transition to assisted living, and many other important eldercare articles. If you are in the market for clear and honest information about eldercare issues, ourparents.com is an excellent place to start.

Inside Elder Care

Inside Elder Care

The Inside Elder Care blog has a motto that reads “helping families get the most from their eldercare experience”. Its founder is Ryan Malone who writes a touching story about his motivations for starting Inside Elder Care blog. It all started when he was 33 years old and his mother suffered a stroke. Ryan had to learn a lot very quickly in order to help his mother transition to a new way of life after her stroke. Ryan’s ambition is to use his experience caring for his mother to “educate and inspire you to make your eldercare experience a positive one for you and your family.” Check out his recent post on conducting a home safety audit for seniors that helps you to safety proof a home for senior living. Another interesting post titled Dealing With Elderly Depression that helps readers discover the common signs to look for if you think an elderly loved one is suffering from depression. Ryan Malone is also the author of two books: Saving Money on Senior Care and The By Families, For Families Guide to Assisted Living. The Inside Elder Care blog has a tremendous amount of quality and targeted information- it is also attractively designed, offering an engaging user experience. Make sure to subscribe to Ryan’s newsletter to stay up-to-date with this site.

The Caregiver’s Voice

The CareGiver's Voice

The Caregiver’s Voice blog was founded by Brenda Avadian. Brenda was a caregiver for her late father who lived with Alzheimer’s. Her vision since 1998 is “to illuminate the caregiving journey while giving a voice to the millions of caregivers worldwide who endure unimaginable sacrifices to provide quality care for loved ones.” The site is specifically targeted to caregivers and other health professionals who help people with dementia. The Caregiver’s Voice has a backlist of 800 articles and currently offers the following categories of articles: Caregiver Tips, Book and Product Reviews, Inspiration, Humor, and Voices with Dementia. Check back weekly or sign up to receive her monthly newsletter. Brenda is also an active speaker on caregiving topics.

EldercareABC Blog


The Eldercare ABC blog was founded by Steve Joyce who used to work as a brand manager in Britain for a large pharmaceutical company. During the 1990s he and his wife moved back to Ireland to take care of their aging parents. It was this experience that inspired them to begin the Eldercare ABC blog. Of their blog, they write that is “based on empathy and community.” With the support of extended family, they were able to balance the challenge of caring for an aged parent. However, they recognize that not everybody was as lucky as them to have that level of help. They write that “we knew we were lucky and that many people rise to the challenge of an aging parent alone. Out hearts go out to these people and EldercareABCblog.com is a practical response to that emotion.” Their blog features a team of writers, a robust resources page, a free e-book entitled Worried About Eldercare Costs? and a variety of interesting and informative posts on their blog. Check out their post The Caregiver’s Journey that reviews the book by the same name and an article entitled Alzheimer’s Culture Change: Coming to a city near you that discusses whether your community is dementia-friendly, as the writer and predicts a tsunami of dementia cases hitting a city near you. Head over to their site and subscribe to their email newsletter, as well as follow them on Twitter stay up-to-date on what they’re doing.

Mr. Eldercare Online

Eldercare Online Blog

Martin Sabel runs the Mr. Eldercare Online website. The site’s motto promises a resource “for families dealing with aging parents”. Martin is an elder care authority and his website is intended to provide an authoritative resource that includes “hands on, practical tips that improve the lives of both the caregiver and the care recipient.” Besides running his information-packed website, Martin is also an author, having published “the Eldercare Survival Guide”. He also hosts a weekly Internet radio show titled “Ask Mr. Eldercare”. Check out one of his recent posts entitled How do I deal with siblings that don’t help? This article explores the sometimes fractious relationship between siblings that need to care for an elderly parent, and how best to manage this complicated situation. The Mr. Eldercare Blog is a comprehensive resource that provides a variety of useful information laid out in an organized and attractive fashion. Make sure to sign up for his newsletter as well as follow him on Twitter to receive updates on new posts.

Senior Resources

Senior Resources blog

The SeniorResourcesec.org website is the Internet presence of Senior Resources, which is a private non-profit organization that was established in 1976. The organization is recognized as the area agency on aging for Eastern Connecticut, which covers 56 towns in that area. Their mission is “to provide information and services to the aging population, individuals with disabilities, their families and care providers to maintain or improve their independence and quality-of-life.” The website is a comprehensive aggregation of a variety of programs and services available to their constituents, including Alzheimer’s respite, nutritional education and counseling, support for grandparents raising can children and many other important services. As well, Senior Resources has different newsletters that you can subscribe to and a plethora of informational resources readily available on the site. When you land on the homepage there is a highly intuitive search functionality that makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Make sure to check them out on Facebook.

