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The 5 Best Pocket Staffs [Mall Ninja Ranked]


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If you love martial arts, then this mall ninja product will surely impress you.

The pocket staff brings security and portability in one place, probably your pants pocket.

It looks impressive, and like the name, you can carry this product easily on your person.

The pocket staff is a great security tool, especially if you live around a not-so secure enough neighborhood. Fortunately, it doesn’t require any professional martial arts training to use.

Watch It In Action: Review

You can easily enjoy its benefits with the simple instructions it comes with when you purchase it.

Besides that, you can also watch video tutorials on how to use the pocket staff.

The 5 Best Pocket Staffs

Bestseller No. 1
ZWIFEJIANQ Magic Pocket Staff Portable Martial Arts Metal Staff 110CM 150CM (Silver, 150cm)
  • High Quality Material ➤ Durable Stainless Steel, allows you to reuse and recycle multiple times. Professional magic props, please carefully learn how to use after receiving the goods, do not use it without permission; Please keep away from children.
Bestseller No. 2
Jaurylvo Magic Pocket Staff Portable Martial Arts Metal Staff Self Defense with Operation Video 150CM
  • ✅【WARNING】Please extend your wand when you are not use, this cane extends with a lot of force.DO NOT LET KIDS USE IT! DO NOT POINT YOUR EYES WHEN GOING TO RELEASE IT!
Bestseller No. 3
UXELY Appearing Cane, Magic Trick, Magic Wand Stage Trick Prop, Pocket Staff Appearing Cane Magic Tricks Wand for Magician Stage Magic Tricks
  • Magic Trick: It's amazing to make a short thing to long bar, can be used with scarves, and others.
Bestseller No. 4
Fuich 2 PCS Magic Pocket Staff Portable Martial Arts Metal Staff Silver Magic Pocket Sticks for Gifts and Magicians (110CM/43.30'' )
  • Material: 100% High Quality Stainless Steel,Durable, Allows You to Reuse and Recycle Multiple Times. Please keep away from children.

More Info

The pocket staff is a collapsible martial arts training staff designed with super light speed in mind. These staffs are highly portable, and their built from stainless-steel metal. Aside from being used as a martial arts training staff, the pocket staff can also be used for self-defense (Source).

It’s very minimal and only measures 2 inches, making it one of the most portable self-defense gadgets you can find. Once fully stretched, the pocket staff looks like a stick, cane, and it also resembles a wand.

The staff is extendable up to 54 inches long, and its stainless-steel metal body offers optimal durability. Once pressed, the staff quickly stretches out within milliseconds into a 54-inch durable stick capable of being used for its purpose.

Note that this tool is only meant for either martial arts training or in self-defense. It isn’t safe or advisable to leave with your kid because they might hurt themselves very quickly. Even in self-defense, you’ll have to learn how to appropriately use the pocket staff for the benefit of your safety.

This staff is also manually collapsible, meaning you’ll need to recoil it back to its original position. However, ensure that you observe optimal safety since the stainless-steel edges might easily cut you during this process.

Buying Guide

The pocket staff is made of genuine and high-quality stainless-steel metal, which means you won't have to worry about rust if it sweats in your pocket. Similarly, the stainless-steel material gives this staff the durability and stability it needs during training.

The build material also keeps the pocket staff firmly straightened once you stretched it out into a 54-inch cane-like stick.

The opening speed of this piece is over the charts, thanks to its lightweight material. It quickly stretches once you open its lock, and this can happen within a second. This is great, especially when using it as a self-defense mechanism. The speed will allow you to quickly counter your attacker and protect yourself from the present danger.

It's made in Thailand and ships from there, meaning you'll have to wait for about 15-30 days before you can receive the pocket staff once you purchase it. Some buyers have complained about how long it takes to receive this item. Similar complaints have also been the case with people who opted for a faster means of shipping.

On your hand, this stainless-steel staff feels very light, and many users have lamented that it might not be the best form of inflicting the needed damage to your attacker.

As A Weapon

Most people ask themselves if a pocket staff can be considered as a weapon. But frankly speaking, not really would be a perfect answer. This stainless-steel martial arts and self-defense training staff don't hold a viable place in actual combat.

The main reason is that the pocket staff doesn't have the needed core to strengthen its ability to be used as a weapon. Hence, it's mostly for show, but some users have found it useful as a weapon when only used as a projectile.

This is applicable when you press to unlock the staff, and it shoots out instantly with force capable of inflicting damage to someone standing in front of it.


One thing to love about this staff is its durable nature. As mentioned earlier, the pocket staff is built from a stainless-steel metal. This type of metal can last you a lifetime if properly maintained according to its requirements.

Besides that, you can also tighten the coil to make it stronger. This can be done by twisting the wide-end anti-clockwise and the narrow-end in a clockwise direction. Therefore, this is a pretty durable staff, and its build material can attest to this statement.

However, it’s highly unlikely that anyone would want to use it for a lifetime. But if so, the pocket staff can push itself to reach a significant number of usability.


Although it's significantly marketed as a useful self-defense tool, this staff doesn't stand much of a chance. However, it can be useful as an instant projectile if you are caught up in a risky and insecure encounter.

But apart from that, there's nothing more you can do with this stainless-steel staff. Hence, it would be best if you didn't consider it as a primary self-defense tool. It can easily let you down in hostile situations, which you don't need when in danger.

However, you can use it like a bo staff, and it will work correctly. You can use it for spins, presentations, and martial arts training. The pocket staff is just for the show.

Closing a Pocket Staff

After using the staff, now you have to close it. And although the process might seem easy, it isn't very straightforward at first. So, you'll have to be patient with whatever techniques you'll use to close the pocket staff.

When closing it, you need to expand the staff's broader end while pushing in the smaller end of the team. You'll have to turn and twist the coil for it to squeeze in entirely back to its initial position.

Once back in its original position, you can straighten out the little metal rod to close the staff. Note that it isn’t advisable to open this staff when horizontally positioned. This is highly risky, especially if someone is standing beside you.

The best way to open it is vertically, but you mustn't look directly into it as you can also hurt yourself. So, stretch out your arm entirely and open it from a stretched-out position.