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The 5 Best Reclining Power Lift Chairs [Ranked]

Power lift recliners are reclining sofa-style chairs that are equipped with a lifting function to help the sitter get up from the chair (Source).

They're a great option for disabled and elderly individuals who need helping getting into and out of seats. 

They're equipped with simple remote controls to adjust the recline and lift of the chair (Source).

They are electric powered (though the Mega Motion does include an integrated battery) and are available to purchase as wall-huggers for a reduced footprint (Source).

If you're taller than 6'1" (roughly) you might want to investigate 'big and tall' power lift chairs- many of the common lift chairs are built for smaller-stature individuals (Source).

One Of Our Favorites: The Golden Relaxer

Golden Technologies produces a range of lift chairs. The one demonstrated in this video is the Golden Relaxer 756 lift chair

Power lift recliners come in different styles: 

  • 2-position​ lift chairs: feature a sitting position and a lifted or standing position.
  • 3-position​ lift chairs: feature a sitting, lifted, reading position and a recline position. It does not provide a full recline.
  • Infinite-position lift chairs: feature a full-recline position (also known as a "Trendelenburg Position") that will elevate your the feet above your heart. 

    These infinite-position power lift chairs usually utilize dual motors so you can manipulate the footrest and the back independently.

    This is the most versatile option- the best for sleeping and is often indicated for those who expect to spend extended periods of time in the power lift chair (Source).

Video: How To Choose A Lift Chair

Wall hugger power lift recliners can fit more flush up against a wall. Check out the comparison table below to see which power lift recliners are actually wall huggers. 

The Mega Motion lift chair features an integrated battery- so if the power goes out you or your elderly loved one will be able to power-lift themselves out of the lazyboy chair.

The Serta Perfect lift chair has the highest weight capacity at 375 lbs., but is also the most expensive option. Let's take a look at 5 of the best-selling options on the market and see how they compare. 


Reclining Lift Chairs Compared

Reclining Lift ChairOur RatingPrice ($)Wall Hugger?Weight Capacity# Of Positions
The Coaster Home Furnishings Power Lift Recliner4.1$$No350 lbs.3-position
The Best Home ProLounger Power Lift Recliner4.3$$Yes300 lbs. 3-position
The ProLounge Cream-Colored Leather Power Recliner4.8$$Yes300 lbs. Infinite
The Mega Motion Lift Chair Electric Power Chaise Lounger4.0$$No329 lbs. 3-position
The Serta Perfect Lift Chair4.0$$$No375 lbs. Infinite

How To Choose The Best One

Best Reclining Lift Chairs For 2024



Ease of Use

This lift and recliner offered by Coaster Home Furnishings is a good option for an elderly person or someone with a disability. Users love that it’s very comfortable, easy to assemble and quiet, but also note that it stops working or starts falling apart after several months.


This product features a lift function which is great because it helps you get up from the chair without putting a strain on the back or knees, and it is equipped with a recline function too. It comes with a remote control which can be housed in a sew-in pocket. This electric lift chair seems like an ideal piece of furniture for people with all ability levels who are looking for a casual and comfortable electric power recliner.


The general user consensus concerning the Coaster plush recliner is that it is very comfortable and quiet while changing positions. Purchasers agree that it is easy to put the item together.


However, there are complaints of the power chaise breaking or falling apart after several months. One purchaser states that the nuts and bolts started falling off and couldn’t be placed back. Another dissatisfied reviewer says that her father fell over the chair when he tried to get up balancing on one arm. Moreover, several buyers complain that the seat is too narrow.


  • Very comfortable
  • Quiet motor
  • Easy to put together


  • Some say it breaks or malfunctions after several months
  • Seat not wide enough
  • Complaint of not being stable enough



Ease of Use

This wall-hugger lift lounger seat offered by Best Home Products is a good option for someone who needs a wall-hugger lounger that can be used in three positions. Users love its lift, sit or recline functionality, but some do complain about poor quality.


This product is a wall-hugger chair which is great because it only needs to be placed 4 inches from the wall to recline. This lift and recline chair is easy to operate by using a wired power control. Another good feature is its whisper quiet and smooth functionality of lifting and reclining.


This could be a good choice if you are looking for a comfortable electric power recliner with 300 pounds capacity.


In general, users have a very high opinion of the ProLounger wall-hugger recliner, stating that it meets and exceeds their expectations. One satisfied buyer shares that her paralyzed husband is able to get out of the chair without assistance. Another purchaser says that this lounger is a good value for money.  


However, one dissatisfied buyer complains about the low quality, saying that the chair has broken after one month of use.


  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Wall-hugger chair


  • Complaint of breaking apart after a month’s use



Ease of Use

If you are looking for a top-rated power recline and lift wall-hugger chair, you might want to consider this electric lounger offered by Portfolio. Its users love how comfortable and easy to operate this power chaise lounger is, but one buyer does complain about experiencing electrical shocks.


This cream-colored wall-hugger is a 300-pound capacity power recline and lift chair. Since it needs only 4 inches of clearance from the wall it is ideal for small spaces. The chair has a convenient pocket for storing the remote control. This leather wall-hugger recliner could be a perfect choice for an elderly or disabled person.


