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*Last Updated: November 2021

The 5 Best Poster Frames [Ranked]

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Once you buy a poster or a print, which could be a design, a popular saying, or simply scenes and characters from your favorite movie or TV show, your job doesn’t end there.

You have to frame them beautifully so that you can show off your purchase and put some drama or aesthetics up on your walls.

Even if it’s an artwork, the right frame can enhance its beauty many times over.

Yet, finding the right poster frame for your favorite buys is often a tough task.

Though a handful of buyers may take the do-it-yourself route to design custom framing for their posters and prints, not everyone would be up for the task.

No wonder why many put off buying prints because of the successive hassle regarding framing.

But you don’t have to do it if you know where to find a suitable poster frame.

Comparing The Options

Bestseller No. 1
MCS, Black, Original Poster Frame, 24 x 36 Inch, Set of 2
  • MODERN DESIGN: This set of lightweight hanging picture frames are the ideal choice to display your favorite photos, art prints, posters and more; Contemporary, sleek, and aesthetically ideal to accent your living space
Bestseller No. 2
Americanflat 24 x 36 Poster Frame in Black - Composite Wood with Polished Plexiglass - Horizontal and Vertical Formats for Wall with Included Hanging Hardware
  • Design: Black 24x36 inch poster frame with thick moldings, perfect for your cherished memories and favorite posters; comes with hanging hardware for hassle-free display in both horizontal and vertical formats to hang flat against the wall
Bestseller No. 3
upsimples 11x17 Picture Frame Set of 5,Display Pictures 9x15 with Mat or 11x17 Without Mat,Wall Gallery Photo Frames,Black
  • MULTIPLE FRAMES COLLAGE:Bulk of 5 pieces Picture Frames set in the same Sizes.Perfect for Pictures 9x15 with Mat or 11x17 Without Mat.
Bestseller No. 4
Craig Frames 1WB3BK 24 x 36 Inch Picture Frame, Black, Set of 4
  • Contemporary style; black; smooth wrap finish
Bestseller No. 5
PETAFLOP 4 Pack 24x36 Frame for Pictures with Plexiglass Front, Black Poster Frames for 24 x 36 inch Wall Art
  • The size of this poster frame set is 24x36 inches, it is large enough to fully display your cherished photos, posters, artworks or pictures. Every order contains 4 photo frames of the same size, and can have multiple combinations for the display of works.

Buying Guide

A lot of online stores, as well as brick-and-mortar stores, offer a variety of poster frames from which you can take your pick.

You have to take a closer look at your poster or print to decide the right size and type of frame that would do justice to it.

Since you will get frames available in a wide range of sizes and shapes (round, square, rectangle, oval, etc.), colors, and styles, you may feel overwhelmed when making a choice if you haven’t given it some thought before you set out to buy one.

Once you have decided upon the basics of a frame (such as its size, color, and style), you would need to decide on a few other factors.

To begin with, you need to set a budget and pick the frame material (plastic, cardboard, hardboard, bamboo, leather, metal, ceramic, etc).

An inexpensive poster frame material like cardboard would be ideal if it’s a one-off posted or image for your little one’s birthday, which s/he will outgrow in two or three years.

However, if it’s a limited-edition, vintage poster (say, that of Bob Marley), you should look for something that’s a little more physically substantial (say, a plastic poster frame) than a cardboard frame.

You can also get frame backing boards in hardboard, corrugated, or foamcore backing.

To read more about the type of pictures frame, check this out.

If you are looking to frame your artwork, the information here could help.

More Details

Jazzing up your rooms or your home or office interiors with posters is a great way to insert some of your own style and identity into the space.

From music and movie posters to art prints and digital works, there are a lot of choices available in the market today.

Once you have unrolled your posters, you will need poster frames to display them.

Thus, you can call these frames the backbone of your precious buys as they help them get displayed at their best.

Be it weathered woods that come with a lot of character or frames with a vintage touch that visually elevates your photos and artwork, poster frames available in the market today can perfectly match almost anything that you are looking to frame.

You can also get frames depending on the type of display you are looking for (hanging, tabletop, etc), or the feature you need (such as engraved, textured, slide-in and slide-out, engraved, customized, etc).

Buying Guide

Bestseller No. 1
MCS Trendsetter Poster Frame, Black, 18 x 24 in, Single
  • MODERN AND FUNCTIONAL: Create a contemporary display for all your most esteemed art prints, photos, posters, puzzles, and more with the MCS Trendsetter Frame featuring a sleek black finish

There’s a huge tribe of movie poster collectors who search high and low to get their hands on their desired posters.

