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The 5 Best Room Dividers [Ranked]

In this post, we ranked some of the best-selling room dividers on the market today.

A room divider is a folding screen that’s designed to carve out some private space in a room.

Historically, they were both used as a decoration and as a functional piece. Modern dividers can be made of rope, metal or even glass.

Today, most dividers are used as decoration rather than to create a walled-off space in a room (Source).

Our Top Pick: The Coaster 4 Panel

Bestseller No. 1
4-Panel Folding Screen Black and White 4624
  • Set includes: One (1) folding screen

How do they work?

Dividers are made with hinged panels that fold. Unfold the panels and place the divider in the appropriate place in your room.

Since room dividers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, their uses are endless. You can set them up to give you extra ‘wall’ space without having to put in an actual wall, or you can get creative and hang photos for a unique conversation piece in your home (Source).


Comparing The Options

How Do They Compare

In this section, we’re going to look at five unique and cost-effective pieces you can use to spruce up your living space.

  • The Giantex 6 panel screen is stylish in that it resembles wood shutters. Unlike paper screens, this one will give you ample privacy if you need to change clothes. The folding panels make set up easy, and the natural wood color compliments most modern decor. Buyers who live in smaller apartments said this screen is ideal for breaking up a large room into smaller areas to maximize the space.

  • The RHF 6 foot screen features a diamond weave, which makes it perfect for a more upscale room. This 6-panel screen is solid and comes with two-way hinges that make it easy to fold in both directions for versatility. This handmade screen divider comes in a variety of colors making it ideal for most homes regardless of your color palette.

  • Next up is another RHF screen. This one is extra wide, 6-foot divider that features shelves, which make it perfect for photos and other interesting knick-knacks. Unlike the previous RHF screen, this one is only four panels but features the same distinctive diamond pattern that looks elegant and is perfectly suited to upscale decor. Lastly, this divider is also handmade by professional carpenters.

  • The Best Office 4 panel woven screen is a simple, yet elegant design that’s made of solid wood that provides ample privacy and is durable. The mesh panels are made with a chic woven design that will add just a touch of flair to most rooms. If you’re environmentally conscious, these panels are made from woven rattan paper, which is pollution free and better for the environment. The four hinges make it easy to move, fold, and store.

  • Last up is the Coaster Home screen, which is a 4-panel screen that features a modern oriental design. The shoji screen (Source) frames are finished in black and the rice paper screen allows for plenty of light to shine through while still providing privacy. It’s a beautiful screen that’ll be the perfect fit for the modern home.

Best Room Dividers For 2024



Ease Of Use

This folding panel screen offered by Coaster Home is well-designed, stylish, durable, and an excellent choice for diving rooms into sections.

Users love the oriental style, but some do note that it arrived damaged. The Coaster Home divider features four panels, each approximately 17 ¾” in width, an opaque rice paper screen made of a durable synthetic material, and bi-fold brass hardware. Another great thing about this product is that the frame is made of FSC certified rubberwood for durability. The four-folding panel measures 69.5” x 0.75” x 70.25” when expanded.

As a whole, users are pleased with the design and usefulness of the Coaster Home four-folding screen, and they recommend it as one of the best room dividers available. A buyer mentions that she has been using the panels for almost two years and that they look as good as new.

She adds that you can’t see through the paper and that the frame is well-made and sturdy. Another purchaser observes that the shoji screen folds easily and that it comes assembled so that you just have to unfold it. A user also comments that the partition looks very beautiful and that it’s perfect for small apartments.

However, a couple of customers complain that the product is too flimsy and that the paper is too thin to provide privacy. Some also warn that it smells unpleasantly on arrival and that the design in one-sided.


  • ​Oriental style
  • Four folding panels
  • An opaque screen
  • A rubberwood frame
  • Light


  • ​Easy to damage during transportation
  • One-sided design
  • Flimsy for some



Ease Of Use

If you are wondering how to provide your guests with privacy in a small apartment, you might take a look at this room partition offered by Best Office. Users love the hand knitted woven design, but some do note that it’s too light for them.