In general, buyers are very satisfied with the ProLounger Leather Reclining lift chair and they praise its usefulness, coziness and easiness of assembling. One buyer shares that the lounger is of much assistance for a caregiver who needs to transfer an elderly disabled woman who had a stroke. Another satisfied purchaser loves many things about it – that it is comfortable, very attractively styled and that the mechanism is quiet as a whisper.


However, one buyer complains about problems with electronics of the chair. She says that the chair keeps giving electrical shocks to her mother who uses it.


  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Wall-hugger chair


  • Complaint of experiencing electrical shocks



Ease of Use

This 3 position rising electric power chair offered by Mega Motion is a good option for those who need a cozy and easy to control electric recliner. Its users love that it provides good assistance to both get up and sit down, but agree that it was made for shorter people.


This electric power lounger features heavy-duty lift actuator and scissor mechanism backed by 1-year warranty in home service, 2-year warranty for its parts and lifetime warranty on lift mechanism. Another feature is that seat and back cushions are zipped which is convenient for adjustment and replacement. It also has integrated battery emergency backup. It comes in three colors (chocolate brown, fawn tan and navy blue). If you are looking for a 3 position power chaise lounger with a long warranty period, this might be a good pick.


In general, users have a favorable opinion of this reclining and lift chaise, and they praise its functionality and usefulness.


However, several purchasers are dissatisfied with the size of the reclining chair. They state that it is made for a petite and short person. Several users complain about the reclining position. One of them says that feet can’t be lift off the floor without the back reclining. Another customer comments that the lounger doesn’t lay back far enough to enable you to sleep in it.


  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Holds up to 329 pounds
  • Simple controller
  • Available in 3 colors


  • Not for taller or larger frame person
  • Complaints concerning the reclining position



Ease of Use

If you are looking for an electric lift and recline chair, you might want to consider this plush wall-hugger offered by Serta. Users love that it makes getting out of a chair much easier and less painful, but some complain about the lift position which doesn’t provide enough support.


This lift and recline chair has gel infused memory foam which relieves key body pressure points on the arms, seat and chaise. It has a smooth quiet mechanism which comes with a lifetime warranty. Another feature is an USB port which is great for charging electronic devices. It can lift up to 375 pounds and is available in 4 colors: wine, ocean, forest and chocolate. If you are looking for a comfy reclining lift chair that has additional USB port, this might be a good option.


The general user consensus concerning the Serta lift chair is that it is exceptionally comfortable, easy to assemble and beautifully designed. Moreover, they find it to be very easy to operate with.


However, buyers dislike that the positions of the back of the chair and foot rest are not individually adjustable. One strongly dissatisfied purchaser shares that the chair doesn’t do its work when in lift position, because it tilted over.

Serta Lift Recliner Overview


  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Holds up to 375 pounds
  • Available in 4 colors


  • Doesn’t provide good support in lift position
  • Complaints of the reclining position

What Are Buyers Saying?

The first reclining lift chair we took a look at is manufactured by Coaster Home Furnishings- it is advertised as a power lift recliner. It comes in what is called a brown sugar texture- with an automotive-styled bustle back and thickly cushioned pillow arms.

It's engineered to help individuals lift out of the seat without over-straining their knees or back. This remote-controlled power lifting recliner can easily accommodate individuals weighing up to 300 pounds with its 20-inch seat width.

As a quick aside- if you're interested in a heated option, ReclinerFAQ reviews the best ones on the market.

  • Unfortunately, the buyers who have owned this power-lifting recliner for more than several months have experienced breakdowns.
  • One user says that their motor actuator completely disassembled.
  • Additionally, reviewers say they have had difficulty working with the manufacturer to replace or repair these specialized chairs, effectively rendering them useless.
  • Other buyers were more satisfied- saying that it was an inexpensive option, useful for people who experience difficulty getting up or reclining down into chairs.
  • It will recline all the way back into an almost prone position, helping to accommodate individuals with disabilities or those suffering from hip issues.

The 3-Position Coaster Home Furnishings

The second power lift and recline easy chair we looked at is manufactured by Best Home Products. The manufacturers say that it has three different electric-powered functionalities: lift, sit, and recline.

The cushions themselves are packed full of high-density foam and the chair is designed to accommodate individuals weighing up to 300 pounds. A remote controlled option, this wall-hugger, electric-powered recliner for sleeping does require that there be 4 inches of space from the wall so that the chair can comfortably recline once you tap a button on the included remote control. The seat dimensions are 19.5" high x 18" wide by 21.5" deep.