A Place for Mom

Senior Living Blog

A Place for Mom is a site that connects moms, dads and families to senior living. If you check out their about page, you’ll learn that A Place for Mom was created 15 years ago with the intention of helping families to “navigate the maze of senior housing options.” As well, it bills itself as the “largest senior living referral service in the US and Canada.” Their site is an attractively designed resource with readily available phone support, as well as explainer videos that describe how the service works. They also host a blog called the Senior Living blog that features a variety of interesting eldercare and senior living articles. Check out their recent post on how to tell family you can no longer be their caregiver as well as how rising obesity in seniors burdens caregiver systems to get a sense of their writers’ styles. Make sure to check them out on twitter as well as sign-up to their newsletter to get the latest tips and advice on aging and caregiving.

Naked at Our Age

Naked at our age blog

The Naked at Our Age  blog is run by Joan Price who is an “advocate for ageless sexuality“. Her blog is designed to “offer news, views, and reviews related to sex and aging.” She is also the author of The Ultimate Guide to Sex after 50, Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex, and Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty. Joan’s free-spirited blog contains some truly unique and practical information – check out her recent post Solo Sex is Real Sex that describes her speech at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in the summer of 2015, as well as one of her more popular posts that is a response to younger men asking her how to approach an older woman. Joan puts a lot of effort into her blog, and her posts are infused with images and links, making them exceptionally useful if you are interested in exploring sexuality and aging. Make sure to check her out on Facebook to stay up-to-date with what she’s up to.

Sunrise Blog

The Sunrise Blog

The Sunrise Blog is run by Sunrise Senior Living, which is a company that runs high-quality senior living communities throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The mission is to provide a new approach to senior care that champions quality of life for all seniors. Their blog is one of the more attractive ones that we have reviewed, with attractive graphics and evident consideration given to user experience. One of the striking features of their blog is their focus on recipes, as well the effort they make to tell the stories of their residence. This is a particularly wealthy resource of information- make sure to check out the category list widget on the right panel of the blog to help you navigate it to many posts. Make sure to check them out on Twitter to ensure that you stay up-to-date with some of the interesting content that they so frequently produce.

Retirement Living

retirement living blog

Steve Gurney runs the Retirement Living blog. Steve spent 20 years in eldercare and founded his website in order “to provide individuals, families, and professionals with the most comprehensive listing of every retirement community, assisted living, nursing and rehab center and home care option in DC, Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland”. This ambition takes the form as a print publication entitled Guide to Retirement Living Sourcebook, which you can order for free from the website. The Retirement Living website is an incredibly robust resource that features a truly staggering amount of content related to eldercare. Browsing the menu, you can quickly see the website hosts content ranging from articles on hospice, Medicare, Medicaid to reverse mortgages, funeral planning and personal care. Head over to the site, take a look around and make sure that you follow them on Twitter to stay apprised of their frequently updated content.

eCare Diary

eCare Diary blog

The eCare Diary website is “a web community created based on the founders experience as caregivers for their parents who were diagnosed with chronic illnesses.” Among some of its more unique features is a database of nursing home and home care services, a caregiver video series, and online tools engineered to facilitate caregivers’ information sharing. Their online tools enable caregivers to schedule appointments, store documents, maintain a journal as well as create a care circle- visit their homepage to learn more and to register for the service. They also have a vibrant series of radio shows- click here to see the upcoming schedule. This is definitely a site worth keeping tabs on. You can follow them on Twitter or subscribe to their newsletter.

Family Caregiver Alliance

FCA Blog

The Family Caregiver Alliance prides itself on supporting and sustaining “the important work of families nationwide caring for loved ones with chronic, disabling health conditions.” The organization was founded in the late 1970s and is recognized as the first “community-based nonprofit organization in the country to address the needs of families and friends providing long-term care for loved ones at home.” We offer a variety of services, education programs, as well as publications to assist caregivers. Check out their robust caregiver education page that provides information on conditions ranging from dementia and depression to Parkinson’s disease and stroke. Diving into any of these topics you will find rich informational resources with a resolutely practical focus. Besides their written content, they also have a video channel as well as webinars. The Family Caregiver Alliance also operates the National Center on Caregiving, which is a program that provides important research and analysis regarding caregiver trends for “policymakers, service providers, media, funders and family caregivers throughout the country.” Check out one of the newer sections on their website called Caregiver Connect which is designed to help connect caregivers with each other and the resources they need to succeed. Some of the resources include the Family Care Navigator, the Research Registry as well as Caregiver Stories, Support Groups and Resource Centers located throughout California. This is a scrupulously designed website that is easy to navigate and contain some truly interesting resources. We recommend that you head over, poke around, check out their newsletters and follow them on Twitter to get a sense of the important work that they are doing.

