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The 5 Best Pool Bikes [Ranked]

Pool Bikes

Aquatic exercise is a trending phenomenon, particularly in United States because it is low-impact and has numerous health benefits (Source).

In particular, pool bikes, which are stationary aquatic bikes, are ideal exercise equipment for fitness training & physical rehabilitation (Source).

These ergonomic pool bikes provide similar cardiovascular benefits to spinning classes, which are all the rage now, but there's also the cardiovascular benefit of low-impact of water (Source).

Research has demonstrated that water creates resistance 12x more strong than traditional stationary and traditional bicycling.

That means that you will get all the benefits of bicycling without any of the risk of injury (Source).

Pool bikes typically feature adjustable resistance so that you are able to completely customize your workout to your personal abilities and health goals.

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Let's take a look at 5 of the best-selling pool bikes on the market today. 


Comparing Them



Ease of Use

The Aquabike Wike-up is our top choice- it is one of the lightest aquatic pool bikes on the market today at only 21 pounds.

Constructed from rust-proof aluminum, it is intended for all members of the family and can accommodate individuals weighing up to 250 pounds. Ideally the water should be at least 4 feet in depth to use.

And though it won't rust because of its aluminum frame, the manufacture recommends that you don't leave it in the pool- they recommend taking it in and out whenever you need to use it, saying that it's not too difficult to pull out because of this lightweight.

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Benefits of Aquatic Fitness Exercise

The benefits of aquatic therapy continued to garner research-backed evidence. Many of the benefits stem from the low-impact nature of water exercise.

The high-resistance and buoyancy of water is ideal for people rehabilitating from injuries. As well, the elderly are also great candidates for participating in aquatic water exercise and therapy, whether with a pool bike or in a fitness class.

Some of the benefits of swimming pool exercise and pool biking include:

  • the ability to burn enormous amounts of calories;
  • energy renewal from stress and tension relief;
  • pools are also very private spaces to perform exercise;
  • the effect of water some users described as massaging the body as you perform aquatic exercise;
  • pools offer year-round exercise opportunities as opposed to bicycling which can become pretty seasonal when it gets cold out;
  • it's easy on the joints because of the buoyancy which lets joints and muscles work to their full range of motion;
  • you don't have to support as much of your body weight when you are in the water which means it will be easier for you to do more exercising.

Some of the common conditions that aquatic exercise and pool bikes are used for include joint problems, multiple sclerosis, back pain issues, arthritis and joint-related pain, obesity and soft tissue injuries.

How To Perform Aqua Exercise

There are many different types of pool exercises that you can do, not just using pool bikes to do them.

You do not even need a pool that is too big, that requires you to swim laps, you can stand stationary performing a series of aquatic exercise movements that will provide a great cardiovascular benefit to you.

These specialized workout routines benefit from the natural resistance water provides. If you are interested in performing aquatic exercise, you can look into your local YMCA, community center or gym to see if they have a pool and whether they provide aqua aerobic classes.

You can even begin with swimming laps, granted the pool is large enough. Some introductory aquatic exercises you can start off with include pull-ups on the side of the pool, water jogging or walking, crunches as you float on your back, and even using aquatic barbells to practice weightlifting in the water.

If you are looking to purchase a pool bike, check out our comparison table above that examines some of the best options on the market today.

There are a lot of benefits to exercising in the water- these include the benefits of water resistance, buoyancy, the pleasing water temperature, the cooling effect of being in water, and the massaging effect which is produced from hydrostatic pressure.

Once you begin incorporating aquatic exercise into your routine, this low-impact form of cardiovascular exercise can be a great way to begin treating joint problems or losing weight through a total-body workout designed to improve and increase your stamina, cardiovascular abilities and your general overall strength.

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