  • This lift chair has received fairly positive feedback, with one buyer purchasing it for their loved one that suffers from immobilizing Parkinson's disease.
  • Another reviewer, who purchased it for a relative who is partially paralyzed, says that this chair has helped him get out of it without requiring assistance or a security pole be installed in the home.
  • Buyers were also impressed by the responsiveness of the manufacturer- with reviewers saying that they were easy to communicate with, making us more confident to recommend this option.
  • You will have to do some minor assembly and buyers have told us that there is no battery backup for this power-lift sofa chair.
  • Users say that it is a highly adaptive medical sofa couch- the recliner can move backward or forwards electronically.
  • Reviewers also have told us that the remote control only has two buttons- one of them will lower the foot rest while raising the chair, so that you can get to a standing position, while the other lowers the chair while raising the foot rest to recline back.

The Infinite-Position Portolio Pro Lounger

The third power lift chair is the Portfolio Pro Lounger. It is advertised as an accessible means of getting in and out of your Lazy Boy sofa chair with advanced electric positioning abilities. An electric-powered option, you will have to plug it into the wall and it can support individuals weighing up to 300 pounds. Built from polyester, leather, and polyurethane, the manufacturer advises it be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Pro Tip: Any well-used recliner chair is going to naturally accumulate dirt and other messes in between the cushions (more so if you eat in your recliner). You should regularly use a quality vacuum, ideally with a hose or extendable wand, to vacuum and clean between the cushions. ModernCastle has dozens of reviews on the best vacuum cleaners. They are a good place to start your search if you don't already have a vacuum you like.

  • One reviewer purchased it for an elderly relative who had recently suffered a stroke. This woman has fallen in love with the chair, saying that it made it simpler for her live-in caregivers to transfer her to sitting and standing positions.
  • Another reviewer advises that the power reclining sofa chair works quietly, an interesting option for individuals suffering from disabilities (Source: Appliance Guide).
  • You will need about 4 inches of clearance from the wall to use- so make sure you take some measurements prior to purchase to ensure that when it reclines it doesn't jut into and obtrusive wall.

The 3-Position Mega Motion Easy Comfort

The fourth power lift recliner we examined is the Mega Motion Easy Comfort recliner- it has three different positions, a maximum weight capacity of 329-pounds and unlike other options includes an integrated battery that functions as an emergency backup should the power go out in your home.

The manufacturers describe their proprietary design as combining a rugged lift actuator with a scissoring mechanism- built from durable plywood and hardwood.

  • Buyers tell us that the power lift chair has a very small footprint.
  • It is not a wall hugger power recliner, however, so you will need to have some space between the back of the chair and the wall for it to fit right.
  • Overall, the chair is 41.5-inches tall with a 34-inch with a 38.5-inch depth. In addition, the width between the arms measures 20 inches with a 20-inch seat depth and an 18-inch seat height from the floor.
  • One reviewer who is senior citizen parent has unfortunately begun to experience all Alzheimer's dementia told us that the remote control is simple and intuitive, enabling him to lower and raise the chair to get into the most comfortable resting position.
  • In addition, for caregivers, the power lift recliner makes it easier to help elderly and disabled individuals out of the chair without having to painfully bend down and manually lift, which could dangerously lead to falls in the home.
  • Another reviewer whose mother-in-law is over 85 years old told us that it was easy to assemble- he didn't have to use any tools and found the power lift recliner to be a useful means of helping his elderly relative to sit down and get up.
  • One important thing to mention, this power lift recliner isn't exactly suitable for larger people- with one reviewer saying that if you are over 5 foot 6 it may not be long enough or big enough to provide a comfortable recline.
  • The way it assembles you just have to attach the seat base to the seat back by slipping it into the hinge- a not overly complicated assembly.
  • One reviewer did tell us that it is not ideal to spend a night's sleep in- but it's likely individual experience varies depending on the size and weight of the user as well as the medical complaints they suffer from.

The Infinite-Position Serta Perfect

The last power comfort recliner we examined is manufactured by Serta- it is the Serta Perfect lift chair. This wall hugging electric recliner has a 375-pound weight capacity and comes in two different colors including an ocean blue and a chocolate. It is advertised as a means of making the lives of elderly adults much more comfortable- accommodating the decreasing mobility that unfortunately accompanies old age.

With a loss of range of motion there comes a greater need to find easier methods of relaxing. This power reclining chair, Serta says, provides an ideal solution for living rooms and family rooms to accommodate an aged person who needs a relaxing resting spot to watch movies, read the paper or enjoy convivial conversation with family and friends.

Seta decided to enter the medical recliner market to enhance the lives of older adults, combining their sterling brand reputation with an ergonomic and proprietary design intended to produce a best in class lift chair.

  • One buyer purchased it for a relative who had undergone invasive back surgery and who needed a comfortable reclining spot that would help her get in and out of prone positions.
  • Buyers say that the remote control is incredibly simple- two arrow buttons indicate lifting and reclining functions- whenever the back reclines the foot rest raises.
  • Another reviewer's husband, who suffers from painful disc degeneration, says that her spouse has a complimented the chair- saying that it is an attractive and highly comfortable option that complements the interior decor of their large living room.
  • The width between the arms of the chair, effectively the seat width, is 21 inches.
  • Importantly, this is not a wall hugger option- it will need 1.5 to 2 feet of space to get fully prone- reviewers do say it appears like a standard piece of furniture and not ugly, medical equipment.
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