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The 5 Best Portable Video Magnifiers [Ranked]

Portable Video Magnifiers

Portable video magnifiers are great vision aids for people with macular degeneration and other low vision impairments.

They provide a handy way to magnify newspaper text, menus, maps, recipes as well as prescription medication labels.

The ViSee 4.3" is our favorite of the bunch on the market today.

It comes with A large 4.3 inch LCD display screen and features four different adjustable magnification levels ranging from 6x to 25x.

It also includes different color modes to enhance screen readability, rubber hand grips, and even Video Out to port it to a computer monitor or tv screen.

Bestseller No. 1
Visee LVM-480 4.3" Digital Magnifier with 4-Level Magnifications and 3 Color Modes for Low Visions
  • 4.3" LCD display. Four adjustable magnification levels from 6x-14x.

It's not inexpensive, however, but it's a lifesaver for people with low vision issues- helping the elderly and vision impaired to remain living independently.

Video Overview

For instance, some users are again able to read their mail, set their thermostats, pay their bills, make recipes from their cookbooks, and even work there microwave clock settings.

Let's take a look at five of the best-selling portable electronic digital magnifying reading aids on the market today.


Comparing The Options

The 5 Best Portable Video Magnifiers



Ease of Use

The ViSee portable video magnifier offers an auto shut-off feature that helps to save on battery life and has a convenient freeze frame feature, is pocket-sized and lightweight. It also includes different schemes for text and background colors: black on white and white on black, comes with its own stand, AC charger as well as a USB charging cable.


Those who have used this portable video magnifier enjoy its portability and that it is basically the same size as many of their smartphones. Those who use the portable video magnifier enjoy the 2X to 15X zoom magnification that they get with this product and regard it as a very useful tool for those who have vision issues.


Users find this video magnifier easy to use except for when it comes to reading books and newspapers since there is a need to use the legs of the magnifier which places it about three inches higher than the book or newspaper and it can make it difficult to get the correct scanning for the book.

Some users also advised that it is best just to leave the portable video magnifier on the default color setting. Overall most users found this magnifier a relatively helpful product.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with stand
  • 2X to 15X zoom magnification
  • Has two color schemes
  • Small and lightweight
  • Rechargeable battery included


  • Not good for reading books or newspapers
  • Short battery life
  • Cannot be connected to a monitor or computer screen



Ease of Use

The ViSee electronic portable video magnifier is a handy device for those who deal with low vision as well as macular degeneration/


Some of its key features include 6X to 25 X magnification, multiple display modes for individual visual needs, the ability to freeze text and pictures for easy viewing. Those who have used the product enjoy the ability to be able to read menus, recipes, prescription labels and even price tags while shopping in retail stores.


One key feature that this portable video magnifier offers is the ability to view on larger screens by using the video cable that comes with the product. Some users also enjoy the rubberized grips that make the magnifier easy to hold on to while using. Some users did find that while trying to write with the portable video magnifier propped up there was some difficulty and could pose a problem for some people that might have difficulty with arthritic hands.


Some users did find that the minimum magnification of the ViSee 4.3 portable video magnifier was too powerful and suggested that it might be more beneficial if there was a lower minimum magnification setting. The majority of users consider this magnifier well worth the price for all that it offers.

Visee Video Overview



  • Convenient rubberized grip
  • Ability to hook up to a larger screen
  • Retractable handleLarger viewing area


  • Minimum 6X magnification can be too powerful for some
  • Screen too dark
  • Setting buttons can be difficult for visually impaired person to operate
  • Can be difficult for some elderly to handle



Ease of Use

The Koolerton portable video magnifier comes with a vast variety of features for both reading and writing. The best being its big five-inch screen with a double camera design for both near and far viewing, screen freeze, voice reminder, backlight brightness as well as HDMI output that can connect to an HD TV.


Users of this portable video magnifier have found it quite easy to use with its wide-angle design and 4X to 32X magnification capabilities.


