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The 5 Best Plague Doctor Costume Masks | Pics & DIY Examples

In this post, we ranked five of the best-selling plague doctor masks.

We also dug up some amazing cosplay examples for inspiration if you’re trying to dress up for a costume competition. And even some scary tattoos!


These villainous-looking costumes have a pretty morbid backstory- they adorned medical physicians who specialized in treating victims of the bubonic plague (Source).

During disease epidemics, these physicians were employed by villages where the plague was occurring. Nowadays people resonate with their spooky and iconic visage- often prized by the Steampunk community.

Crazy Cosplay Plague Mask

An Instagrammer showcased a gorgeous, hand-made option, saying it’s a “plague doctor ‘Sr. Josefka’ at this year’s #epicempires.” It sort of looks like a leather buzzard mask:


Below you can see some plague doctor masks that you can buy online- great for Halloween or cosplay events.


Comparing The Costumes

Bestseller No. 1
HAOSUN Plague Doctor Mask and Cloak Long Nose Beak Halloween Costume Props Leather Masks for Adult
  • 3 IN 1 Sets Package includes:1pcs* leather mask, 1pcs* cloak, 1pcs * balaclava
  • One size for most adult
Bestseller No. 2
Stegosaurus Plague Doctor Bird Mask Long Nose Beak Cosplay Steampunk Halloween Costume Props Latex Material
  • 【New design】2022 new design Steampunk style, exquisite metal texture. Full face long nose plague doctor head mask , good for Mardi Gras, Masquerade Party, Costume Party, Punk party,Halloween,Christmas.
  • 【Realistic 】Turn yourself into a Plague Doctor once you wear it that saves the medieval black death. The masks were designed to protect themself from putrid air, which was seen as the cause of infection.The plague mask is as described as our advertisement.
Bestseller No. 3
duduta Leather Plague Doctor Mask Black Death Bird Mask Halloween Scary Plague Dr Costume Party Mask
  • ✅ ONE SIZE- Mask size: 11.4(L) x 7.8(W) x 9.4(H) inch, the Halloween plague mask has an adjustable headband on the back, perfect for most women men and kids, teens.
  • ✅ Breathable & Comfortable - Air holes around the beak do a pretty good job at keeping the lenses from fogging and breathing easily.
Bestseller No. 4
Raxwalker Plague Doctor Halloween Mask - Steampunk Raven Prop for Men and Boys - PU Leather Long Beak Cosplay Costume Scream Mask(Black)
  • High-Quality Materials: Made with premium-grade leather, the Plague Doctor Mask provides long-lasting durability and comfort for adult wearers.
  • Gothic Cosplay Design----Long beak sewn with black nylon thread looks more three-dimensional.
Bestseller No. 5
anroog Halloween Mask Plague Doctor Bird Mask Long Nose Beak Cosplay Steampunk Halloween Costume(#2 Plague Doctor )
  • 💀BEST COSTUME:The popular Plague Doctor mask is perfect for Halloween costumes, Christmas parties, carnivals, Easter and other special occasions.
  • 💀MATERIAL: Premium quality latex material, durable and comfortable to wear.

Who Were They?

Background Info

The definition is as simple as the name suggests; this is a mask that was worn by plague doctors back in the 17th and 18th century. A look back into the books of history and a plague doctor can be described as a special medical physician who was specialized in the treatment of plague.

These were not your ordinary doctors as they were hired by towns and not individuals. Therefore, they treated the rich and the poor since their salary was paid by the city.

An Ivory Stitched Design

Over on Instagram, another gorgeous custom-made design is an ivory-white, stitched leather example.




The Instagrammer says, “A custom order I just finished, I was required to make a more medieval sewing, I’m happy about how it turned out.
pavelcraftleather#plaguemask #plaguedoctor #plaguedoctormask #halloween2018 #halloween #costume #cosplay #leatherwork #leathercraft #postapocalyptic #postapocalypse #hat #customhat #steampunk #steampunkart”

The plague mask was some kind of a uniform for these doctors. This mask was characterized by a long beak filled with aromatic items. Since they were always exposed to putrid air as they performed their duties, they had to get a mask that was specifically designed to protect them.

This long nose was half a foot and it was shaped like a beak.

It had two holes, one on each side, and was filled with perfume. But this wasn’t the only thing that was worn by the doctors. The plague doctor mask was also accentuated by a long coat and boots made of Moroccan leather. They also had a short-sleeved blouse with a bottom tucked into the breeches.

The gloves and hat were also made of the same smooth skin.

Plague Doctor Hats

If you want to complete your costume, you should invest in a matching hat. The Instagrammer writes, “Complete your plague doctor costume with this Steampunk leather hat! An ideal Christmas present”.


Video Guide: DIY Steampunk Plague Doctor Mask and Pattern. How to make it from craft foam!

The YouTuber provided step-by-step instructions for a foam build:

Buying One

A look at Etsy and you will realize that there are hundreds of different plague doctor masks out there. This means that choosing what suites you needs some deliberation. So here are some of the things you need to consider when buying a plague doctor mask.

What method was used to construct it? This is one of the main questions you need to ask yourself before buying a particular mask. There are riveted, machine-stitched and hand-stitched masks. It goes without saying that it takes a long time to create a hand-stitched mask, this is why most of them are quite expensive. If you are working under a tight budget then you will consider machine-stitched plague doctor masks. They are the cheapest. On the other hand, riveted masks are in between.

