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The 5 Best Raven Cosplay Costumes [Ranked]

In this post, we’ll rank some of the best Raven cosplay costumes you can buy. Plus, we show you how to make your own DIY costume, with some stunning pics to boot!

In most cosplay, people frequently prefer to dress up in heroic, ‘positive’ figures. Not many like to assume the role of a despised character even for fun.

However, Raven is a blend of the desirable and the undesirable, plus a worthy character to take up in your cosplay.

A Stunning Example

raven cosplay pic

via: @lpolonikl

Rachael Roth, famously known as Raven, is a comic character from the DC universe. She is the daughter of the demon Trigon, and a human mother named Arella (Source).

Being half-demon, she possesses mighty telekinetic and magical powers; in addition to the abilities of effortlessly manipulating energy, shadows, and emotions.

Below, we picked out some of the best costumes and accessories you can buy if you want to quickly assemble the costume:


Comparing Them

Bestseller No. 1
vickkt Raven-Cosplay Costume,Deluxe Jumpsuit Belt With Purple Cloak Halloween Uniform Cosplay Costume For Women,XS
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vickkt Raven-Cosplay Costume,Deluxe Jumpsuit Belt With Purple Cloak Halloween Uniform Cosplay Costume For Women,XS
  • Inspired by the popular comic book Raven-Cosplay, the superhero cosplay is popular with fans. This Raven-Cosplay costume suit shows off your curves perfectly.
Bestseller No. 2
miccostumes Women's Costume Magical Girl Cosplay Fighting Bodysuit Full Set With Purple Hooded Cloak(women xl)
  • INCLUDES: 1*Cloak,1*Leotard,1*Belt, 1*Tights, 2*Wristbands, 1*Forehead Gem
Bestseller No. 3
Wildox Women's Halloween Cosplay Costume,Purple Cape and Anime Cosplay Waist Belt, Costumes Props Set
  • INCLUDES: This Halloween cosplay costume set includes a cape, a red gemstone waist belt, four round gemstones, and one diamond-shaped gemstone, providing you with everything you need for a perfect Halloween costume.
Bestseller No. 5
MANGOPOP Black Bodysuit Mock Neck Cutout Front Long Sleeve Tops(Black L)
  • Please select your size according to size chart in the last image before ordering.

DIY Raven Cosplay Tutorial

The YouTuber says that their Raven from Teen Titans is inspired by Gabriel Picolo’s casual Raven art! 

How To Achieve The Look

raven cosplay costume

via: @justbibsn

You can apply some tricks that can enhance your costume just perfectly. To pull off the perfect Raven Cosplay look, here are some hacks on how to make up the costume:

For you to come up with the ideal outfit for your Cosplay, you need to have the complete picture of the Raven character.

Raven is adorned by a long cloak with a pointy hood, a black Leotard, and purple boots. She further puts on a red stone brooch with golden trim, and the same stones appear on her cuffs and belt.

Making the Cloak and the Body Suit

Get a Reference Image

The initial step in the bid to pull off a perfect raven costume is merely getting a reference image. Having a picture to refer to will always keep you in line and help you avoid mistakes. Furthermore, it would be quite a hustle trying to make up something in the attempt to remember how it looks.

Cut the cloak pieces in appropriate sizes

Just like Raven’s cloak, yours should also be very long, covering up to your calf in addition to having extra inches for the seams. However, the size of the cloak will depend on your body size. For the best outcome, you should use a dark purple velvet fabric or a shiny spandex color. Ensure you keep extra pieces of material to cover your boots and cuffs.

Hemming the pieces at the edges

Having obtained the required size of parts, you have to hem them accordingly at the edges. Create a 0.5 inches helm and sew it with a matching color thread. A straight stitch is the most preferred tool for the job.

Folding the hood

Fold the hood into two and ensure the right sides match up, and sew 11 inches along the edges using a matching color thread. Leave a 0.5-inches seam allowance.

Join the top edges of the cloak

Gather the two top edges of the cloak and sew two straight lines across the un-hemmed edges. Remember to leave a 0.5 inches seam allowance for the first line and 0.25 inches for the other.

Join up the hood and the cloak

Leave a 0.5 inches seam allowance to pin the hood to the mantle and sew them together using a matching color thread. A stretch stitch comes in handy for this task, but a zigzag stitch does the finish up entirely.

Add a closing button to the cloak

Although you will eventually add a brooch to complete the raven look, you still need a closure system. You can use a ribbon, a hook, or even a button.

Make or buy the bodysuit

Purchasing the bodysuit is a more comfortable option. However, you can cut the budget and make your bodysuit. The off self-bodysuit is a black long-sleeved leotard with a turtle neck. Your customized pair should compose of black spandex or matte leather. Remember, the bodysuit should be legless.

Pattern your sleeves

Cut up your sleeves into the pattern of Raven’s attire and hem the cuffs by a black thread or the marching bodysuit color.

Acquire a pair of grayish tights

You have to acquire a pair of grayish tights to match Raven’s gray skin tone. Furthermore, you will also need to paint your hands and face gray to complete the look. Ensure the tights fit your body perfectly and do not have a control top that stretches to the thighs.

Make cuffs

If need be, you can always complete the look with a pair of cloak matching cuffs. From the remainder of the material, cut the cloth into similar rectangles and after trying them out around your wrists. If they fit right, stitch them individually into cuff-like tubes.

Acquire a pair of boots and make them a matching over

Buy a pair of boots that extend over your ankles but fall under your calf. Ensure your boots come with no shoelaces and if they do, remove them and glue the tongue to the sides. Wrap the excess cloak fabric around them and pin them to match them with the cloak.

Make the accessories

Once done with the major parts, the accessories are the final piece of the puzzle. The supplies needed include the following: Clear cast resin, white casting resin, flowering cups, gold paint, red nail polish, semi-circle candy, a metal ring belt, super glue.

The breakdown of the process is as follows:

  1. Mix the resins for your gem with a part of the hardener and pour it into the mold. Wait for 24 to 32 hours.
  2. Mix the white casting resin to some of the hardeners and add it to the mold.
  3. Allow the mixture to harden until it turns white and cool down, then remove the mold.
  4. Repeat the preceding step twice for the hand gems.
  5. Paint your belt golden.
  6. Mix more resin and add it to the mold.
  7. Submerge belt rings into the resin mixture.
  8. If the resin turns white, you can remove the gems from the mold.
  9. Redo the process to acquire more gems.
  10. Once your gems are ready, remove them from the molds.
  11. Paint the gems with the paint color of your liking.
  12. Attach them to the belt, the brooch, or handcuffs using the super glue or any other available adhesive.
  13. Allow the adhesive to dry up for above 4 hours
  14. Test to fit your belt, brooch, or hand gem.
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