Many users enjoy the screen freeze feature along with the flashlight for temporary lighting situations as well as its cool voice reminder feature.


Another feature some users seem to enjoy is the automatic key data storage that can be played and viewed at any time. Other features about this magnifier that some users have enjoyed are the light intensity adjustment capabilities, the HDMI 1080i60 output and the ability to connect it to an HD TV so they can enjoy using the portable video magnifier on a big screen.


Some users did complain about the portable magnifier turning off after two minutes even while in use if the magnifier isn’t moved while using.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with video output cable and HDMI cable
  • Big five inch screen
  • Double camera design for both far and near viewing
  • Supports music play function
  • Wide angle design
  • Light intensity adjustment capabilities


  • Automatically shuts off after two minutes if there is no noticeable movement
  • Not the greatest for distant viewing



Ease of Use

The Snow portable video magnifier has a variety of robust features- but one feature users loved was its 7″ widescreen that lets users see more of the words and parts of pictures on the screen while they are reading or writing.


Another popular feature is the tilting screen that can be put at ergonomic viewing angles for individual users for more comfortable personal viewing, which helps to cut down on neck and eye strain.


For some users this portable video magnifier may not magnify as much as desired since it only reaches a maximum of 16X but for a lot of users, this maximum magnification works just fine for their personal vision needs. Some users don’t like the idea that it really isn’t suitable for use on one’s lap and works much better on a table.


The Snow video magnifier is considered by some users to be a wonderful tool for reading both newspapers and magazines but did wish that the battery life was longer than 3.5 to 4 hours before needing to be recharged but were happy with its relatively short charging time of around 4 to 5 hours.

Snow Video Overview


  • Ergonomic viewing screen
  • Real-time crisp imaging when moving or changing the magnification
  • Twelve different color modes
  • Connects to TV
  • Plenty of space under the camera to work a pen


  • Not good for viewing while on lap
  • Battery lasts only 3.5 to 4 hours before needing to be recharged
  • Angle of viewing cannot be adjusted



Ease of Use

This is a small and compact portable video magnifier that has a magnification of 2X to 32X and it offers three different color modes for its users: full color, white on black and black on white. Some of its key features that many users like are an ability to freeze text, photos and other objects for ease of viewing.


Many users have found it easy to use when reading text, viewing maps, menus, various kinds of labels and recipes. Some users didn’t like the fact that this video magnifier can sometimes make it difficult to read a page because each time the magnifier is moved, the unit has to refocus the screen.


The battery for this portable video magnifier according to some users tends to be far less than the 3.5 hours the specs claim, for some users the battery lasted just 45 minutes before requiring recharging time. Those who have used this portable video magnifier agree that for the price of this particular unit you pretty much get what it says it’s going to do.


This magnifier may not have as many bells and whistles as some of the others but can be useful for someone who is in need of some visual help and not looking for a lot of added features.


  • Inexpensive price tag
  • Lightweight, small and compact
  • Charge time four hours
  • Magnification up to 32X


  • Short battery life for some only 45 minutes before needing to be recharged
  • Needs to refocus screen every time the unit is moved
  • Too small for some users

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to purchase a portable video magnifier, and don't want to opt for a cheap magnifying glass, these high-tech gadgets could be a great option for you or loved one suffering from macular degeneration or another type of vision impairment.

We have seen that one user who is nearly blind from rod cone dystrophy, an incredibly obscure form of macular degeneration, have successfully integrated these portable video magnifiers into his everyday life.

One person who is legally blind, but still in the workforce doing highly technical engineering consulting, uses the video magnifier every single day to help him see small details that are crucial for his home and work life.

If you or loved ones suffer from low vision problems, a portable electronic digital magnifier could be a great solution for you.

They are easy to take around and help to improve the quality of life for people whose vision is impaired- as we have seen, they have the ability to restore an individual's visual acumen by magnifying text on a variety of different surfaces.

Make sure that you review our comparison table at the top of this page to check out the product pages to read what other customers are saying about the unit you are considering purchasing.

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