The Best Office four-folding screens feature four panels measuring 71” x 18”, a frame made of solid wood, and rattan paper. Another excellent thing about this product is that it’s easy to store and the hinges allow you to adjust the panel’s length to your satisfaction. The unfolded room partition measures 71″ x 70.5″, and it weighs 12 lbs.

In general, buyers have a high opinion of the Best Office wood screens, and they don’t have any major complaints regarding its functionality or sturdiness. A user comments that the panel arrived quickly and in perfect condition and that it looks stylish and well-made. She adds that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemical, but warns that it’s tall and suitable for rooms with high ceilings. Another purchaser states that the construction is solid and that it’s not very heavy so that you can move it around the rooms easily.

A user also observes that you can use it on carpets with no issues and that the color is beautiful. She highly recommends it as one of the best room dividers available.


  • ​Hand knitted design
  • Solid wood
  • Rattan papers
  • Adjustable length
  • Well-made
  • Light


  • ​None



Ease Of Use

This panel screen offered by Rose Home Furniture is multifunctional, well-made, expensive, and an excellent choice for decorating your home. Users love the unique woven design, but some do note that it’s flimsy.

The Rose Home room divider features four panels with a width of 19.5” and a height of 6 feet, a bentwood arched top, and a weight of 7 pounds. Another great thing about this product is that it has six shelves, which are perfect for arranging small, decorative objects. What’s more, the product is handmade by professional carpenters. It’s available in two colors – bamboo and dark mocha.

A buyer observes the Rome Home partition looks elegant and stylish and that it’s perfect for lightweight objects. She adds that the handwoven design is pretty and that the panel is wider than it seems. Another purchaser shares that the shelves can hold a lot of small items and that it requires almost no assembly.

She highly recommends it to anyone looking for a four-panel room divider. A user also says that the product arrived well-packed with no damage and that she is going to order three more. However, a couple of customers have complained that the construction is flimsy and that it’s not as secure as they would’ve liked.


  • ​Handmade woven design
  • Stylish
  • Six shelves
  • Light
  • Foldable


  • ​Not sturdy enough for some



Ease Of Use

If you need more privacy in your home, you can try his 6-panel room divider offered by Rose Home Furniture.

Users love the stylish color and the natural fiber design, but some do note that it’s not as opaque as they expected. The Rose Home room screen features six panels, measuring 19.5” in width, two-way hinges so that you can fold it in either direction, a diamond weave, and a bentwood arched top.

Another great thing about this product is that it’s handmade by professional carpenters and that it’s extra-large – six feet in height. The product is also available in four-panel version.

A user mentions that the room divider seems solid and stable and that as long as you don’t move it around much, you shouldn’t have problems with it. He adds that it folds flat when you don’t need it and that the color is true to the picture. Another buyer observes that the extra width makes it perfect for large rooms and that the woven material is of excellent quality. He highly recommends it as one of the best six-panel room dividers.

A purchaser also comments that the screen doesn’t require assembly and that it’s light but sturdy. However, a few customers complain that the screen is flimsy and wobbly and that there gaps between the panels. 


  • ​Natural fiber design
  • Six panels
  • An arched top
  • Handmade
  • Available in four-panel version


  • ​Not completely opaque
  • Too light for some



Ease Of Use

This oriental freestanding privacy screen offered by Giantex is stylish, foldable, and suitable for rooms of any size. Users love the flexibility of the panel, but some do note that it’s smaller than excepted.

The Giantex room divider features six adjustable panels with a width of 15.7”, a solid wood frame for durability completed with wood texture for simplicity, and it measures 95.0″ x 0.7″ x 67.0″ when unfolded. Another great thing about this product is the double-sided design, which is great because you can use both sides.

What’s more, the louvered slat design allows air/sunlight to pass through.

A user shares that he uses Giantex product as a changing screen and that she is satisfied with its sturdiness and usefulness. She adds that the rustic design looks magnificent and that she highly recommends it. Another buyer mentions that the partition panel arrived in excellent condition and that it was well-packed.

She also points out that it’s light enough to move around without much effort. A purchaser also observes that it’s easy to slide it back and forth and that it is exactly what she was looking for.

However, a couple of customers have noted that the unit is flimsy and easy to break and that it’s not strong enough. Some also complain that it arrived damaged.