The overall shape and size should also be a major consideration when buying the mask. There are masks with long beaks while others are characterized by smaller beaks. There are also those that suite eyeglass wearers. In that case, the lenses are supposed to be further away from the eyes than the regular masks. However, if you prefer a custom-made plague doctor mask then you can have a look at ways of making it yourself- check out this Instructables post.

Plague Doctor Tattoos

If you really want to up the ante, you can get a tattoo of these scary-looking, medical characters.

Here’s an example of one we found on Instagram

The Instagram user writes, “First plague doctor I’ve gotten to tattoo, thanks for letting me do it for you @kaytchup!”


Etsy Options

Etsy ProductsEtsy Rating# Of Etsy Ratings
Leather Steampunk Raven / Plague Doctor Mask with built in goggles - made to order5 out of 5 stars(58)
Crocheted Plague Doctor Pattern PDF5 out of 5 stars(2,982)
Plague Doctor Mask | Masquerade | Gas Mask | Halloween | Steampunk | Burning Man | Cosplay | Steampunk Mask | Leather5 out of 5 stars(51)
Plague Doctor Mask in Red Leather - Steampunk inspired - plague doctor costume - steampunk mask5 out of 5 stars(107)
Plague Doctor Candle - based on the spices and woods found in a Plague Doctor's Mask -Medical History Wooden Wick - Tureen Style Glass Jar -5 out of 5 stars(28)
Plague Doctor Mask Pattern - DIY Pattern - Pdf Download - Video Tutorial5 out of 5 stars(1,982)
Plague Doctor Mask Pattern - Pdf Download5 out of 5 stars(1,986)
Do IT YOURSELF mask Plague Doctor Pestarzt mask papercraft physici epidemeie DIY printable Plague Head Pdf download Halloween Paper5 out of 5 stars(3)
The Reaper (white) plague doctor mask5 out of 5 stars(493)
Venetian Plague Doctor Statue5 out of 5 stars(7,159)
Charles de Lorme Plague Doctors Mask5 out of 5 stars(880)
Plague Doctor Mask Pattern - Pdf Download - Video Tutorial5 out of 5 stars(1,982)
Plague Doctor Mask Pattern - Leather DIY - Pdf Download - Video Tutorial5 out of 5 stars(1,981)
Doctor Mask - Build your own 3D Plague Doctor for you DIY Halloween costume5 out of 5 stars(3,056)
Plague Survivor Geek Merit Badge Patch5 out of 5 stars(3,369)
Plague Dr Costume, Stiltzkin mask5 out of 5 stars(5,502)
Plague Doctor Mask Pattern - DIY Pattern - Pdf Download - Video Tutorial5 out of 5 stars(1,982)
Antique gold plated bird skull pendant on a black nylon cord necklace witch plague doctor mask Renaissance medieval moms fun Gothic trendy5 out of 5 stars(208)
Made To Order Plague Doctor Leather Mask Renaissance Style You Choose The Specifics Medieval Full Face5 out of 5 stars(224)

What Masks Are Available?

As mentioned above, there are hundreds of plague doctor masks available in different stores both online and offline. Here is a look at some you need to consider buying.

The Hibiscus Steampunk Gothic Retro Plague Beak Doctor Bird Mask

Fashion and style now make up the creation of plague doctor masks and the Hibiscus Hibiretro is just an example.

This is a mask made of high-quality material and this is the reason why it is quite costly, you will also notice that it is a durable mask that is also comfortable to wear.

The mask has a different twist and this is why it stands out from the rest. This includes a decor appearance. But other than that, the manufacturers of this mask has also taken practicability into account.

One of the features of this mask that stand out are the large lens that not only show the punk characteristic of the mask but also ensures that the vision of the wearer will not be interfered with. Wearers will also feel comfortable wearing this mask thanks to the ventilation holes.

Closure is key when it comes to any mask and this one has an easy elastic closure that can fit teens and adults. So you have a mask that will suit a Christmas, Halloween, punk party, costume party, masquerade and so on.

The Metallic Steampunk Plague Doctor LED Mask

Believe it when we say fashion has transformed the way plague doctor masks look and creativity has taken center stage. A good example is the Metallic Steampunk plague doctor LED mask.

What makes it stand out is the metallic finish. But the ribbons that tie the mask to the head also make it more fashionable.

You will also love the fact that this mask comes with LED’s pulse and strobe for a lighting effect that will leave you speechless. There is every reason to fall in love with this mask.

The Lubber Plague Doctor Bird Mask

If you are looking for a plague doctor mask that will make you stand out during the Christmas Halloween party then the lubber plague doctor bird mask is what you need to have.

What makes it stand out is the premium PU leather material used to craft the mask. So this is an expensive gift that a friend or cosplay lovers will appreciate.

You now understand the rich history behind the plague doctor masks and why most people value them up to date. There are also dark secrets as explained by Ancient Origins that revolve around this mask. But it is the secrets that make the mask carry such importance in the current world.

Summing Up

Every community in the world has a rich history and what’s interesting is that some of the things people used to do or wear have resurfaced.

There are special costumes that were worn by special people at special events. The growing fashion industry has revolutionized these costumes and added a sense of style to each one of them.

So today, people embrace these costumes better than they were recognized back in the day.

What’s funny is that not everyone understands the origin of some of the popular costumes we buy online. Some of them have a rich history and a dark past. This post took a detailed look at one of the most common masks everyone is getting these days.

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