Often, this hobby could turn out to be financially rewarding, as in the case of a rare 1932 ‘The Mummy’ film poster that was poised to hit a record $1 million at an auction last year (Source).

Whether you are an avid movie poster collector or have just started with it, you should buy proper movie poster frames to display and protect your precious buys.

A frame made of fluted polypropylene (which is rigid and water-repellent) or an acid-free foam board is ideal for vintage movie posters.

You can also use acrylic or glass glazing to protect your movie posters against UV damage.

Using acrylic frames for large-sized movie posters (like 27×41 or 27×40) is better than glass frames, especially if you plan to move or ship your poster frequently after getting it framed.

You can learn more about framing movie posters here.

Poster Frame Sizes

The most common frame size for a standard movie is 24×36.

If you are looking for the ideal sized frame for novelty and concert posters to hang around your room, 24×36 poster frames are your best bet.

When considering frame sizes, you can even use 27×40 poster frames as they fit the standard movie poster size.

Occasionally, you will find large-sized officially licensed movie posters that would need 27×41 poster frames.

For your images and artworks, you may even look for 18×24 poster frames.

It’s always important to measure your poster or image before you select a frame. The frames are based on inside dimensions.

So if you have an 8×10 image and don’t want to mat it, then order an 8×10 frame.

Now if you have an 8×10 image and do plan on matting it, then order a larger frame size to accommodate this.

Michaels Options

Michaels is a leading company that offers a wide range of products to meet your home décor, framing, scrapbooking and other needs.

Whether you need floating frames, frame mats, collage frames, multi-pack framesets, or custom poster frames, you will find them all and more at a Michaels store near you or at the company’s online store.

Those wondering what makes Michaels’s poster frames so special should know that apart from using high-quality materials for its frames, the company and its people make sure to value the art or poster or image that their customers want to frame, thus helping them choose right.

You can check this video to find out how Carrie Seid wanted a unique way to showcase her art that she believed was special and got what she needed at Michaels with the company’s custom framing.

DIY Poster Frames

If you are not in the mood to splurge on your poster frame and would rather build it yourself, you can check out this video for an easy and cheap DIY frame.

However, folding the sides of a poster may not go down well with most, especially if it’s something that you cherish.

But for posters that keep changing every two-three months (say, depending on your kids’ preferences for superhero posters – Batman one month, Hulk the next, and Deadpool to follow, maybe), this cheap DIY poster frame could serve the purpose well.

If you are ready to put a bit of more effort, you can build a wooden DIY poster frame for your images and posters by following the steps at this tutorial.

Expensive Vs. Cheap

The budget is often a big question on many buyers’ minds, who are looking for poster frames.

If you too belong to this league, you can take a closer look at the type of poster you have and the way you want to showcase or preserve it.

Vintage prints or unique posters shouldn’t cut corners to have cheap frames that may ruin it or adversely affect its aesthetic value.

So, custom poster frames or high-quality frames (which could be expensive than their usual counterparts) should be the go-to options.

However, for posters or images that you buy for your little ones or even for yourself, knowing well that you are going to change them within a few months, budget buys or cheap poster frames are the wise way to go.

You may even take the do-it-yourself route to create cheap frames if you don’t mind investing the time and effort needed for the job.

Walmart Options

Walmart stocks a wide variety of poster frames.

You can browse based on the poster/image size, color, style (modern mid-century, farmhouse, transitional, etc.), material (wood, glass, metal, plastic, polyurethane, and wood composite), type (collage, wall frame, tabletop, poster, document, etc.), budget, brand, etc.

If you know what you want, finding it would be easy at Walmart.

However, if you need customized frames or some DIY supplies (say, woodcut to your chosen specifications) to build your poster frame on your own, your local stores could be more helpful.

Whether you choose to look for poster frames across specialized online stores and retailers or take your search offline, knowing your requirements and having a budget in mind would help you find what you need quickly without feeling lost or overwhelmed.

It’s equally important to decide on whether you want to preserve the poster (to hand it down to the next generation, especially if it’s a rare or unique piece) or get rid of it sometime soon.

That’s because this factor will play a crucial role in your final choice and your budget too.

So, consider these and some other important factors to choose your poster frame wisely.