  • ​Flexible
  • Foldable
  • Six panels
  • Solid wooden frame
  • Double-sided design
  • Louvered slats


  • ​Some quality complaints

What’s Reddit Saying: Cheap DIY Ideas

Over in the Ask New York City subreddit, one user was looking for DIY ideas for a sliding room divider screen. He wanted it to be at least 120 in long it was having difficulty finding one online.

Additionally, he was willing to sacrifice the sliding mechanism – as long as it opens up. One responder had the idea that you could just buy some Ikea bookcases, tack on some industrial wheel trucks, and even layer on some one-sided fabric to create a portable separator.

Another person said that in lieu of purchasing a legitimate room panel you could buy some wall to wall Ikea wires and then string up some heavy-duty fabric curtains.

Asian-Themed Ideas

Over in the male living space subreddit, someone was looking for Asian themed dividers that would help partition is computer area from the main dining room in a small condominium apartment. He was hoping to match some of the colors – the trim and the walls themselves are light-colored with natural – colored decorative curtains. Some users said that he should prioritize quality materials and look for rice paper or bamboo thatch themes.

College Classmates

Over in the Frugal Living subreddit, one user was attempting to convert his apartment living room into a bedroom. And his particular situation, he was attending college and was rooming with a pair of classmates.

Because he was living in the living room, he wanted to purchase some decorative, Japanese partitions that would provide him and a modicum of privacy, especially since he would be rooming with two women.

One of the top responses came from a user who suggested purchasing some floor-to-ceiling IKEA curtains – this is a simple and trendy idea to create a wall. Another option, as we’ve seen before, it was suggested that he erect a wall of bookcases that face into the room.

Another Redditor chimed in suggesting that the original poster make sure that they adhere to rental law guidelines.

Apparently, there are a lot of safety regulations regarding what constitutes a legal bedroom inside of rental apartments. Other posters were skeptical of the curtain and bookshelf suggestions, saying that they would provide scant privacy. And their experience, they had rented out their own living room to somebody and the situation wasn’t ideal for anyone in the house.

As well, he says that if you stumble home and drunk and bump into the DIY shelves that are functioning as partition walls, it’s likely that you will knock them over causing a huge mess and potentially injuring yourself or other people in the apartment.

The last suggestion that we saw came from a user who said that in New York City specifically there are a bunch of businesses that sell compression walls. What they are, they appear just like standard walls that have a door but they are actually temporary installations.

Cheap & Temporary

Another Redditor submitted a post to Male Living Space wondering if the forum members could supply some cheap DIY ideas for a temporary room wall divider. In his situation, he owns a loft and is having a friend move in and wanted a temporary means of partitioning the loft space to provide some privacy.

An interesting suggestion came from a user who said you can create a rustic temporary wall by stacking firewood. One thing he advised is that the logs should be inspected for termites, and you should make sure they are clean, before stacking up a woodpile inside of your home. Though, to our mind, it does seem like a bit of a DIY fire hazard.

Fabric Walls

A more logical explanation and suggestion came from the user who suggested purchasing a 20 foot long printed fabric wall. Another user suggested employing EverBlocks – these are modular building blocks that snap together for modular construction projects. Another user clarified the hanging sheet method – saying that you don’t necessarily need to hang it all the way up to the ceiling. You could construct an inexpensive PVC frame that it would hold the sheet or even curtains.

Others suggested trying and Ikea hack – using Kallax shelving To function as inexpensive room dividers that also provide storage capacity.

The last post we looked at explored methods of anchoring room dividers without actually screwing them into the floor.

In this particular case, the user says that they have laminate wood flooring inside of their apartment and they weren’t in a hurry to drill holes into it and lose their security deposit.

Users made the familiar suggestion of just purchasing a bookshelf, with others suggesting a novel idea- pulling adjustable curtain rods and using the tension between the top of the divider in the ceiling for extra privacy. One user suggested purchasing small bookcases off of Craigslist and then waiting them down with 10 lb barbells.

The last interesting solution we saw was acoustic office paneling – with the original poster leaving off suggesting that they were going to explore their local Craigslist to see if any failed businesses were selling off things like that.

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