Go 60

go60 blog

The Go 60 blog has an interesting motivation in this age of search engine optimization- they write “are you tired of senior sites that have the same old articles every time you visit? Or advertorials designed to get you to respond to an online advertiser?” Or even worse, “sites that post articles slathered with keywords throughout the copy in order to trick Google to directing on waiting cyber travelers to the URL for no good reason.” The Go 60 site offers a different experience, promising that they “are the senior market.” With a diverse group of writers, they promise and deliver on genuine authenticity, writing with a mission to “make the most of the years that are left to us.” Another feature that makes Go 60 such an interesting blog, is its diverse collection of writers. You’re able to filter articles by the authors you enjoy, making it very convenient to drill down on a writer whose content you take a shine to.Their navigation menu provides quick and easy access to a range of different article categories from health and money to travel and tech. Check out one of their recent posts regarding strategies to reduce prescription costs as well as their handy recipe index. Head over and join their email list, which tantalizingly will automatically enter you into $1000 sweepstakes.

Daily Caring

Daily Caring Blog

The Daily Caring website was founded by Connie Chow and Brian Yu– it promises to help you if you are “struggling to care for an older adult and (stay sane).” Their elegant and modern website includes practical advice, personal stories as well as caregiving and eldercare resources. While many eldercare websites suffer from stodgy design and poor user experience, dailycaring.com is a clear exception. Diving deeper into the site, through the clearly delineated categories that form the menu, you will find a wealth of resources. Hover over menu options like Caregiver Wellness, Assisted Living, or Health Conditions and all of the related posts and subcategories neatly expand with attractive visuals. Check out one of their recent posts to get a sense of their content style- How to Relieve Caregiver Stress: 4 Tips from Navy Seals explains the stress-busting secrets Navy SEALs practice that frazzled caregivers can also apply in their day-to-day lives. Make sure to follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their caregiving newsletter that provides daily tips and advice.

Regency Nursing

Regency Nursing

RegencyNursing.com is the hub of several New Jersey based nursing and rehabilitation centers. They describe their mission as providing, “comprehensive, compassionate healthcare through a dedicated team of experienced professionals who are specially trained to meet the widely varying and changing needs of those in our care, including the elderly, those suffering from prolonged illnesses or disabilities, as well as short-term rehabilitation patients.” One of the exceptional features of this site is the free resources they distribute. Known as the Regency Alliance On Senior Healthcare, Regency Nursing distributes quality information to help empower healthcare consumers. Regency Nursing has also been recognized by Guinness World Records in its 2015 edition for having the largest gathering of centenarians in the world. Guinness documented 31 centenarians (verified by their original birth certificates), though there were actually 41, but 10 of them didn’t have the birth record documentation to be included.

They also run an award-winning blog over at NJNursing.com. The Regency Nursing and Post-acute Rehabilitation Blog is a lively and engaging space that broadcasts facility news like the renovation of their Regency Heritage lobby in Somerset, New Jersey, which features a collection of rare Menorahs. It also serves as an important informational hub, providing fresh perspectives on senior healthcare, for example their recent post regarding OSHA regulations. RegencyNursing.com and NJNursing.com are packed with great information and their marketing team has made a serious effort to produce high-quality, authoritative content on eldercare and senior-living issues.

To get in touch with RegencyNursing, visit their contact page or email Judah Gutwein, LNHA, the Director of Corporate Marketing and Business Development: [email protected].

Senior Living Specialists


Senior Living Specialists was founded by Paul Markowitz after he went through the personal struggle of trying to find the right senior living community for his mom after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It is that personal touch that comes through in their blog which was created to try and help families better understand the intricacies of senior living. The blog reviews different topics that range from all the different points of time in the senior living selection process. Having a difficult time even getting the conversation started with your parents about senior living? Should you bring your loved one with you when viewing different assisted living facilities? How much can I expect to pay on an annual basis for assisted living? Senior Living Specialists aims to answer these questions and make your journey that much easier.

Suddenly Senior

Suddenly Senior – America’s Most Trusted Senior Citizen Website

Top-ranked site with pages of humor, nostalgia, senior advocacy and useful information for seniors. The daily e-zine for everyone over 50 who feels way too young to be old.

This top-ranked site now has over 4,000 pages of humor, nostalgia, senior advocacy and useful information for seniors 50+.

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